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Torsten Gauls shoots IXS MOTORCYCLE FASHION 2015 catalogue

Torsten GAULS and his team shot the IXS 2015 catalogue in Sardinia. He spent eight days shooting Swiss agency FRONTAL’s rather unusual concept for a motorbike clothing brand. CD Roger Wermelinger directed the attached images that “look like they could be part of a lifestyle series” Torsten Gauls tells GoSee, adding, "an absolute must-see catalogue was created by juxtaposing action shots. It was a hot topic at INTERMOT in Cologne.” IXS Marketing Director Marcel Ulrich was also on ...

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Emil Bilinski : shoots Krakow Styling Academy M.P. BABICZ collection and presents winning image at VISIONARY AWARDS London 2014

Photographer Emil BILINSKI photographed the latest collection by Krakow Styling Academy M.P. BABICZ. Plus his images recently indirectly won at VISIONARY AWARDS London 2014, where the hair looks caught the panel’s eye thanks to his photographic work. See two images attached.

About - The International Visionary Award at the Alternative Hair Show each year, took place on Sunday 12th October at 8pm at The Royal Albert Hall, London over Salon International weekend. This was the 33nd London Alternative Hair Show and marked an exciting 12 months during which Alternative Hair has had a highly successful show in Rome, welcomed John Frieda as global patron and has joined with HairRaising and GOSH for Race For The Kids in Battersea Park, Central London. Over the last few years, the Visionary Awards, sponsored by TIGI, have become an intrinsic part of the evening. Stylists and salons from across the globe are invited to submit a picture of their work, before a panel of top hairdressers and journalist carry out the judging.

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For advertising pictures of the BMW 3 Special Edition in Beijing, China - campaign & making-of by Marcus Philipp SAUER

Marcus Philipp SAUER photographed five advertising pictures in Beijing of the BMW 3 Special Edition model and for Leo Burnett agency. GoSee got some info on the shoot for you: Marcus Philipp Sauer told us: ‘the weather was a particular challenge for us. Even though there were no clouds to be seen, the sun was really weak, but we needed the pictures to look really sunny, particularly the racetrack image. You can see this in the making-of pictures I brought along. But with lots of patience and good lighting we managed to make it work in the end.’ See the campaign and making-of photos here on ...

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RB Leipzig in the Bundesliga – autograph cards with special portraits for the RED BULL team by Rasmus KAESSMANN

Just in time for their entry into the Bundesliga, German football club RB Leipzig, which Red Bull GmbH founded in 2009, released the new and very special autograph cards and portraits of the team, shot by Rasmus ...

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Pictures of Germany’s GDR past: Markus HENTTONEN documents Berlin for travel magazine MONDO

Finnish travel magazine MONDO reports on historical cult metropolis Berlin. Markus investigated the country’s GDR past in photographs. Even though Germany united 25 years ago, you can still see the old ...

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stills • Nibbles for STIFTUNG WARENTEST mag. Shot by photographer Antje PLEWINSKI and food stylist Anke RABELER

Antje PLEWINSKI snapped crisps and parmesan biscuits for STIFTUNG WARENTEST magazine in October, together with food stylist Anke ...

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FREUNDIN magazine gives out ‘Strong Signals’ with photographer Donja PITSCH

The current issue of FREUNDIN magazine features the ‘Starke Signale’ (Strong Signals) spread, photographed by Donja Pitsch in the middle of New York. ...

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Donja PITSCH snapped Marianna Romanelli for the FARMLAND Winter campaign

Brazilian model Marianna Romanelli and photographer Donja PITSCH travelled to French Normandy for an atmospheric FARMLAND Winter campaign shoot. See the images here on ...

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portrait • Portrait of former ‘Columbia’ astronaut and physicist Walter Ulrich for CICERO – picture by Dirk BRUNIECKI

Dirk BRUNIECKI took pictures of former ‘Columbia’ astronaut and physicist Walter Ulrich for CICERO magazine and the column ‘the last 24 hours’. The column asks celebrities how they imaging their last 24 ...

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Portraits for ALLIANZ mag – photos by Dirk BRUNIECKI

The photographer snapped a portrait / cover story for ALLIANZ magazine, which he produced in the idyllic Fränkische Alb region in ...

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