14.02.2012  •  Agencies NEWS


CAMPAIGNS UP NORTH •  Lundlund : Wild, Wild West for VAGABOND's 'It's all about the shoes' campaign, I AM campaign, MARIE CLAIRE spread, lingerie for LA BON MARCHÉ and LEICA exhibition

BERSA alias Anders Holmberg Gorgen (*1961) lives in Stockholm and has been taking photographs ever since he was kid.

His amazing campaign for VAGABOND shoes, Sweden (founded in the 1960s) exemplifies that practice does indeed make perfect.

The campaign’s claim ? ‘It's all about the shoes’. And two million pairs of women's and men's shoes is a strong claim to have.

We are happy to showcase photographer Eric BROMS' motifs for the 'I AM' fashion label. By the way, Eric is also an avid and equally as talented cameraman.

Johan SANDBERG was on location at a very purist set for Italian MARIE CLAIRE. Girls, wooden flooring, a wall, a swivel chair – sometimes less is more…

Marcus OHLSSON photographed lingerie for LA BON MARCHE – that is just the way we like our Valentine's day!

Last but lot least, we are showing motifs by Sandra FFREIJ for the LEICA exhibition.