31.01.2010  •  Agencies NEWS


LANDSCAPE •  Tim Thiel : goes on a pilgrimage tour of Norway for ANDREAE-NORIS ZAHN AG

Tim started a new adventure for ANDREAE-NORIS ZAHN AG and experienced urban landscapes, plenty of culture, narrow valleys, as well as towering mountains, all up close and personal.

Pilgrimage is becoming ever more popular, and one route is definitely the most famous: the Road to Santiago, which Tim visited in 2008. The Olav pilgrimage in Norway is a wonderful alternative. This leads from Oslo to Trondheim and the grave of Holy Olaf. He fell at the battle of Stiklestad in 1030, and was declared the national holy person of Norway shortly afterwards, however he is famous outside of Norway too.

The pilgrimage route measures 650 km and leads from Oslo to the Gudbrandsdal, onto the large fjord in Trondheim. Cities of historical interest and Norwegian cultural heritage can be admired on route.

The motifs will be used for the Zahn AG annual calendar. The idea, concept and realisation were managed by LePetitMax oHG agency, Frankfurt. NACHSPIEL carried out the postproduction.

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