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CGI • Deal or no Deal, Danni Lowinski and celebrity Big Brother - STAUDINGER+FRANKE create campaign images in Cologne for private TV group PRO7SAT1 MEDIA AG

Early this summer Andreas Franke from STAUDINGER+FRANKE and team produced several images in Cologne for PRO7SAT1 MEDIA AG. Presenter Wayne Carpendale posed with a suitcase full of money to promote his new show Deal or no Deal. He also shot images for successful shows ‘Danni Lowinski’ (latest series) and Celebrity Big Brother. The CGI visual acts as a little ...

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STAUDINGER+FRANKE rock the biscuit campaign for ÜLKER BISKREM and agency TBWA/Raad

TBWA/Raad agency, Dubai commissioned the STAUDINGER+FRANKE creative team with the new campaign for ÜLKER BISKREM biscuits. The images will be used for promotion in North Africa and the entire Middle East – and can be viewed here on ...

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STAUDINGER+FRANKE create images for SPORT 2000’s Green&Fair campaign

A frog, buzzard and squirrel were created for SPORT 2000’s 'Green&Fair' sustainability initiative campaign that warns ‘Please wear Green & Fair’. STAUDINGER+FRANKE’s images will be promoted in German speaking countries: Germany, Austria and ...

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The key images of the current DUBAI SUMMER SURPRISE promotional festival campaign were shot according to the concept given by TBWA/Raad. In addition to 70 models STAUDINGER+FRANKE’s production covered an elaborate set design and last but not least the expertise of an in-house ...

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CGI • Medusa’s running for VOLTAREN - CGI picture by CARIOCA STUDIO

CARIOCA STUDIO once again showcased its CGI skills for pain gel product VOLTAREN and ‘exchanged’ a women’s tousled hair with Medusa’s snake ...

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Dream worlds from another planet. A joint project by ALBERTBAUER STUDIOS & Ilan Hamra for MADAME magazine

Majestic women in luxury robes wander through a labyrinth of past decades. They operate curious apparatus, disappear down paths or melt into mechanisms. A world, seemingly inspired by a feverish dream Jules Vernes may have had, unfolds before our very eyes. A dream world, dreamt up by Ilan Hamra and brought to life in our subconscious in CGI in collaboration with Albert Bauer Companies studios under the project direction of Marco Bauriedel in CGI.

The attached 14 page editorial was created for high fashion magazine MADAME, combining fashion photography with surreal imagery to create a fanatic, mystic panopitcon. Following their release in the January issue the works were presented at exhibitions in Hamburg and ...

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Ramona Reuter : art direction, concept and post production for ARCANUM image campaign, post for CREDIT SUISSE advertising images and denim editorial for SCHÖN Mag

Post-production expert RAMONA REUTER worked on new fashion label ARCANUM’s latest image campaign. In charge of art direction, concept and post-production she brought out the best of the collection in a summery setting. GoSee Premium Member JOHANNES GRAF photographed the campaign. Arcanum stems from the Latin for ‘the secret’. Let’s unveil their secret, visit their website to find out more:

‘I put on my jeans and I feel alright’ David Dundas sang in the ‘70s and the sentence still rings true today. RAMONA REUTER produced a denim editorial for the online issue of SCHÖN! Magazine, presenting the tried and tested clothing material stripped of all the usual frills in a clean, minimalist setting.

Havas Zurich commissioned RAMONA REUTER’s post-production for CREDIT SUISSE, one of the world’s largest financial service providers. The latest CREDIT SUISSE advertisements look both serious and laidback. They aim to promote the bank’s advantages as a finance partner. After all, good mortgage consultation should leave you feeling relaxed. Art direction by Andrea Huber and Inken Rohweder, photography by Johannes GRAF c/o GoSee Member TEAM HOUSE. Styling by Alexandra DIETL c/o AGENTUR ...

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Ready to go with the OPEL Vivaro and Scholz & Friends Hamburg. Business campaign with post-production and CGI by MAINWORKS

“The OPEL Vivaro is ready when you are”. In keeping with this slogan GoSee Premium-Member ANKE LUCKMANN photographed the spacious company car in Spain by sunset, so basically at the start of the working day. MAINWORKS was also on set and took care of the post-production. The blue panel van was created in CGI in the Frankfurt ...

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RGBERLIN : post-production for personal transportation shoots with speedy retro VW BEETLE DUNE in Sylt and the MERCEDES S-COUPÉ in Hafencity Hamburg

RGBERLIN post-produced two personal transportation series for Studio Amos. Amos Fricke photographed the VW BEETLE DUNE for the media launch in Sylt in a modern and precise visual style. The super cool reinterpretations of the legendary beach buggy were presented in January 2014 at the Detroit Motor Show. The retro beetle in a golden Arizona finish is undergoing tests right now and will be available next year.

Studio Amos Fricke captured the new S-COUPÉ by MERCEDES in Hamburg Hafencity. RGBERLIN took care of the post-production once ...

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EARLY leatherwear between design and traditional craft. 2014/15 lookbook with post-production by MAINWORKS

EARLY label commissioned MAINWORKS with the retouch of their Autumn/Winter 2014/15 lookbook. The Frankfurt leather label, founded by Valerie Sietzy in 2012 is synonymous with ethical, organic and social values with a love of design and traditional handcraft. The brand only uses organically dyed leathers and vintage dead stock, only producing locally. The value of the products is then made complete with good clear design and first class finishing. Mainworks was thrilled to contribute the post-production. Marc Krause photographed the lookbook images.

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