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Shotview : new entry NICO, DAZED AND CONFUSED, SLEEK, Nora von Waldstätten's column in ZEIT MAG, L’OFFICIEL HOMMES, RONDO, Narrow House by Erwin WURM, WALLPAPER, New York Street scenes by Jim KRANTZ

NICO is the newest member of Shotview, an exceptional talent in Spanish and international fashion photography. With his glamorous style, he managed to lure all top models, from Naomi Campbell to Claudia Schiffer, Daria Werbowy, Milla Jovovich etc. in front of his camera for the Spanish editions of VOGUE and HARPER’S BAZAAR.

Besides his publications in international magazines, he photographed campaigns for big names such as MORGAN, MNG JEANS, MANGO, CAROLINA H. and CUSTO BARCELONA.

Meet Nora, ZEIT MAGAZIN’s new lifestyle & food section columnist. The famous actress, known for her roles in Tatort and films such as Carlos will be writing about quick and yummy delicacies in the ‘Dinner for One’ column. Peter RIGAUD realised the photographs for the first column, which show Nora while she is eating one of her toast meals.

Amira FRITZ and stylist Elizabeth Fraser-Bell created magical flower portraits for the summer issue of DAZED & CONFUSED, creating the perfect match with the colourfully floral arrangements and the summery fashion.

Together with fashion editor Isabell Thiry, Markus PRITZI produced an enthralling women’s series for SLEEK. The colours, the styling and the photographer’s skill as well as several B&W and colour-effects conjure an exciting mood.

Erwin WURM and his ‘Narrow House’ were present at the 54th Kunstbiennale in Venice. The ‘House’ is a model of the artist’s parental home, which was shrunk to a sixth of its size.

The model’s foundation was cast in concrete and installed in the lush gardens of the Palazzo Franchetti. 16 metres long and seven metres high, the house is a recreation of the original, but a mere 1,38 thin and even the interior is accordingly squeezed and sometimes only a few centimetres wide.

Thanks to the unique Venetian Biennale surrounding, the slender Styrian family home appeared even more whimsical and impressive in the midst of the noble lordly estate in Venice.

Base baritone and Anna Netrebko’s partner Erwin Schrott has released a Tango CD. The popular singer posed in front of Peter RIGAUD’s camera and the result is a fashion series for the weekly supplement RONDO in the STANDARD.

Yet, this would not be the only chance for Peter to see the Figaro-actor from Montevideo in the context of a fashion shoot. Further pictures and a cover were produced for this year’s FESTSPIELE magazine.

Peter Rigaud’s skills as a portrait photographer were also very much sought after when it came to the illustration of the RAIFFEISEN CENTRO BANK annual report 2011. The CEO’s portraits were created in a lovely old paternoster, which symbolises the reliable and steady enterprise of the bank and its services.

Ronald DICK photographed one of four covers of the newly published L’OFFICIEL HOMME GERMANY, featuring highly celebrated newcomer Jamie Wise, as well as a series for the brand new magazine, which is scheduled to be published on a seasonal basis.

Daniel SANNWALD created the ‘Matchmakers’ photographs for the July issue of WALLPAPER. His ‘Fashion X Furniture Pairing’ story features photographs that were styled by Kathi Kauder and paintings by James Trimmer. Furniture and fashion, paired with Sannwald’s peculiar sense for surrealism appear naturally prone to flow and merge into each other.

Photo District News (PDN) photography magazine published an article on Jim KRANTZ and his unique manner of capturing the American West and its iconography.

PDN elaborately describes the considerable challenges that Krantz faced while planning and realising such a gargantuan production. With his profound experience in all things Wild West photography, thanks to projects such as Wells Fargo and PM – Marlboro, Krantz had a head start when it come to visualising the ‘The Way of the West’ book project. The project was eventually realised with the support of a 30-head strong team, including filmmakers, cowboys, actors, paramedics and horses.

When asked why he would be keen to face those kind of challenges, Jim Krantz answered:
“In times where the Internet became the primary vehicle for content and traditional media continues to be harder to justify, commercial art must integrate new skills in order to survive.”

Jim completed yet another exciting project for the MILFORD PLAZA HOTEL in New York. The traditional house booked him because of his talent for lifestyle photography with the goal to bring the NYC feeling in the newly designed hotel.

The brief was to capture the feeling of six different locations in photographs over the course of several days. The results will be presented as large format prints in the new building’s corridors.

June NAKAMOTO styled Moroccan actor and director Roschdy Zem for SPORT & STYLE, who was photographed by Marcel Hartmann for his interview.

June teamed up with Paul Empson and produced a story with Missy Rayder for BLACK MAGAZINE, in which the successful model is presented in extremely cool looks and poses.

Furthermore, June collaborated with Thierry LE GOUES, commissioned by the organiser and supplier of the French-Open tennis championship ‘Roland Garros’, to produce a campaign that depicts the athletic looks in action. The result is a variety of athletic motifs all about tennis.

Kozva Riguad, Shotview-founder and CEO of the Vienna and Berlin-based agency was interviewed for the Insiderei.com Internet platform and asked to share her personal tips and favourites in Berlin. The busy director, whose life focus has continuously been shifting to Berlin, reveals her secret hotspots and favourite places in the city, from fashion, to design, art, culture and lifestyle in general.