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Production • 70SEVEN : GEFA BANK – shoot with agricultural & construction machinery for Scholz & Friends and production of a fashion shoot with artificial snow

18.01.2017 • No snow in Hamburg and bad weather forecasts for the alps? No problem! 70SEVEN will simply bring the snow to Hamburg. For a fashion shoot with Magnus Gerwien, 70SEVEN made a location look wintry. To realize the snow/frost effect, 70SEVEN booked the experts, who also produced the snow effects for the last Steven Spielberg film in Germany.

For GEFA Bank, a subsidiary of the large French bank, Société Générale, 70SEVEN was on the road all over Germany in order to photograph industrial goods, agricultural and construction machinery, trucks, and buses. "Photographer Jan van Endert c/o Nerger M & O traveled several thousand kilometers for the location check alone, to view the numerous locations between Allgäu, Lübeck, Cologne and Mecklenburg-West Pomerania 70SEVEN photographed, among other places, construction machines from Liebherr and Caterpillar in Cologne, trucks from VOLVO and a Daimler coach in Allgäu. The agency Scholz & Friends supported the photo and production team during the shoot. 70seven took care of casting and supervised the production on site....

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Post • 'Made for You' YOUTUBE KAMPAGNE with post production by RETOUCHED STUDIOS for photographer Tom van Schelven and We Are Social

15.01.2017 • For the new integrated YOUTUBE marketing campaign 'Made for you', several English-speaking YouTubers such as Marcus Butler, Colin Furze, Tanya Burr and many more stood in front of the lens of Tom van Schelven. Post production of the 18 YouTuber motifs was taken care of by RETOUCHED STUDIOS.

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Post • HARVEY NICHOLS campaign for Otherway - post production and look by RETOUCHED STUDIOS for photographer Tom van Schelven

15.01.2017 • Created for Otherway from London was the campaign for HARVEY NICHOLS. Motifs were photographed by Tom van Schelven, with post production and look from RETOUCHED STUDIOS.

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Production • RAW BLACK presents 'A Celebration of Man' by Reno Mezger and RAW BLACK – a fine art film and a book project in cooperation with Leica Fotografie International & fine art prints at Gallery Roschlaub, Hamburg

10.01.2017 • 'A Celebration of Man' is the title of the fine art project by fashion photographer RENO MEZGER, which takes a close look at the beauty and aesthetic of men. Created for it over the past two years were several studies in photos and moving images. The result will be published as a book in 2017. Uta von Fintel c/o RAW BLACK supported the project as Art Director and was in charge of curation.

Reno Mezger: "The visual art project, incorporating photography and filmmaking and spanning over two years, once the book is published in 2017, is an ongoing collaboration between Uta von Fintel, who curated all the imagery and pulled the strings behind the scenes, between Leica Fotografie International (LFI) and me, as the photographer and director. All men shown are models from prestigious model agencies and were photographed exclusively for the project. In their everyday jobs, models are part of a sales pitch. Their bodies are vehicles of commercially fueled dreams. A 'Celebration of Man' gives each and every man time and space to show who they really are. All men pose nude. Nudity is...

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