05.09.2011  •  Post NEWS


PX Group : ad motifs for NIVEA and a BVG (Berlin Transport Association) campaign

Photographer Jörg KRITZER c/o GROSSER FOTOGRAFEN teamed up with AB Anne Weskamp and AD Saskia Lübke from the Draft FCB agency and created the attached NIVEA motif for Beiersdorf AG. Post Production by PX2 Hamburg.

In addition to this, we are showcasing current works for BVG's (Berlin Transport Association) campaign, which operates a ferry service on top of the regular bus and train services. They run a total of six ferry lines on Lake Wann, the River Spree and on the small Lake Müggel.

The following campaign, introduced on GoSee, was photographed Kai Wiechmann, hair & make-up support by Shirin KÜRSCHNER and Mine ULUDAG took care of the styling, both c/o NINA KLEIN.

The supervising agency was m.e.c.h. With AB Franziska Möck and CD Erik Gonan. The post-production was in the hands of PX1 Berlin.

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