16.05.2012  •  Agencies NEWS


kombinatrotweiss : BMM magazine, South Tyrolean celebs in ADAC Mag, MERCEDES BENZ DRIVING EVENTS 2012 catalogue, TELEKOM, COSMOPOLITAN, MARE, NIDO and FAULT magazine plus free work

Angelika BUETTNER photographed the 'Golden Beauty' series for BMM magazine. Nadia Rath styled model Mariya.

Frank BAUER portrayed famous citizens of South Tirol for the ADAC travel magazine. Editorial supervision by Jörg Fokuhl and creative design by AD Andreas Wiedemann.

Markus ALTMANN completed a shoot for the MERCEDES-BENZ DRIVING EVENTS catalogue 2012/2013. The result is a series of dynamic action shots on both training and race courses plus winter training in the snow.

Philipp und Keuntje commissioned Michael HEINSEL with the creation of people motifs for TELEKOM. Production by Eva Steffens of GoSee Member KINGS CROSS.

Very Bond - Petra van RAAIJ and fashion editor Sofia Oksanen realised the upcoming summer bikini fashions for Finnish COSMOPOLITAN.

Stefan PIELOW took his camera on a trip down the infamous Reeperbahn red light district in Hamburg. The resulting series can be found in MARE magazine and as a preview here on GoSee.

HIMMEL & BURWICK completed a shoot for NIDO magazine – recipes from all corners of the earth.

Maak ROBERTS and Carrie Louise realised a freelance series. The former was in charge of set design and styling, with illustrations by Jojo ENSSLIN. You will be able to enjoy more illustrations from the Frankfurt agency in the upcoming GoSee NEWS.

Stefan MILEV photographed headgear for the cover series of FAULT magazine. Styling and set design by Nini Gollong. John Elliot perfected model Agne Petkute’s hair and make-up.