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09.11.2009  •  Agencies NEWS


Marion Eckhardt : DIVA, BIOEMSAN, PIERRE LANG jewellery campaign, BEEF!, in Bullerbü for MAXI mag, AIR BERLIN & PEDIGREE

Wolfgang POHN photographed unusual, colourful Dirndls for German traditional dress maker SPORTALM.

He travelled to the Oman desert for DIVA magazine, where he photographed a fashion series on the subject of “blouses”.

Wolfgang then photographed the new campaign for PIERRE LANG unique jewellery design, as well as the new BIOEMSAN cosmetics range.

BEEF! the new magazine for male foodies presents a variety of images from his “nude” series. The Art Director was Elisabeth Herzel.

Bruce SOYEZ-BERNARD has produced several new pieces of hair and beauty work.

Ilona HABBEN followed the footsteps of renowned Swedish author Astrid Lindgren to Bullerbü for MAXI magazine.

She then went on to photograph on location lifestyle scenes for the trendy M&V restaurant, Hamburg.

Gabor GEISSLER photographed various motifs for the current AIR BERLIN autumn campaign. Several can be viewed here. 

He also realised a selection of motifs with his favourites, dogs of course, for the European PEDIGREE campaign, by TBWA Berlin.

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