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05.05.2009  •  Agencies NEWS


Staudinger + Franke : charitable campaign for NEUNERHAUS, Stop the Climate Change for GREENPEACE, package design for EQUAL

Staudinger+Franke are more than happy to support charitable institutions such as NEUNERHAUS, who build and manage homes for the homeless. Hence Euro RSCG Vienna (CD Robert Wohlgemuth) and the photography team were all the more overjoyed to hear that this campaign had been honoured with a Gold Award by a renowned judging panel, in the Photography category at the CCA (Creativ Club Austria). More info on the project can be found at www.neunerhaus.at.

Three images on the subject of climate change were realized in cooperation with JWT Dubai (AD Husen Baba), for clients GREENPEACE. The shots were published in magazines in the Middle East and are aimed at summoning support for the energy revolution fight against global warming. www.greenpeace.org

The EQUAL brand’s new Australian market package design by TBWA/Chiat Day NY (AD Carlo Sampietro) was photographed once again. However, this time round the new subjects were developed using a combination of CGI and post production, rather than the dummy production and photography that had been used previously.

A motif for the SWISS POST international print campaign, commissioned by Euro RSCG Schweiz (AD Marietta Albinus), was also realized using CGI and post production.