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Production • NEW : Die Filmbauarbeiter, construction of film sets, studio sets as well as creation of set designs, Berlin, present their services on GoSee and in Berlin as an exhibitor at UPDATE16

22.09.2016 • What would a good film, a cool commercial, a music video or a fashion film be without the perfect sets and props? Under the credo, 'Your film is our construction site' Udo Reinschke and his crew aka DIE FILMBAUARBEITER are at your service as a competent partner. “Tap into our long years of long years of experience in building film sets and props for your projects. We love our job and master all tricks of the trade, the grand art of successfully bringing a film set to life.”

Next to their core business of manufacturing film sets and props, they also offer tailor-made solutions for temporary and permanent constructions, as well as conversions and expansions. Together with experienced partners. DIE FILMBAUARBEITER support their clients in all areas imaginable. Whether in film, photo, trade fairs, events, or promotion for film productions, agencies and companies.

Their services include sound project and construction supervision, dedicated film construction workers of all trades, competent partner industry experts for every service necessary as well as safe transportation...

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Production • The world of the Mercedes GLC Coupé – in mood photos by our GoSee friend Alexandra Kinga Fekete and produced by GoSee premium member HETZNER PRODUKTION

22.09.2016 • COSMOPOLA photographer Alexandra Kinga FEKETE was commissioned by the agency Antoni to realize unconventional ideas for photos on the subjects of design, performance and all-purpose in order to illustrate the zeitgeist of the new Mercedes GLC Coupé in its entire breadth and depth. No less than 15 motifs were created with the help of power producer Uwe Hetzner c/o GoSee member HETZNER PRODUCTION and the great art buying support from Valerie Opitz (GoSee reported).

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Production • NEW : Dora Joker, art buying, photo & video production, based in Barcelona, productions for ZARA KIDS, COCA COLA, MR PORTER, DEWARS, CAMPER, MARTINI, MINUBE, BANC DE SABADELL... and in person at UPDATE16 Berlin

20.09.2016 • We are delighted to welcome DORA JOKER from Barcelona as a new GoSee member. The agency provides photo & video production services as well as art buying for agencies, brands and photographers. It was founded in 2003 by Isabel Gómez and Mercedes Arxé, two competent contacts when it comes to wrapping up elaborate shoots in Barcelona and throughout Spain. Here on GoSee, we present you several commercials and a print campaign, which was supervised by DORA JOKER. Meet both producers at this year's UPDATE16 in Berlin – the perfect opportunity to mingle.

“We offer services that are tailor-made to meet the demands and the budget of our clients, placing great emphasis on the optimization of resources and the quality of the people we work with, whatever the size of the project. Dora Joker aims to provide production management with a smile, crystal clear communication with our clients and collaborators, and exciting opportunities for new talent.”

Among their clients are Banc de Sabadell, Gemma, Nice Things, Dewars, Levis, Camper, Neck&Neck, Bershka, Art&Co, Lancia, Estrella Damm,...

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Production • MINUBE - TV commercial of the travel agent with Director Marcel Juan and support from DORA JOKER Production Services Barcelona

20.09.2016 • Marcel Juan filmed the commercial for travel portal MINUBE. DORA JOKER was on set in Barcelona as production partner.

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Production • BANK SABADELL commercial and artificial photo shoot with support from DORA JOKER Production Service Barcelona

20.09.2016 • Banco Sabadell aka Banc Sabadell is the fourth largest bank group in Spain. DORA JOKER Production Services was in charge of production at a film shoot with Director Christian Weber and on a photo project with canaries – all photographed by Biel Capllonch.

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Production • Kidswear label 'The Animals Observatory' - campaign and commercial with support from DORA JOKER Production Services & Art Buying Barcelona

20.09.2016 • “Be a good animal, true to your instincts” – Barcelona-based kid's fashion label THE ANIMALS OBSERVATORY inspires with cool imagery and its young fashion for kids. The art buying and producer team from DORA JOKER lended a helping hand in the realization of a print campaign with photographer Wai Lin Tse and a commercial with Director Ivo Vinuesa. We have all the results for you here on GoSee...

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Hair & Make-up • Nadia Soma in 'Garten Eden' - hair & make-up by Carsten RICHERT c/o CLOSE UP

12.09.2016 • Hair & make-up artist Carsten RICHERT c/o CLOSE UP seeks to combine his make-up with the fashion in his spread photographed by Ulrich Hartmann. The usual summer colors can be discovered in his make-up and are amplified by floral elements and fruit in the picture. He creates the perfect contrast for it all with exotic model Nadia Soma, who brings the whole production to life.

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Production • GLOBOTOUR takes care of production and scouting for a fashion shoot in Cabo de Gata and travel booking for the PORSCHE CAYMAN shoot in Australia

12.09.2016 • Globotour, specialist for travel booking and productions, was on the road with location scout and producer Andreas Koslowski as 'Globoproductions'. As commissioned by S3-Advertising, Düsseldorf, a fashion shoot on the topic of desert & water was organized including scouting. The perfect locations for it included Cabo de Gata, a natural reserve in the southeast of Spain. Photos were shot by Oscar Falk. Responsible for hair & make-up was Sina Velke.

GoSee member Romer Photography shot the PORSCHE CAYMAN in Australia. Globotour handled the complete travel booking including flight and hotel reservations. The shoot of the PORSCHE CAYMAN plus two range motifs took place as commissioned by Kemper Kommunikation, Frankfurt. The shoot was at the fascinating backdrop of Brisbane and Surfer's Paradise.

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Hair & Make-up • Lena Gercke on the cover of IN TOUCH STYLE – H&M by Sandra SCHÜTZ c/o CLOSE UP

12.09.2016 • For the cover of the IN TOUCH STYLE September issue posed top model Lena Gercke. Her hair & makeup styling was was in the hands of CLOSE UP artist Sandra SCHÜTZ. Also on set were stylist Barbara Bernhard and photographer Michael Bernhard.

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