02.03.2011  •  Post NEWS


Mainworks : Bo Gran Tourismo for Bochum University, The darker side of green - the CT 200h for LEXUS and the HONDA hybrid sports car and exhibiting at the UPdate 11

Bo Gran Tourismo is the name of the new, solar-driven vehicle. A project of the Bochum university, with which the students will partake at the World Solar Challenge in Australia, a race for solar vehicles.

The roof and the drawn-out rear are equipped with high performance solar cells – the Australians’ rulebook allows a grand total of three square meters. At optimum solar radiation, these deliver a power of approx. 1,000 watt.

In collaboration with photographer Andrea Hempel, Mainworks took over the vehicle’s visualisation, before it went into construction.

The darker side of green – is the motto to launch the CT200h sportive compact hybrid vehicle by LEXUS. Uwe Breitkopf photographed the leaflet cover and further motifs for adverts and online use.

Uwe Breitkopf photographed HONDA’s hybrid sports car. The CRZ, unique with its 3-mode drive system – a normal setting, a special sports mode and an eco mode.

The backdrop for the vehicle was an elaborate set, constructed in one of Los Angeles’ largest studios, which was also used for the TV spot. Mainworks post was directly involved on location in Los Angeles, as usual.