03.07.2012  •  Agencies NEWS


Rockenfeller & Göbels : Simply elegant - ROSSO ANTICO, Stimulate your senses – splash images for WRIGLEYS 5Gum, Candy Explosion for BREYERS Blasts, free stills, interiors and light reflex images

Patricio di Renzo is reviving ROSSO ANTICO the iconic Italian drink of the 1960s! The slogan ‘spirit of the sixties – simply elegant’ recalls the popularity of the aperitif back then – yet the taste of citrus fruits and vanilla remains a true sign of real good taste to this very day.

Liquids- and stills specialist Peter SCHAFRICK worked with his famed splash technique to capture the American WRIGLEYS 5Gum in an even more mouth-watering light. The ad’s claim of ‘stimulate your senses’ introduces the latest variations of the popular 5GUM series. Client BREYERS Blasts - exploding with flavour also opted for his splash technique.

Jochen ARNDT’s free piece of work focuses on colour and shapes in interiors. Stylist Nici Theuerkauf ensured the look was complete.

In a free piece of work Michael HAEGELE interpreted the world famous Absolut Vodka bottle, which first hit the market in 1979 in New York. The light reflexes, the colours, the style – all ABSOLUT HAEGELE!

Michael Haegele dedicated a free project to Nixon watches. The photographed objects belong to a well-known collector and by the end of the shoot, the photographer was so impressed by them that he considered himself a fan of the master timepieces.