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Photographers • CAESAR+CLEO, production agency for photo and film, presents a new look and a fashion shoot in the area of visual corporate identity on GoSee

01.03.2017 • Caesar and Cleo is a creative, owner-managed production agency for photo and film from Markus Meuthen and Simone Rosenberg. With more than 20 years of experience in the creative industry, Markus Meuthen puts lots of passion and pride into working on visualizations and products, brands and companies. Together with agencies but also in direct contact with clients, he and Creative Supervisor Simone Rosenberg develop made-to-measure visual concepts. The two creatives have been at the helm of international campaigns for brands including Daimler, BMW, Chevrolet, Opel, Aral, Dove, Toom, Dr. Hauschka, Diadermine, ... Productions in Africa, the US, Europe and Asia have helped establish an extensive network of local suppliers in the areas of photo and film.

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Photographers • Holger Wild stages Lamborghini in Los Angeles and presents with ANALOGPIXEL the oscillation of shapes and colors with the new Daimler CLA

01.03.2017 • After the job is before the job – which is why HOLGER WILD added on a couple of days after his last visit to LA and rented a Lamborghini together with model Chris and took a guerrilla spin around town. Finally, the post production company Wagnerchic with Manuel Wagner personally put on the final touches...

In his project ANALOGPIXEL, HOLGER WILD captures in photos what happens when shapes and colors oscillate around one another and start to seemingly disintegrate. That this personal work is actually about the new CLA from Daimler doesn't seem that important anymore.

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Photographers • NEW : Alexander Basile, photographer and DOP/Director, Cologne; HERMÈS Maxi-twilly cut skate video, KIDS OF MILAN spot, JAMIE XX editorial, KID'S WEAR MAGAZINE and global campaigns for CARHARTT

23.02.2017 • We are delighted to welcome Alexander BASILE at GoSee. As a visual artist, he expresses himself in various media – whether as a photographer, Creative Director or DOP for commercials and fashion films. Alexander studied at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne, received awards at the German Photobook Award and the New Talents Biennale 2014.

Skating never looked so sophisticated! Recently, his skate video for the Parisian luxury label HERMÈS appeared, which presents the new Maxi-twilly cut Kollektion. "Paris-based luxury label Hermès has crafted a skate mixtape-esque video to show off their new collection of Maxi-twilly cut scarves. Set in an isolated skatepark, the clip follows two models as they skate and frolic through the landscape. Making use of seamless or flowing transitions and motions throughout the video, the clip does well to represent the effortlessness of the scarves themselves," Highsnobiety reports on the film as we learn from Alexander. He realized the video with the agency WE OWN YOU which represents him.

For many years, he made his mark on the look of the...

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Photographers • TIM MÜLLER : photographs the global SENSARA launch campaign and the new ROWA campaign

21.02.2017 • For SENSARA,TIM MÜLLER photographed the global launch campaign. SENSARA offers a remote-controlled surveillance system and with it a way of keeping an eye on our old-age loved ones without having to monitor them with cameras – and still be sure that they are alright. TIM MÜLLER realized various motifs for it in and around Amsterdam. Creation came from 230Volt, with hair & make-up by Claudia Creebsburg, and styling by Ildiko Korzelius. Production on location was taken care of by Foto Formation.

Photographer TIM MÜLLER staged the new campaign for ROWA. ROWA automation systems provides innovative medication management services, among others, for pharmacists, hospitals or blister centers. For the motifs, TIM MÜLLER learned of the benefits of automation hands-on in several pharmacies (including that of the University Clinic Mainz), a blister center and a wholesaler and captured them in photos. And even the interior of the machines did not remain hidden to him on the shoot. Creation was in the hands of the agency Schwarz & Bold, and TIM MÜLLER had further support from...

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Photographers • GÜNTHER PHILIPP : 'You're in if you are inside' witty campaign motif for CODEX, KABEL EINS, Biggest Loser ad motif for SAT.1, image motifs for KARGER HOLDING and LÜRZER'S ARCHIVE 200 BEST DIGITAL ARTISTS

21.02.2017 • Why us? To convey this message, four image motifs were realized by GÜNTHER PHILIPP for the new microsite of KARGER Holding GmbH. Plus, the environmental motif of Karger Holding GmbH (cows with floating buffer) was chosen by LÜRZER'S ARCHIVE as one of the 200 BEST DIGITAL ARTISTS WORLDWIDE 2017/2018.

For Codex and their network of the best, was a funny campaign motif was created with the the claim 'You're in if you are inside', and one or two people got quite wet. The result was captured by GÜNTHER PHILIPP, who was also in charge of post production of the motif.

The holidays are over, and now its time to fight the temptations lurking everywhere and lose weight. GÜNTHER PHILIPP was in charge of the shoot of the ProSiebenSat1 production, which announced a new season of BIGGESTLOSER. Dig in. AD was Peter Wagner.

For the last season of the SAT.1 cookng show THE TASTE, top chefs Cornelia Poletto, Frank Rosin, Alexander Herrmann, and Roland Trettl stood in front of the camera. It almost makes your mouth water.

Frank Rosin still rocks Tuesday with his TV show Rosins...

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Photographers • 'Fruit Vendors' - CHRISTOPH SIEGERT documents in his lifestyle reportage the behavior of fruit vendors in Kenya

21.02.2017 • “On a lonely country road in the middle of Kenya, there is a spot where all the fruit vendors gather to offer their goods. Every car that stops there is "bombarded" from all sides like from a swarm of bees. Each saleswoman tries to convince passengers of the cars of their goods and the passengers try to make the best deal without being ripped off. After a few minutes, when the sale is done, the nightmare is over and you drive on...”

This intense moment in which emotions collide, and there is tremendous tension in the air is CHRISTOPH SIEGERTS 'decisive moment'. The four motifs were created within a few minutes and show a microcosm that visualizes the will to survive of an entire continent. The motifs symbolize that moment in life when success or failure is decided. In this photographic position, the look of staged lifestyle photographs is amalgamated with classic reportage in order to photograph this decisive moment photographically.

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Photographers • Welcome Gian Paul LOZZA! The people, sport & landscape photographer is now represented by Julia Waldmann for Germany

21.02.2017 • From now on, JULIA WALDMANN represents Swiss photographer Gian Paul LOZZA, who is based in London and Zurich, for Germany. Gian Paul LOZZA works in the areas of people & portrait, sport & landscape. His clients include ADIDAS, NIKE, VOLVO, SAMSUNG, IKEA, HEAD and others.

Gian Paul Lozza is a Swiss Photographer, based in London and Zurich. His imagery results from a clear and precise vision. A sense of power, intensity and restraint transcends everything he shoots. Famous for his heroic Sports Photography, today Gian Paul is also regarded for his portraits and landscapes worldwide. With a bold, graphic style he finds depth in his use of light. He captures the human form with the same sculptural rigour that he applies to his landscape work.

MONOGRAPHS : Homeland (2014), Hakuin Verlag Zurich
Nature of Snowboarding (2007), Rupa Publishing Munich

2015 The Terrex Collection, Goldberg Studios, Munich
2014 Somnium, Bildhalle, Zurich
2014 Homeland, TheTrace Gallery, Zurich

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Photographers • ATUPRI insurance campaign for Branders - Bildwelt staged by Tobias GROMATZKI c/o SOLAR UND FOTOGRAFEN

21.02.2017 • For ATUPRI, the agency Branders started a comprehensive rebranding campaign – from repositioning, creating the brand experience at all contact points, to the new advertising campaign. Tobias GROMATZKI photographed the image world in black & white with authentic actors tasked with reflecting Atupris's accessible and empowering attitude.

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Photographers • DOMINIK OBERTREIS photographs employee portraits for the RBK hospital plus the topics education and e-mobility for VOLKSWAGEN

21.02.2017 • For his loyal client RBK, DOMINIK OBERTREIS once again had various employees of the hospital in front of his camera, who served as the protagonists in the annual report. Presented this time were not individuals but teams. Plus the areas of naturopathy and integrative medicine, psychosomatics and the oncology day clinic were illustrated. As always, Markus Krämer from the agency TBKE was part of it all.

DOMINIK OBERTREIS had a shoot for VW on the topic of education and trust, an area in which he has already photographed. Trades such as electrician, construction mechanic, tool mechanic, technical product designer, materials tester, vehicle trimmer, cook, industrial management assistant, but also the topic of e-mobility and R & D were focused on this time. More photos of the shoots are available on his website.

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