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EXHIBITION •  recom Art and Fürcho present the work of light architect Jakob Kupfer

From 24 June to 25 August 2010, photo art by ‘Light-architect’ Jakob Kupfer will be exhibited at fine art print specialist RECOM ART’s showroom on Linienstrasse, Berlin. The work exhibition, curated by Berlin based agency Fürcho, covers photos made over the last two years.

Photography artist Jakob Kupfer follows an unusual approach to his ‘light pictures’. Despite being photographic in nature, the works make the principle rules of photography go haywire. Blur and indeterminacy reduce the imagery to its primary elements: light and colour. Kupfer doesn’t just display images; he lets the light paint new worlds.

It is only the process of perception that turns the vague details into subjectively experienced pictures. Landscapes made of light and fantasy. Hence, Kupfer's ‘light pictures’ are scripts of artistic intervention, a season ticket to a constant stream of fresh visual happenings.

The exhibition moonlights as a vanguard for new means of producing digital fine are prints. The prints owe their peculiar effect to the interplay between RECOM's pigmented ditone-print and a specially developed method of surface finishing. This enables the full potency of subtle hues to unfold – without the reflective or matting nature of protective screens and foils.

The FÜRCHO advertising, design and communication agency of Berlin, plans, creates and produces campaigns, advertisements and communication projects. Fürcho represents Jakob Kupfer as an advertising agency and supervises the elaborate production of the works via RECOM ART.

RECOM ART creates highly developed digital reproduction and production solutions for the international art market.

Jakob Kupfer
25.06. - 25.08.2010
Private view 24.06.2010, 7pm
RECOM ART Showroom Berlin
Linienstraße 144, 10115 Berlin
(or by appointment  +49 (0)30-408 1917 70)