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Production • PRODUCTION BERLIN : produces the SWAROVSKI 2017 trend book in Berlin and the SHORT STORIES F/W 2017 campaign with model Sophie Vlaming

23.03.2017 • Sabrina THEISSEN c/o AK/KRUSE fotografierte das niederländische Model Sophie Vlaming für die SHORT STORIES HW-Kampagne. Zusammen mit Gregor Makris (Hair), Kathi Kauder (Styling), Kirsten Schmidt (Set Styling) und nicht zuletzt PRODUCTION BERLIN inszenierte die Modefotografin die neueste Premium-Unterwäsche, Swim- und Homewear Selection von SHORT STORIES aus dem Hause Sanetta. "Staged inside a minimalist yet Sophisticated Berlin interior, the team made Sophie Vlaming’s natural radiance shine inside the smart, scandinavian-inspired set." so PRODUCTION BERLIN begeistert über das Ergebnis zu GoSee. Sanetta wird bereits in der dritten Generation als Familienunternehmen geführt. Und die Begeisterung für Wäsche führte zur Entwicklung der Marke Short Stories.

Sabrina THEISSEN c/o AK/KRUSE photographed Dutch model Sophie Vlaming for the SHORT STORIES F/W campaign. Together with Gregor Makris (hair), Kathi Kauder (styling), Kirsten Schmidt (set styling), and not least, PRODUCTION BERLIN, the fashion photographer staged the latest premium lingerie, swimwear and...

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Production • 'Hacked Nature' - PRODUCTION BERLIN realizes the SWAROVSKI Trendbook 2017 in Berlin for photographer Mario Schmolka

23.03.2017 • For the bright & shiny, colorful SWAROVSKI world, Mario SCHMOLKA c/o SONJA HEINTSCHEL photographed the latest trends in the depeche mode of Berlin. Models Marta del Cano Pellitero and Rita Schneeberger knew just how to shine and glitter in the dark, almost melancholic set of Hendrikje Bernhoft. Inspired by the infinite & diverse possibilities of the Berlin cosmos, the Mario Schmolka team created contemporary motifs for the premium jewelry label. Styling: Lorand LAJOS c/o LES ARTISTS, hair: Thorsten WEISS c/o BIGOUDI.

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PAPER ART WORK • KATE SPADE presentation with artificial artwork by Makerie Studio c/o SARAH LAIRD & GOOD COMPANY

23.03.2017 • “MAKERIE STUDIO continues its creative collaboration with Kate Spade and creates a life-size camel and monkey to accompany the 2017 Spring/Summer collection for its NYC showroom.” A breathtaking compilation of paper works from the studio is also in store for you in a Sarah Laird News Special .

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Production • 'Who's that Girl?' - fashion editorial in ABOUT FASHION mag with styling by Peninah AMANDA c/o LIGANORD

16.03.2017 • The extravagant fashion editorial 'Who's that girl?' by Berlin-based fashion stylist Peninah AMANDA in ABOUT FASHION mag was photographed by Katia WIK c/o GoSee member SEVERIN WENDELER.

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Production • 'Very British' - new image motifs and film for MINI with stylist Irina SKLADKOWSKI and set designer Arndt VON HOFF, both c/o LIGANORD for Jung von Matt and photographer / Regisseur Emir HAVERIC

16.03.2017 • Very British – the new image motifs and image film for MINI by photographer and Director Emir HAVERIC c/o GoSee member KLEIN PHOTOGRAPHEN.. Stylist on set was Irina SKLADKOWSKI. Arndt VON HOFF decked the garage/workshop scenes with the perfect retro look. The executive agency was Jung von Matt with Spree CD Christian Woelky. Casting and art buying was handled by GoSee member SOLOMON I WINTER. Head of production was Sonda Barcelona. DOP was Javier Molina. We have the motifs and film for you here on GoSee.

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Production • SONDA Production : From the desert to the Arctic Ocean for AUDI Q5, full throttle on vintage racing circuits for MINI John Cooper Works (photo & film), and 5000 km for the international campaign of the new MINI Countryman

07.03.2017 • SONDA Productions was once again hired by EMIR HAVERIC c/o KLEIN PHOTOGRAPHEN, and this time for the new AUDI Q5. "The SONDA team was delighted to provide its production services with the usual dedication and experience in a selection of new and interesting photography locations," says the SONDA team.

Responsible for communication of the brand were THJNK with Creative Director Roman Lukowski and KOLLE REBBE with Creative Director Benjamin Allwardt. The photo locations delivered by SONDA took the team from the desert in the middle of Spain to Andalusia and Valencia, Paris and La Camargue in France to even the island group Svalbard in the Arctic Ocean. In Svalbard, the team led by Emir Haveric worked all night, because the sun does not go down there this time of year. Five snowmobiles were required plus equipment for temperatures below zero so the team could work there. "Unfortunately, we didn't get the chance to see a single polar bear, but the beauty of the landscape and the commitment of each individual more than made up for it and gave us unforgettable moments."


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Set Design • New entry at AGENT MOLLY & CO. is prop & interior stylist Cecilia TIVAR

02.03.2017 • Agent Molly & Co represents from now on prop & interior stylist Cecilia TIVAR – we have first works for you here on GoSee, and more is available via the agency from Stockholm.

"When I was a child, I didn't play with dolls and toys, but loved playing dress up with my sister and our dog inspired by things I had seen on TV. We were pirates, musketeers or showgirls! This lasted until I was given my first Barbie with a fabulous wardrobe! A little older I still remember meticulously planning my outfits for school. This obsession could just lead in one direction, towards a job in the fashion business, and I became a stylist and editor working for magazines and advertising agencies. When offered a job at Residence Magazine in 2005 as style editor, I never hesitated as it meant taking a new creative route. I believe you can find inspiration almost anywhere, just look around you: a picture, a beautiful house, a garden, an exhibition, a conversation, all of these can trigger a new idea. You might start out at A but after a talk with the art director or photographer, you might suddenly...

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Production • First Productions : Production of the campaign for OAKLEY PRIZM with photographer Carlo Miari Fulcis in South Africa

01.03.2017 • FIRST PRODUCTIONS supported the sports shoot with photographer Carlo Miari Fulcis for the client OAKLEY PRIZM. OAKLEY PRIZM is based on a new revolutionary glass technology which dramatically enhances contrast and visibility over a wide range of light conditions. With precision fine-tuning for individual wave lengths of the light spectrum, PRIZM provides enhanced eyesight. Nuances which would otherwise be missed by the eye alone are thus made visible.

Styling of the campaign was in the hands of Lindi Nieuwoudt, with hair by Alice Coloriti and grooming by Alice Coloriti. We present three motifs here on GoSee. The team from FIRST PRODUCTIONS is presently working on productions for ZALANDO, LUFTHANSA, L'OFFICIEL and WIENERIN, and further details are coming soon.

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