28.06.2012  •  Photographers NEWS


FREE WORK •  Zweimalig Photographie : Grand Prix de Valencia everyday test, images for America's Cup Building, Ciudad de las Artes and additional free images

To celebrate the Grand Prix de Valencia, which took place this weekend, Zweimalig Photographie launched the series with this exact beautiful series here on GoSee. It presents the city street circuit as one might find it on all other 362 days of the year, less glamorous and not as busy.

Some of the photographs were taken in the busy harbour area, others in the circuit sections, located amongst social housing.

GoSee also presents images from ‘America's Cup Building’, likewise photographed by Valencia Harbour.

They were also busy working on the ‘Ciudad de las Artes’ and ‘Palau de les Arts’ complex. Their media library and website features many additional images.

Last but not least, there was some time and good weather left for a couple of landscape shots…