17.06.2009  •  Production NEWS


HAIR, MAKE-UP & STYLING •  Close up : 100 quotes by Karl Lagerfeld for GQ STYLE, beauty for WELEDA, hair look for BRAUN, editorials for COSMO, MYSELF, AMICA, ...

Hair and make-up artist GIOVANNI Rivas contributed his skills to a shoot on 100 quotes by Karl Lagerfeld, for GQ STYLE (6/09). This was in turn captured by photographer Stefan Heinrichs.

Karl only recently replied “I don’t know her” when German talk show host Johannes B. asked him about Heidi Klum. “Claudia doesn’t know her either. She’s never been to Paris, we don’t know her.” We love it.

PETRA Sulger took a lighter approach to the hair and make-up for clients WELEDA. The wild rose vs. wrinkles beauty image was photographed by OLIVER KLOCKE.

Yes, we can! KARIM Amerchih was there for the stars, stripes and trends. The “American Way of Lifestyle!“ series was produced for the May issue of MYSELF and photographed by Stefan Ziehen.

The 80s are back, and so too are bold colours. LONI Baur was at the ready with lashings of mascara and lip-gloss. The suitable hair was styled by KARIM Amerchih. The “Glam Rock” series was published in the last ever issue of AMICA.

Tribal Look – this season’s trends. KARIM applied the latest make-up looks for MYSELF, and the new ethno deluxe style helped realise his wild and glamorous fashion dreams for COSMOPOLITAN. He created exotically exciting hairstyles and make-up for the “trip to Africa” series.

He also fixed gorgeous hair for clients BRAUN. GoSee member LEO KRUMBACHER captured the results, which we have attached.

Karim realised various beard types for TUSH. And LONI was also booked for their beauty section. GoSee presents the wonderful results.