19.04.2011  •  Production NEWS


PHOTO, FILM & LOCATION •  Magic Mountain Productions : active in Cape Town's autumn season - with plenty of advantages for shoots in April and May

Experience is the key to success. While tightening the belt around the marketing budget, companies have become more selective when it comes to shoot locations and grasp the concept or how important the role of experienced production companies can be.

Magic Mountain Productions lives up to this very claim and has built up efficient long-term partnerships with clients. Sabina Jakob, the head of the production company puts it this way:

“Even though there is a tendency to travel less, we have managed to secure some great jobs. We produce with smaller budgets but are still able to get fantastic results for our clients”.

Cape Town remains a very en vogue destination for many of the world’s most famous photographers and high quality fashion productions, as demonstrated by the making-of pictures attached.

In South Africa, it's that time of year when sweaters are reclaimed from storage and leaves start to change colours—or at least fall off a few trees. However, Magic Mountain is still in action during the fall season though!

The April weather is mild – despite the odd chilly morning – and with 23 degrees, it is the perfect condition for shoots.

The biggest advantage of productions in Cape Town in April and May is the lower cost of accommodation. Sabina already managed to secure the best rates. Come on down south!