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15.05.2012  •  Post NEWS


POST & CGI •  JvM/craft : new look and full CGI for MERCEDES-AMG and photo realistic images for IWC Pilot watches

Jung von Matt/Neue Elbe developed the new campaign look for Mercedes-AMG and already began with its realisation. The new G63 AMG was the most recent focus of the campaign: no photographer, but full-on CGI with all the trimmings by JvM/Craft.

Art Director Hans-Peter Sporer is bubbling with excitement: ‘Power without compromise – the maxim of AMG also goes for JvM/Craft's performance. Both when it comes to CGI and post-production. The colleagues are running on maximum PS power.’

Also new: IWC Schaffhausen promotes their latest exclusive pilot-watches with new image motifs by Jung von Matt / Alster.

Once again, JvM/Craft joined forces with the creative masterminds at Alster and developed amazing aeroplane images using photography and CGI and continued the very successful production of 2011.

The 3D aeroplane models were created using elaborate technical blueprints and photographs – reconstructed piece by piece.

The original and photo-realistic depiction of the aeroplanes was realised by a 3D-texturing-pipeline, which was created especially for this project. The highly complex details and interaction with the backplate photography material, which was partially completed through in-house shoots, required a great detail of attention to detail.

CGI director Alexander Bouquet: “The particular challenge in this case was to combine the clients brand-specific top-class requirements with historical accuracy.”

Hence, the team worked side by side with a military historian, to ensure that the motifs looked as dramatic as possible whilst staying true to the original style.