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Photographers • NEW : James Lipman, transportation photographer based in London, presents the global media launch for BENTAYGA and Bentley Motors on GoSee

09.02.2016 • We are very pleased to welcome London-based transportation photographer James LIPMAN, winner of multiple awards, as a new GoSee member. Over the past decade, James has photographed cars, trucks, aircraft, and boats for international publications, corporate campaigns and editorials worldwide. "My passion for image-making, combined with an unrelenting obsession with all things automotive, has led to a career shooting for prestigious motoring publications such as Car, Car & Driver, Evo, Octane, and Top Gear magazines. I also create communications and marketing imagery for vehicle manufacturers such as Bentley, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars."

James LIPMAN photographed the latest launch campaign of BENTLEY BENTAYGA, the new luxurious star in the SUV heavens. He staged the Bentley Bentayga – which has a top speed of 301 km/h and is the fastest production SUV in the world – in action-packed photos captured in the desert. The luxury sedan is equipped with a seat massage system and Driver Assistance systems such as Dynamic Ride, which automatically minimizes...

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Photographers • Patrick Curtet photographed the LEXUS flagship LX 2016 for Team One USA

09.02.2016 • Team One USA commissioned French transportation photographer and GoSee member PATRICK CURTET to photograph the convincing photos of the new LEXUS flagship LX. “24 days of shooting from downtown Los Angeles followed by the Las Vegas desert before heading north to the Seattle area was the road trip the whole team had to go on. The story ended with large ads all over the country, and some pics have been used in TV commercials,” Patrick tells GoSee.

On the team were client executives Jen Mathis (Lexus USA) and Colin Walker (Lexus Europe), and from TEAM ONE CD Tim Meraz, AD Quoc Lu as well as Michelle Abbott as Management Supervisor, Lisa Matthews as Manager of Art Production, and Deg Grisham as Sr. Art Producer. Production was in the hands of Michael Horta and Monika Rydel from MJ68 Production.

The models looking good alongside the LEXUS LX were Emily Bruhn, Hartley Humphreys and Clayton Straker. Lucy Crawford was in charge of their make-up, and Diana Lucia took care of hair. Styling was the job of Cynthia Held, Ryan McDonald, Nicolas Moreno, Kip Corley, Ole Kagelmacher, Eric...

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Photographers • James Lipman photographs the BENTLEY EXP10 Speed 6 and the Bentley Mulsanne Speed for Top Gear magazine

09.02.2016 • BENTLEY dazzled the Geneva Motor Show 2015 presenting its two-seat sports car, the Bentley EXP 10 Speed 6, and evoked worldwide 'WOWs!'. James LIPMAN had the honor of test-driving the vehicle, which was designed by Luc Donckerwolke, last summer and presented the results in TOP GEAR MAGAZINE.

In a further production for TOP GEAR MAG, James photographed the BENTLEY Mulsanne Speed – a luxury sedan with extra horsepower in the color Orange Flame. The luxury model celebrated its world debut at the 2014 Paris Motor Show.

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Photographers • Smart ForRail for Smart UK – staged by JAMES LIPMAN

09.02.2016 • Last summer, SMART UK got SMART on the rails. With a few conversions, the Smart was transformed into the smallest locomotive on the rail network of a traditional British train club. The experiment was followed by automotive photographer JAMES LIPMAN with his camera for PR shots of the event.

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Photographers • Dining like kings with WHISKAS, photographed by Rafael Pinho c/o CHRISTA KLUBERT

06.02.2016 • Once again, Rafael PINHO’s love for architecture pays off. In this campaign for WHISKAS, he set the table for man’s second-best friend, the cat. Since the feline race is well known to have royal aspirations, it should definitely not be opposed to RAFAEL's way of dining. And fine dining it is! On the rooftops and above the walls of the majestic feline’s empire. These tables look so welcoming that we are sorry not to be invited for dinner. Enjoy your meal!

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Photographers • Sven Jacobsen : ORIGINAL MARINES campaign 2016 in a casual look for Leo Burnett Milan, the new BROADWAY campaign and an exhibition at Pitti Immagine in Florence

05.02.2016 • Sven Jacobsen photographed the ORIGINAL MARINES campaign 2016 for the agency Leo Burnett Milan. Original Marines designs and produces sporty, high-quality clothing and accessories for children and families. The new BROADWAY campaign was photographed by Sven together with Art Director Sascha Dettweiler.

Plus, he had an exhibition in Florence at Pitti Immagine. The photographer tells us: "I have traveled to South Africa since 1991 and have been there about 60 times. I love the country and its inhabitants. This body of work is about my very personal relationship to South Africa. The country is full of contrasts and discrepancies. The beauty of the people and landscapes in South Africa is phenomenal... and the strong contrasts between this beauty and the reality couldn't be greater. When I talk about contrasts, I mean the poverty, racism and violence on one hand and a wonderful new generation which is willing to change everything, living in breathtaking natural surroundings on the other. The reason why I put simple and pure portraits next to landscapes or situations is to...

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Photographers • Landscape photos of Hopfensee, Bavaria's Sea of Hops, by Matthias BUCHHOLZ

05.02.2016 • Matthias BUCHHOLZ photographed two new landscape motifs, which were created at a shoot in Bavaria's alpine foothills – on a lake, the name of which translates to one of Bavaria's biggest passions and attractions, the Sea of Hops, or as the locals call it, Hopfensee.

Plus, Matthias won first prize at the photography competition PHOTO PRESSE – the contest celebrating its 70th anniversary. The winning photo was that of a live ripple becoming a breaking wave photographed just off the coast of Sydney.

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Photographers • The BATTAGLIA series continues - abstract spherical formations by Adrian SAMSON

05.02.2016 • The sequel is now out: Adrian SAMSON's BATTAGLIA series continues. After reenacting a historical painting of a battle using glasses, this time his choice fell upon spheres. What remains is the underlying idea: a battle between competing armies, groups or persons. Plus, Jonas also did a new kids portrait series titled Jonah.

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Photographers • Stefan KUHN presents landscape and architecture photos from his comprehensive MAGROUND portfolio on GoSee

04.02.2016 • Since July 2015, landscape and people photographer Stefan KUHN has been a member at MAGROUND. The photo agency based in Hamburg has established itself over the past years as one of the leading suppliers of high-quality landscape, city and street photos, and Stefan Kuhn's portfolio there contains meanwhile more than 800 motifs. His areas: landscapes with lakes, oceans, sunsets, mountains, streets and cityscapes, architecture, beaches, vineyards, test tracks, wind parks, fishing ports, and gardens. His photos were created in no less than 16 different countries, including Argentina, China, Germany, Italy, Croatia, Thailand, and the US during all seasons of the year.

Since all photos at Maground are made available unedited, the photos presented here are nearly raw. Only lens errors and the white balance were corrected. No look, no filters, no vignetting!

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