08.01.2009  •  Post NEWS


Albert Bauer Studios : WMF vegie speed machines, AUDI R8 rendering

Doc Baumanns Magazine for digital photo editing divulges professional tips and tricks for Photoshop and digital image development. This issue sees the creatives at Albert Bauer Studios (formerly abc colorstudio), explain how they realized the three adverts for the WMF campaign.

The Albert Bauer Studios wanted to visualise just how quickly WMF’s pots and pans can cook food. Karsten Knüppel (3D), Norbert Itel (Illustration) and Peter Backens (Photography) transformed the “vegetables to speed machines”. You can find out exactly how they did this in the latest issue of DOCMA.

The team realized a virtual showroom for the AUDI R8 campaign motifs. A total of 6 different perspectives were rendered and post produced for Jan van Endert’s shots of the cars. The agency was Philipp und Keuntje.

The world is full of ideas. Each idea is full of details. And each detail is full of challenges. The options are becoming all the more varied, especially in the digital picture development and editing industries. Which is why abc colorstudio decided to further develop their photography, 3D/CGI and post production services – as well as themselves: on 1.1.2009 abc colorstudio became Albert Bauer Studios. As a part of the Albert Bauer Companies, one of Germany’s leading media production companies, they are the ideal partner for everyone that wishes to visualise their ideas to pure perfection and in various media. Find out more: www.albertbauer-studios.com