06.01.2012  •  Photographers NEWS


Anke Luckmann : the LAMBORGHINI 2012 calendar - a visual homage to the renowned Lamborghini V12 motors

Lamborghini V12 Cars are challenges, insanity and the stuff of legends in car history. The '20V12' calendar is a spectacular testimonial to the six racing machines. The calendar includes fascinating pictures, drawings by the Lamborghini designer and interesting info.

Anke Luckmann travelled to Italy on behalf of the KockritzDörrich agency and photographed the cars for the LAMBORGHINI 2012 calendar, all of which were borrowed from the company's museum. Half a century of car art. Amazing!

Anke and her team spent four nights at the Lamborghini workshop in Sant’Agatha Bolognese.

“Floodlights and fog machines helped bring the garage to life despite the darkness of the deepest night. Every time before we had to move around the lights, a few Aventador had to be moved around to make room. You can feel a magic in the air, standing between the incredible design objects worth an unimaginable amount of money, surrounded by the night. The sound of the motors gave us goosebumps all night long.”

All participants were thrilled to be part of the production and even cleaning the cars is great fun, when the car in question is of such brilliant elegance. One of the cars in question was the Countach (the green car from the top) with the serial number 001. A total of 152 were produced...

Creative director Lutz Suendermann and art director Jonas Kriegstötter as well as consultants Veronika Muck and Christian Westenhöfer completed the team. Diletta Carboni represented the client and GoSee member SUBLIME took care of the post-production.

The 20V12 title pays homage to the famous Lamborghini V12-motors, from the 350 GT to the 700 PS-strong Aventador. Whenever somebody drops the name Lamborghini, people think of Italian mega-sports cars, which keep redefining car history with their cutting edge technology and visual design. Their 12 cylinder motors are a particularly famous part of that legacy. It goes without saying that the 2012 calendar had to feature the 12-cylinder lamborghinis.