30.05.2011  •  Agencies NEWS


PHOTO AGENCY •  Klein Photographen : SWAROVSKI advertorial in VOGUE, Patrick Nuo for HEAR THE WORLD and TV chef Tim Mälzer in DEUTSCHLAND ISST MIT...

Lado ALEXI photographed a dazzling SWAROVSKI advertorial for VOGUE. The glittering stones floated like air bubbles in the water around model Val. Nadia Rath carried out the styling; Karim Amerchih was in charge of the hair and make-up.

Philipp RATHMER accompanied singer Patrick Nuo on the HEAR THE WORLD project to Nairobi, Kenya. The charity is dedicated to deaf people and is supported by countless celebrities, including Joss Stone, Harry Belafonte and Joey McIntyre.

Philipp photographed TV chef Tim Mälzer for the DEUTSCHLAND ISST MIT… cookery magazine, which is accompanied by a corresponding TV show.