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15.02.2012  •  Photographers NEWS


PHOTO & HIGH END CGI •  staudinger+franke : the FUELBAND for NIKE and 3x NIKE AIR JORDAN classics, splashy for PEPSI MAX, GILLETTE and WIEN ENERGIE

The new NIKE+FUELBAND bracelet was realised by STAUDINGER & FRANKE (including CGI and Post-Production), who were commissioned by NIKE Inc. (Senior Designer Darrin Crescenzi, Global Photography Director Aric Rist).

Staudinger & Franke also produced the three key visuals for NIKE AIR JORDAN (Art Director David Frank, Brand Design Director Satoru Igarashi, Brand Design Ops Manager Jessica Tompkis).

A collaboration with TBWAChiatDay (Art Buyer Jennifer Lamping, Art Director Rance Tandle, Senior Art Director Stephen Chow) resulted in the production of convincing splash visuals for PEPSI MAX.

The visuals are used to introduce and promote the new PEPSI MAX bottle design.

BBDO Worldwide (Creative Director Paul Vinod, Global Executive Creative Director Toygar Bazarkaya, Art Buyer Betsy Jablow) contributed to a series of pictures for the current GILLETTE campaign.

The images capture moments of victory – and show what can be achieved with blood, sweat & tears: ‘Don't let odour stop you’ - is the motto of the campaign.

The next production was a CGI project, commissioned by Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann (AD Tobias Zotter, Creative Director Joachim Glawion, AB Ilona Urikow) for WIEN ENERGIE.

The new ‘Rely on our best heads’ image campaign is tailored towards business clients. Go see for yourself.