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CG & Motion Design • New at PHOTOBY&CO: Sven HAUTH, CG artist and motion designer; here with CVolution #4 Crise d'Identité and a first portfolio insight on GoSee

31.01.2016 • PHOTOBY&CO welcomes new entry Sven HAUTH! The German artist occupies the realm somewhere between the organic and inorganic, the real and unreal, between motion and non-notion. Since 20 years, he has worked as CG artist and now presents a further part of his series "CVolution #4 Crise d'identité", which we have along with more from his portfolio for you here on GoSee.

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CGI, 3D • SWISSCOM presents the new TV box with 3D visuals, created by Peter TARKA c/o ANALOG/DIGITAL for Serviceplan Switzerland

25.01.2016 • The agency Service Plan Switzerland commissioned Peter TARKA c/o PHOTOBY&CO to create four 3d visuals for their client Swisscom, Switzerland’s largest telecom and media services provider. The campaign focused on their new TV Box - and only 28 days later, we can share the final motifs with you!

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Post • Welcome to the 'Hug Empire'! NIKOPICTO c/o ANALOG/DIGITAL with new animal animation on GoSee

25.01.2016 • PHOTOBY&CO Motion Designer NIKOPICTO rapidly picks up speed exploring the score 'Eat Lunch or Be Lunch'. The artist on the clip: "The story of Hug the Killer is as such, while his body language is very friendly and welcoming, even to the point of opening his arms to hug you, he has a set of razor sharp teeth that is opening into a grin. It makes you wonder if he indeed is genuinely happy to meet you or are you simply his dinner?" Welcome to Hug Empire! Further works by the creative can be seen in the ANALOG/DIGITAL section of his representation PHOTOBY.

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CGI • 'Made ya look, ya dirty chook!' the eye-catching BISHOPP campaign with funky protagonists, created by ILLUSION for Rumble Creative & Media, Brisbane

25.01.2016 • “Made ya look, ya dirty chook” – It’s this Australian saying that stands behind the eye-catching campaign of Bishopp, the specialist for outside advertising in Down Under. With their CGI skills, the guys from ILLUSION c/o PHOTOBY&CO created three “dirty chooks”: Lady of The Night, The Shady Peddler & The Lawless Motorcycle Gansgster. The executive agency was Rumble Creative & Media, Brisbane, with Art Director Bec McCall and Copywriter Rhys Venning.

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CGI • Bon Appetit with 'Mixed Consumer Sushi'! FINGER INDUSTRIES on a CGI mission for the SAISONKÜCHE mag campaign and Leo Burnett Zurich

25.01.2016 • Food photography and little CG people? Why not? PHOTOBY CGI expert FINGER INDUSTRIES thought and mashed up both for the campaign of the magazine SAISONKÜCHE. The executive agency was Leo Burnett, Switzerland, and photos were shot by photographer Pia Grimbühler. So enjoy your meal with "High-income hors d'oeuvres" and "Mixed Consumer Sushi"!

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Motion Design • PHOTOBY&CO Analog/Digital welcomes THE OPERATORS, motion & graphic designers, London; we have a first impression on GoSee

25.01.2016 • PHOTOBY&CO Analog/Digital is now proud to be the European representative for THE OPERATORS. The motion and graphic designers from London are a true tour de force and seem to have all the answers for even the hardest of visual challenges in this day and age. "We are not just makers, everyone in our team is creative, strategic or full of technical knowledge," the artists say about themselves. Their client portfolio includes MTV, Glenfiddich, Virgin Atlantic, Castrol, Telegraph, Cadbury, and Volkswagen. We have a few impressions!

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Post • Patrick Salonen : CGI for the ATU campaign and post production for AUTOSCOUT24 as well as the BKW image world

20.01.2016 • Together with photographer and GoSee member MICHEL JAUSSI, retouch specialist Patrick SALONEN realized the four campaign motifs for the car part company ATU. The cars as well as the logo lettering were added to the picture via GCI. The executive agency was BBS advertising agency based in Hamburg with CD Finn Rieckermann.

Commissioned by the Bern-based agency Maxomedia, Patrick handled post production of a motif photographed by GoSee member MICHEL JAUSSI for the online car dealership AUTOSCOUT24. The result is shown widely on billboards, ads and online. Responsible at Maxomedia was CD Reto Schild.

For the energy company BKW, the post producer retouched numerous pictures which are used to present the newly designed BKW image world. The breathtaking landscape motifs were photographed by GoSee member MICHEL JAUSSI. The executive agency was Process from Zurich with AD Selina Eugster; consulting was provided by Elmar Müller. Initial results were presented among others in the Annual Report of BKW.

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Post • McBretzel and McRaclette for the MCDONALD'S 'Winter Weeks' - ad motifs with a little burger fans , created by CARIOCA STUDIO for TBWA Zurich

19.01.2016 • With its 'Winter Weeks', MCDONALD’S presents new and revived burger variations, which are available for a short time in some restaurants – here with the McBretzel and the McRaclette. Commissioned by TBWA Zurich, CARIOCA STUDIO integrated small winter gourmets with snowballs into the advertising motifs of the fast food chain.

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Post • Maria Schinz Imaging : Post production for the SPARKASSE provisions campaign and retouching of beauty subjects for REVIDERM SkinNeedler

19.01.2016 • In the new campaign, SPARKASSE promises 'Provisions that grow with you' and relies for its visuals entirely on the idyll of a young family. Commissioned by the Cologne-based advertising agency Want, MARIA SCHINZ IMAGING was in charge of retouching. Photos: Silke Steinraths.

The new REVIDERM products, according to the claim, put micro-needling right on the money. "More precise. More gentle. More effective." is how the new beauty campaign describes it, for which MARIA SCHINZ IMAGING was in charge of retouching. The executive agency was Helmut Morrison.

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Post • 'If your partner turns out to be a tyrant' - the striking FRAUENZENTRALE campaign with dictators, realized by CARIOCA STUDIO

19.01.2016 • Muammar al-Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein, Josef Stalin: for the campaign of FRAUENZENTRALE, CARIOCA STUDIO & CGI brought dictators back to life – luckily, only in visuals. 'If your partner turns out to be a tyrant' is the slogan for the motifs, which are aimed at rasing awareness for domestic violence. Frauenzentrale is a nonprofit organization, which supports and connects women in politics, the workplace or society – independent of political party and denominationally neutral.

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