26.10.2011  •  Post NEWS


PX Group : spread for LUDWIG Magazine by LUDWIG BECK, STARS WARS revisited, GALA MAN spread and VOGUE images

PX Group created the cool & modern vintage look for the current issue of LUDWIG Magazine by KAUFHAUS DER SINNE - LUDWIG BECK with AD Alexis Zurflüh. Anna Rosa KRAU c/o KSTIEGEMEYER was the photographer.

Markus Hofmanns photographed the 'Force' photography series in the futuristic, clean and minimalist ambience of the BMW museum. Within this ideal setting, Markus Hofmann composed famous Star Wars elements and created a photo-aesthetic re-interpretation of the good vs. evil concept.

To make the photographs look even more authentic, the photographer rallied the support of the German Star Wars fan base. The fans portrayed the dangerous bounty hunters from mysterious dimensions. The Star Wars costumes were recreated by members of the 501st garrison, an Imperial club, with plenty of attention to detail, based on the original costumes.

The bounty hunter costume quickly turned into quite a heavy burden, weighing 15 kilograms. But the architecture of the museum, the lighting, the costumes and model Katja Oppelt made all the actors rise above to the peak of their performance under Markus’ direction. Katja blended in perfectly thanks to the cool futurist outfit by designer Kinga Horvarth and spacey make-up by Pamela Schneider and played the role of the ethereal Jedi like her life depended on it – a Jedi who is on a covert mission to gain access to secret documents, if it just wasn't for those darn bounty hunters.

The shoot quickly became a magnet for audiences strolling around the BMW museum. An increasing number of onlookers wanted to be chased away by bounty hunters – and even caught on camera by Markus while doing so. In the end, the photographer himself turned out to be a Star Wars fan and admitted: “I think there is a little bit of Luke Skywalker in all of us.”

GoSee also presents an editorial by Nicolas Kantor, produced for the latest issue of GALA MAN, as well as the knitwear special by Stefan Heinrichs, photographed for VOGUE.