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25.10.2011  •  Agencies NEWS


Grosser Fotografen : comedy elements for LEXWARE and DEVK, stills for PERSIL BLACK and THREE SIXTY VODKA, TOYOTA CAMRY location shoot, eyewear editorial in EYEWEAR magazine

Hans STARCK shot an image for a LEXWARE online customer satisfaction questionnaire for. The agency was Reinsclassen.

The new campaign for DEVK-insurance also comes with a healthy dose of comedy, produced by Hans STARCK as commissioned by Grabarz und Partner. The ad claims that potential damage to a car cannot harm someone who was clever enough to get insurance from DEVK in the first place.

We all love Marilyn Monroe's famous song, but there is no reason to only use diamonds as a necklace, indeed they are rather multifunctional. The true connoisseur of Vodka in this world treasures a diamond-filtered THREE SIXTY VODKA and takes in both the lovely liquor as well as the bottle design, as photographed by Jörg KRITZER. The campaign 'Diamonds are a man's best friend' was commissioned by Scholz & Graber, Hamburg with AB by Ulrike Jürgens.

‘Black stays Beautiful’ with PERSIL BLACK. Once again, the campaign motif was realised by Jörg KRITZER. Both campaigns are currently on display as city lights all over Germany.

Daniel HARTZ photographed the new TOYOTA CAMRY for Saatchi & Saatchi, Los Angeles. Over 50 motifs were produced under the utmost secrecy in California.

The Camry is the 'most sold' Toyota in the USA; what better reason for Daniel and his team to produce a very elaborate campaign. The concept for all motifs was a location shoot. So, all the pictures that would usually be produced in a studio were shot on location. 10 shoot vehicles including special editions had been on a permanent stand-by for the interior takes and a complete studio setting was constructed all around the cars.

Estelle KLAWITTER produced an eyewear editorial and cover for EYEWEAR magazine. We are showcasing the series here on GoSee.