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travel • ¡Saludos Cuba! Airbnb is proud to announce that Cuban hosts open their doors... enjoy the welcome film on GoSee

27.04.2015 • ¡Saludos Cuba! Airbnb is proud to announce that Cuban hosts will be opening their doors to U.S. travelers, sharing their beautiful country with guests, and helping to expand upon a world where we can all truly belong anywhere. At Airbnb, their vision is to create a world where you can belong anywhere - no matter who you are or how far you’ve traveled. Today, they are proud to welcome Cuba to the global Airbnb community. Starting recently, hosts in Cuba will list over 1,000 of their homes on Airbnb.

For the first time in decades, licensed American travelers will have the chance to experience authentic Cuban hospitality at homes across the island. Despite its proximity to the U.S., Cuba has been off limits to most Americans for over 50 years. Part of Cuba’s appeal to visitors is that it offers an experience unlike anything else. Hospitality isn’t a commodity in Havana—it’s a way of life. Cubans have been welcoming visitors into their homes for decades. Casas particulares—a network of private homestays—have been a popular choice for visitors, as well as an important source of...

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Shop • Veronique Ansorge, Director of the David Zwirner Gallery in New York, presents you their booth at the ART COLOGNE 15 and the book 'No Problem: Cologne/New York 1984–1989'. Film on GoSee

22.04.2015 • 'Oh Glorious Sun of Rainbow Afro Wigs' - the work of the late Mike Kelley drew visitors magically to booth of the David Zwirner Gallery at ART COLOGNE. Once again, the New York gallery was in the Rhineland to meet old and new collectors or those interested in art. Purchasing something at Zwirner costs a pretty penny. There are only Big Names such as Neo Rauch, Thomas Ruff or Martin Kippenberger hanging on the walls or as statues such as Iza Genzken's Cowboy in front of the booth. The modern 'Nature Mort' by Wolfgang Tillmans was the center piece of the booth but was sold so fast, we didn't even have the chance to take a picture for you...

GoSee met Veronique Ansorge, now Director at Zwirner Gallery New York, at the gallery's booth at ART COLOGNE. And, of course, in our favorite hotel in Cologne: marsil. We present our short film from the fair for the book launch of Cologne/New York 1984–1989 with work by Raymond Pettibon and others mentioned above for you here on GoSee.

We also have the press release with interesting facts: "In the words of Peter Schjeldahl, writing in...

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Hair • Hair Artist Deycke HEIDORN does hair for the WUNDERBAR Hair Styles Gallery of the Belgian hair care specialists

22.04.2015 • As inspiration for the WUNDERBAR Hair Styles Gallery and as a new image motif, hair artist Deycke HEIDORN c/o ARTISTGROUPMIERAU produced new beauty photographs for the Belgian hair care company. Behind the camera: Norbert KNIAT c/o GoSee premium customer SONJA HEINTSCHEL.

About - WUNDERBAR. As a professional hairdresser, you have a sharp eye for aesthetics, as well as a sixth sense for trends. You are passionate about creating new and memorable looks, and you simply love what you do. Wunderbar supports your passion for your craft by providing you with cutting-edge professional hair products. We help you to express your creative spirit and create unique looks with strong, healthy and vibrant hair. The Wunderbar range includes expert color products based on the unique Triple Color TechnologyTM, which improves the hair condition and vibrancy with unlimited color mixing possibilities.
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Shop • 'EYES WIDE OPEN! 100 Years of Leica Photography' - how the first small-format camera has changed our perspective forever. Comprehensive exhibition in Frankfurt and detailed illustrated book at Kehrer Verlag

21.04.2015 • Last year, Leica celebrated its 100-year anniversary. The perhaps most famous snapshot camera in the world revolutionized our perception and united amateurs and artists to form a fan community which explored new perspectives – more innovative, bold and dynamic but also relatively affordable in 35mm format. The traveling exhibition for the occasion 'EYES WIDE OPEN! 100 Years of Leica Photography' combines work from Nobuyoshi Araki and F.C. Gundlach to Paolo Roversi and Jane Evelyn Atwood, and can be seen at Fotografie Forum Frankfurt. Kehrer Verlag accompanies this extraordinary exhibition with an illustrated book with 1200 photographs, in-depth essays, and previously unpublished documents from the archive of Leica Camera AG. We have a selection for you here on GoSee.

As early as March 1914, Oskar Barnack, who worked as an industrial designer at Ernst Leitz in Wetzlar, completed the first functional model of a small-format camera for 35mm cinema film. The introduction of the Leica, which is a combination of "Leitz” and “Camera”, was delayed until 1925 due to the war, marked a...

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Hair & Make-up • METROPOLITAN EYEWEAR is as colorful and urban as ever in 2015. Hair & make-up for the campaign motifs : by Pamela SCHÖNTAG c/o ARTISTGROUPMIERAU

21.04.2015 • For their line METROPOLITAN EYEWEAR, OWP Eyewear GmbH has already received various awards and positioned themselves in the cool urban segment. Pamela SCHÖNTAG created the fresh complexion look, including bright eyes and fluffy hair styles, for the faces wearing the colorful frames used in the campaign motifs. Pictures: Philipp Nemenz. 
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coming soon .... • This August at IKEA: the interior collection 'Sinnerlig' by Ilse Crawford. The preview for you up front by photographer Felix ODELL c/o CAMERALINK on GoSee

21.04.2015 • The British designer Ilse Crawford designed a collection of 30 different furniture and living accessories for IKEA, made of natural materials like bamboo, cork, brass, and ceramics. The preview of the collection titled 'Sinnerlig' was photographed by Felix ODELL. However, interior fans must be patient: the designer pieces are not available before August, 2015.

About - STUDIOILSE. Ilse Crawford is a designer, academic and creative director with a simple mission to put human needs and desires at the centre of all that she does. As founder of Studioilse, together with her multi-disciplinary, London-based team, she brings her philosophy to life. This means creating environments where humans feel comfortable; public spaces that make people feel at home and homes that are habitable and make sense for the people who live in them. It means designing furniture and products that support and enhance human behaviour and actions in everyday life. It means restoring the human balance in brands and businesses that have lost their way. As founder of the department of Man and Wellbeing at the...

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Shop • IdN Extra 10: Living Like A Designer, we present you the exclusive magazine preview on GoSee

19.04.2015 • "Designer products and items are all the craze these days." IdN magazine says in a nutshell. "Although technically every product is crafted by a designer, what sets a designer product apart is the ability to transcend it’s own usability and functionality, perhaps even emanate its own character and style. In this special issue, we feature 160+ products from 38 designers and studios. From designer homeware and furnishings to everyday objects, wearable products and items to fashion accessories." Here's the preview for you on GoSee, and the magazine as usual online: // show complete news


book • 'The Stylish Life - Yachting'. The book for summer. teNeues shows how life on the docks really is for multimillionaires, celebs, and big screen legends

14.04.2015 • This spring, the teNeues Publishing Company celebrates the elegant world of yachting. 'The Stylish Life - Yachting' brings the luxury worlds of yacht owners and their followers a little bit closer. The pictures show you multimillionaires, celebs, big screen legends... enjoying the peace and quiet while relaxing on their luxurious yachts, seemingly bathing in the admiration of their beholders. A must-have for sailing fans, yacht owners and all creatives, who know how to enjoy the Dolce Vita no matter how hard it gets.

Here's an excerpt from the press release : "Since time immemorial, people have been taking to water in search of thrills and relaxation. Defined by glamour, sleek design, and wealth, yachting is the ultimate in dolce vita leisure—a floating world elegantly captured within this volume’s stunning photographs and informative text. A blend of craftsmanship, innovation, and fine materials, these refined vessels are as posh as they are practical. From the crowned heads of Europe and business moguls to Hollywood screen legends and socialites, readers gaze at some of the...

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Shop • Natural growth meets meticulous design : devine beauty in harmony. Ken Schluchtmanns 'Architecture and Landscape in Norway'

13.04.2015 • We are all familiar with pictures of Norway’s untouched natural landscape. Wherever man tampers with nature, the results can be much less beautiful, more unnatural, and even destructive. Where man has succeeded in harmonizing modern constructions with nature is shown by Berlin-based photographer Ken Schluchtmann in his new photograph book 'Architecture and Landscape in Norway', which appeared at Hatje Cantz Publishing Company. A somewhat unspectacular title for these spectacular insights into a world full of divine beauty.

To produce the photographs for this book, an independent project, Schluchtmann traveled over twenty thousand kilometers, passing through dramatic landscapes and profiling the innovative architecture projects commissioned by the Norwegian government in recent years along the country’s National Tourist Route: from the wildlife observation station at Dovre National Park designed by Snøhetta to the dizzying views provided by Reiulf Ramstad’s terraces at Trollstigen, and the Steilneset Memorial by Peter Zumthor and Louise Bourgeois, which commemorates the...

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Shop • How alive are you? TIM THIEL on a photo mission for the JAGUAR Owner's Club, we have the key motif for you here on GoSee

13.04.2015 • The JAGUAR Owner’s Club commissioned the photographer to shoot the new key design of the luxury car brand and match the slogan: 'Some keys open doors, you didn't even know existed'. The executive agency was Spark44 with CD Thomas Wiegand and Art Director Tani Martin. The final touch was given by GoSee member NACHSPIEL POSTPRODUKTION.

About - JAGUAR CLUB. To own a Jaguar is to discover a brand that is as alive as you are. The Jaguar Club gives you access to exclusive offers and as a member of the Jaguar family you will have the opportunity to meet like-minded people both online and at exclusive Jaguar events. From driving experiences to exclusive events; from travel to shopping and personal services: the Jaguar Club ensures that your experience of the Jaguar brand is as alive as you are. Members will furthermore be the first to receive news and updates about Jaguar, as well as being given exclusive previews and test drives on new Jaguar products.

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