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08.11.2011  •  Agencies NEWS


Marion Eckhardt : Nazan Eckes for DKMS, fashion stills by new entry Christoph BENDER, NIVEA France, Easy Rider Christian Goran for FUGA DENIM JEANS, CHRIST beauty campaign

Valery KLOUBER portrayed TV host Nazan Eckes for the launch of the new DKMS poster campaign. The large-scale campaign has been calling for people to register as donors of stem cells for the DKMS (the German register for bone marrow donors) since the 21st of October 2011.

TV host Nazan Eckes, who has roots in Turkey herself, first and foremost addresses the Turkish citizens living in Germany. “In my upbringing, my mother had always attached importance to social aspects of living. It is a good feeling to help and maybe even save someone's life. Therefore, I urge all people of Turkish descent to register as donor of stem cells at the DKMS!”, explains Eckes.

Photographer Christoph BENDER from Hamburg is a NEW member at Marion Eckhardt. Christoph specialises in fashion & fashion stills.

Götz GÖPPERT shot the new NIVEA France Internet campaign in Paris.

Stephan PICK photographed Scandinavian male model Christian Goran for the new FUGA DENIM JEANS campaign. The Swede is famed for starring in the Trivago spot. During his shoot in Cologne, Stephan from Stockholm played the cool Easy Rider type, as it is easily discernible for the motifs.

French beauty specialist Bruce SOYEZ-BERNARD completed a shoot for CHRIST jewellers and watchmakers. His eye for ageless beauty and elegance probably goes back to his childhood days, as he had always been surrounded by beautiful women, who frequented his mother's beauty parlour, as we have recently learned in an interview . . .