06.03.2012  •  Production NEWS


PRODUCTION •  Magic Mountain Productions : making-of photos from productions for Yves Rocher, Panasonic, Swiss Ronja, Sport 2000, Leica, Goretex Shoes and Royal Stag

Over the course of the last few months, the MAGIC MOUNTAIN team realised shoots for clients such as Yves Rocher, Panasonic, Ronja, Sport 2000, Leica, Goretex Shoes and Royal Stag.

And once again, loads and loads of beach productions were in high demand. Hence, they even had to plant a handful of palms to create the desired exotic look for YVES ROCHER and photographer Martin Jakob.

Much to the delight of Mark c/o Magic Mountain, his Braai (Afrikaans for roast, a specific expression relating to a style of grilling that is practised in Namibia and South Africa), has once again proved to be very popular with the clients this season, all of which opted for productions located an around Yzerfontein. ‘Boere Worst’ and Ostrich fillet marinated in Mark's special sauce. Yummy!

The next challenge was to produce the perfect results under immense time constraints for ROYAL STAG whisky, India. VIP Saif Ali Khan's calendar was bursting at the seams and therefore, the team only had a few hours to complete the production.

Yet, photographer Bharat Sikka did not loose his cool, neither in the 'Flying Club' in the vineyards nor in the nightclub in the heart of Cape Town's city centre.

Magnus Winter took a trip down to the Cape and photographed motifs for PANASONIC, supported by the MM team. The concept called for the creation of relaxed family motifs on the beach, followed by cool party impressions at the Wakame Restaurant and the Freeworld Design Centre, completed by a bunch of impressive motifs taken on the peak of Signal Hill.

Maik Scharfscheer also ended up at the Cape – this time, he carried out a shoot for SPORT 2000.

It was the first visit for Markus Schmuck and he had lots of fun on the shoot for GORETEX, enjoying the colourful streets of Cape Town.

Pete Ruppert and the raccoon team once again managed to turn up as well: GoSee presents several making-of shots from the production in question.