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Post • GoSee preview of the 'Virtual Racetrack', the CGI cicuit for the photo-realistic visualizations by CGI specialist Cornelius STEFFAN c/o NERGER M&O

17.10.2016 • We have a preview for you on GoSee of the newest, most comprehensive work by Cornelius STEFFAN c/o NERGER M&O: ’Cornelius generated over the past few months a model of a complete, varied racetrack with a start/finish line, pit stops, hairpin turn and chicanes.

Equipped with all of the typical characteristics such as curbs, guardrails, road markings, bleachers, signs, traffic lights, billboards, etc., the highly modern track in its current version passes by a yacht club, includes a city circuit stretch, a mountain parcour, and a tunnel passage. Modern architecture and different types of vegetation are on the sidelines of the racetrack, partially illuminated with streetlights, so that, e.g., impressive night scenes can be visualized.

All objects can be arranged and modified freely. Whether in combination with a classic automotive shoot or with CGI cars, day, night, or matter what time of day, wet down, rain, ocean spray – everything is possible: a virtual run of the circuit with the camera, vehicle and light positioning in real time. Motifs were found with sketch renderings...

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Post • Mainworks : for HYUNDAI IONIQ with Uli Heckmann in Norway and with Jan Friese for the new OPEL ZAFIRA in northern Germany

14.10.2016 • Oslo, the Nordic metropolis stands for modern architecture and technical progress. The density of electric vehicles and public charging stations seems to set an example. So it was quite natural to stage the Ioniq, which Hyundai offers in three alternative drive technologies – as hybrid, electric and plug-in hybrid – exactly there. Uli Heckmann, with his taste for modern architecture and keen sense for authentic people photography, designed the photographic framework for the automobile. MAINWORKS photographed & created spheres on location and began post production on site, and then finalized the motif in the office. The cars were visualized in CGI.

The focus of the shoot by GoSee member Jan Friese for Scholz & Friends was next to the new Opel Zafira also on Nordic country style. The perfect backdrop for photographing was found on the Baltic Sea near the Danish border and in Sweden. The mixture of living lifestyle and people photography and staging the Zafira with regard to its design lines was edited by the Mainworks team directly on site.

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Post • Miniature island for the September cover of SCOUT magazine – the motif by BOOM CGI c/o JSR AGENCY

12.10.2016 • CGI artists BOOM were commissioned by the Immediate, publishers of Scout magazine to create a micro island to launch the Scout Micro Adventures campaign. The brief was to create an image of a tiny Hornby-esque hand built set, complete with mini figures all having mini adventures. The detail is incredible, and the image was used as a wraparound cover for the September issue of Scout magazine. Scout, the media competence magazine of the MA HSH (Broadcasting Company Hamburg/Schleswig-Holstein) has been established over the past five years in northern Germany and deals with media competence from a journalistic perspective.

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Post • 'Come on, show me your... shoes' - post production of the HÖGL F/W 2016 campaign by ONE HUNDRED BERLIN, with photos by ANDREAS ORTNER

11.10.2016 • Austrian shoe manufacturer HÖGL likes to rely on its own trends, while never cutting corners on comfort with materials also of the finest and highest quality. Post production of the F/W 2016 campaign was in the hands of ONE HUNDRED BERLIN, and the shoes were staged by photographer ANDREAS ORTNER. Go & See:

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Post • 'Linda, Poderosa e no Controle' - fashion shoot with supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley for ELLE Brazil September 2016 and glam post by ONE HUNDRED BERLIN

11.10.2016 • Supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley landed on the dot in two September ELLE Brazil covers. And ONE HUNDRED BERLIN was in charge of post production of the glamorous fashion editorials, with fashion of the month by Dior, Versace, Balenciaga... Among other places, the beauty was photographed for the 'Linda, Poderosa e no Controle' (wind, high, and no control) editorial totally chilled at the studio of David Bellemere.

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Post • 'Stay sharp and stylish!' - is the style advice in MATCHESFASHION F/W 2016 - with post production by ONE HUNDRED BERLIN

11.10.2016 • Stylishly elegant and streamlined is the style advice of MATCHESFASHION F/W 2016 for the season's outer clothing for men. Photos of the modern parkas and even classic coats all came from Pawel Pysz. Responsible for post production was ONE HUNDRED BERLIN.

About - MATCHESFASHION. Discover our unique edit of over 400 established and emerging designers from Balenciaga, Gucci and Saint Laurent to Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana and Vetements. Using technology to inspire and innovate, we aim to make shopping seamless – whether online, in store, or at our events. With over 25 years’ heritage in luxury fashion, we deliver to over 170 countries and offer 24/7 advice through MyStylist, our dedicated fashion concierge team. Choose how you want to experience us – online, in our London stores, at No.23, our private-shopping townhouse, or at one of our international events.

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Post • Eva Green in 'Gipsy Chic' by Ellen VON UNWERTH. See it now in GLAMOUR Italia August 2016 - with post production by ONE HUNDRED BERLIN

11.10.2016 • A straw bed is the latest trend for GLAMOUR Italia August 2016, Ellen VON UNWERTH c/o COSMOPOLA photographed French actress Eva Green – daughter of popular actress and children's book author, Marlène Jobert. Final touches on the editorial titled ‘Gipsy Chic’ were done by the post-producers from ONE HUNDRED BERLIN. Eva Green can now be seen in the film version of the novel “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” by Uber-Director Tim Burton and Ransom Riggs. In the film, Eva Green slips into the adorable role of Miss Peregrine, a crossbow sporting Head Mistress of a very special orphanage. The film celebrated its debut on 25 September, 2016, at the Fantastic Fest in Austin. The film busted the blocks in cinemas starting on 30 September, 2016 in cinemas across America, and in October 2016 throughout Europe.

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Post • RECOM FILM – 'Lena Meyer-Landrut and L’Oréal Paris' and 360° VR spot for Mercedes-Benz Bank plus RECOM CGI and POST for AUDI, BMW Hybrid campaign, Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupé, and Max Eicke's Dominas

21.09.2016 • RECOM FILM was in charge of beauty FILM post production and color correction for a film shot by Philip Bruederle & Pete Schilling for JOLIE MAGAZINE titled 'Lena Meyer-Landrut and L’Oréal Paris'.

Plus, RECOM FILM produced for Mercedes-Benz Bank a 360° VR spot. To better illustrate how this was achieved from a cinematic technology perspective, and because not all Internet browsers can play VR films in full quality, we present this spot as a shot making-of film here on GoSee. Those of you with a VR equipped browser (Chrome and the latest version of Firefox work pretty good, and Safari has minor issues on Mac) or whoever wants a better presentation of it all on their smartphone with the YouTube app can try it out via this youtube-Link.

RECOM CGI was once again busy on a parallel shoot for various automotive clients – with visuals created over the past few weeks for the BMW Hybrid campaign (FULL CGI for Heye Grid). With Marc Trautmann and ANTONI, they produced all exterior and interior motifs of the brand new Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupé, and a campaign visual for the AUDI Q7...

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Post • 'Lena Meyer-Landrut and L’Oréal Paris' - beauty post by RECOM FILM

21.09.2016 • RECOM FILM was in charge of beauty FILM post production and color correction for a film shot by Philip Bruederle & Pete Schilling for JOLIE MAGAZINE titled 'Lena Meyer-Landrut and L’Oréal Paris'. Production was in the hands of beauty Director Anika Bergmann-Pohl, with art buying by Sergio Bongiovann, and make-up by Nina Park. Hair was done by Sigi Kumpfmüller.

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Post • Max Eicke’s 'Domina' series as a book at Kehrer publishing with post production by RECOM

21.09.2016 • Max Eicke’s “Domina” series is now also complete (POST BY RECOM) and has led to a deserved happy end with the freshly published book.

Here is more info on the book from Kehrer publishing

“It was an experiment with an uncertain outcome when the Londonbased photographer began to shoot portraits of German dominatrixes. He strove to explore the boundaries between the interior and the exterior: What is a mask? What is real? How much veracity is there in the way the women present themselves – beyond glaring red lips and a stern gaze? The results are portraits of strong personalities and wounded souls, of dedication and business acumen, of great empathy and lurid coldness.” (Tobias Schmitz, Stern)

For his project, Max Eicke (b. 1990) juxtaposed his photographs with excerpts from conversations and found footage from the Internet, thus questioning the mechanisms of perception in the digital age, and with it, investigating how our society deals with clichéd images. Meet the photographer at his book signing at the UNSEEN Photofair in Amsterdam (23.09.16, 14.00 Uhr)....

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