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17.08.2011  •  Agencies NEWS


PHOTO AGENCY •  Stefani Nennecke : campaign motifs for SOAKED IN LUXURY and in Stuttgart for SCHUMACHER

Sune CZAJKOWSKI had the pleasure of photographing the new collection for fashion client SOAKED IN LUXURY. Model Nevena was styled by Katrine Agger and Mette perfected the hair & make-up. Jesper Johansen was responsible for the art direction.

And this is what the creative minds of SiL have to say about their current collection: "The inspiration for our fall collection comes from two places: It has been picked up in the streets of cities like London, Copenhagen and Shanghai where style conscious women interpret trends and influences as part of their everyday life; and the prints have been influenced by nature’s organic textures and shapes; creating a collection bringing together the best of the world we ourselves create and the world we are put in. Add some fun, a twist and your own style and create a truly unique fashion autumn."

The shop in Copenhagen was opened recently in the trendy Store Magasin department store.

Finally, we are able to showcase the atmospheric production for SCHUMACHER, which Sune photographed in Stuttgart. The team consisted of Andrea Leicher, the stylist Andreas Jaenicke as well as the beautiful MADÉ c/o GoSee Member VIVA MODELS. Production by Niko König and last but not least, the art direction was in the hands of Stephanie Biegert.