20.07.2010  •  Post NEWS


Nachspiel Postproduktion : Goethe and the Plants - exhibition at Palmengarten, Frankfurt, ESRI nature surfaces, GC ZAHNTECHNIK and BUFFALLO image campaign

There is news from PALMENGARTEN. Nachspiel Postproduktion demonstrated their love of nature twice. The Lesch und Frei agency composed a mixture of art and nature for the current ‘Goethe und die Pflanzen’ (Goethe and the Plants) exhibition.

In 1790, Goethe wrote ‘The Metamorphosis of Plants’, his theory on morphology, which is based on a blueprint of plants. This morphology even influenced Darwin and is still valid to this day. The exhibition, which is on show until the beginning of September, presents Goethe’s garden diary, various sketches, documents his laboratory and presents the plants he grew (Galerie des Palmenhauses, Frankfurter Palmengarten, Siesmayerstraße 61).

A new image poster was realised in addition to this. Lets of single components were combined to create a comfy spot for the frog. Lukas Schellenberg was the art director for both projects.

The Nachspiel Postproduktion team played with each individual bubble and component photographed by TIM THIEL – until they finally found the just the right place for all of them.

Continents and water surfaces were then reflected in the bubbles for ESRI Deutschland GmbH, in keeping with the geo information systems theme. The agency was Scheufele Hesse Eigler, with Oliver Hesse and Wanja Olten in creation and Marion Wagner as project manager.

Nachspiel took charge of the post of the ‘Future Doc’ motif for client GC ZAHNTECHNIK. ANDREAS KOPPE built the dummy for the elaborate set design. The futurist image idea was thought up by the Change Communications advertising agency with Marcus Luzius and Gunnar Schmarchendorff.

Hey Girls – Hey Nachspiel! After TIM THIEL shot the new image campaign for BUFFALO Boots GmbH, Nachspiel got down to work and polished the shoes to their utmost shiniest. The agency was LePetitMax, Frankfurt.