28.06.2012  •  Photographers NEWS


Tim Thiel : stills and arrangements for ESPRIT Spring Summer Collection 2012 and ESPRIT CHARMS

Tim received two bookings for the ESPRIT Spring Summer Collection 2012 and the ESPRIT CHARMS brand. The images will be published worldwide.

Tim captured aesthetic jewellery and stylish watches from the ESPRIT new designs 2012 in miniature set designs.

The charms can be attached to bracelets or necklaces. Most designs are lucky charms that symbolise love and friendship. Charms can be collected until the bracelet or necklace is full.

Stylist Sandra Lindner lovingly created the backgrounds using a collage technique and by researching the right props.

The client was Marlox Germany GmbH; agency LePetitMax with CD Stefanie Seif and the post-production was headed by GoSee Member NACHSPIEL.