03.11.2010  •  Post NEWS


PX Group : yummy EMMI campaign images, BENCH look book and chiselled LEOS SPORTSCLUB statues

Together with photographer Oliver SCHWARZWALD c/o K STIEGEMEYER, PX captured the new EMMI products. Idea by Scholz & Friends, AD Christian Sommer and CD Joerg Jahn.

As commissioned by CD Stefan Hägerling as well art directors Dave Tiedemann and Jan Olaf Süssmilch, PX took care of the BENCH A/W 3D look book's final touch in post production and was also in charge of processing the 3D visuals. Matthias Dahl was the photographer.

Hello AG agency commissioned PX3D Hamburg with the production of motifs for LEOS SPORTSCLUB. The results of the CGI production were the statue of a man and woman, which create, that is carve, their own bodies.

The art direction was in the hands of Volker Schmid and Stephan Bernhard, CD Chris Mayrhofer.

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