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Shop • Unrestricted Views - Christoph Brech photographs the Vatican Museums. But completely empty and without any visitors – for Sieveking Publishers

25.03.2015 • Not only nights at the museum, but in broad daylight too, Christoph Brech had permission to enter the Vatican museum. What everyone interested in art has ever dreamed of has come true for the artist and photographer – a dream he now shares with us in his book. Over three years time, he was allowed to photograph the halls and galleries day and night unbothered by never-ending throngs of visitors. His pictures show empty halls and rooms devoid of people, exquisitely set tables, mysterious terraces, and works of art shot from unusual angles – views the ordinary visitor has never been granted the privilege to see – unrestricted.

The Vatican museums again become a place for amazement as selected historic pictures in the Vatican archives of times past demonstrate. Prof. Arnold Nesselrath, director of the Department for Byzantine, Medieval and Modern Art gives insight into the history of the complex in an essay, but also questions the future of the institute museum.

About – Christoph Brech was born 1964 in Schweinfurt. From 1989 to 1995, he studied painting under Franz B. Weißhaar...

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Shop • LinkImage picture agency proudly presents the best of Swedish photography with Hans Gedda, Denise Grünstein, Felix Odell and Jimmy Backius plus many more on GoSee

24.03.2015 • The Swedish image agency presents its vast image archive as of immediately on their new website at The design was done by web designer Henrik Mattson and his team; the new logo typeface was created by graphic designer Parasto Backman. Log in is simple and opens access to all areas in the Link Image archive.

Plus, the archives are also brimful of new works: Ewa-Marie Rundquist shows perfect gardens, Christian Gustavsson takes us away to paradise beaches, while fashion photographer Thomas Klementsson shows fashion and people. The touching photos by Rowan Thornhill, Tobias Regell, Denise Grünstein, Felix Odell, Sandra Freij, Pelle Kronestedt, Johan Warden or Patric Johansson are fascinating and somewhat dream inducing.

Link Image also hosts the Fine Art Photography Gallery Link Image Art Edition - presents high-quality Fine Art Prints and exclusive photobooks - not only in ...

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Shop • 'The Stylish Life - Football' Texts by Jessica Kastrop & Ben Redelings, the book is out now at teNeues

23.03.2015 • What do Marilyn Monroe and Pelé have in common? How about Prinz William and Franz Beckenbauer? Giorgio Armani and Éric Cantona? Robbie Williams and David Beckham? They all walk the line between football and high culture, trends and popular culture.

The teNeues publishing company on its new release: "Here we see them as actors on the football pitch or as footballing film stars. football-playing monarchs or football royalty. As fashion designers creating VIP boxes for stadiums, or playmakers venturing onto the catwalk, as football-crazy pop stars or footballers who become pop stars. All these personalities show how football is much more than “putting the ball in the net”. Football is played on the big screen. It is the subject of hundreds of books and serenaded in hundreds of songs. Naturally, our new The Stylish Life series had to be dedicated to football as well. Dedicated to footballing stars’ fashion antics – on the pitch and off it – to the fans, stadiums and glamour – and, of course, to the passion for football".

Jessica Kastrop is a football presenter and one of the...

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Shop • 'A Day in the Sun' for the lookbook 2015 of SILHOUETTE sun glasses - photos Christian BORTH

17.03.2015 • Summer is calling.Christian BORTH shot the SILHOUETTE Sunglasses Lookbook 2015 in a collaboration with Art Director Dirk Meycke. The fitting title: 'A Day in the ...

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Shop • Each x Other fuses fashion and contemporary art for all of you - from now on online available at

10.03.2015 • As fashion brand and publishing house, Each x Other fuses fashion and contemporary arts in a unique way by collaborating each season with artists to create signed themed collections alongside art and design objects in limited editions. Taking its core ethos of "Art meets Fashion" a step further, Each x Other launches the website, online gallery and e-store dedicated to its limited editions: artist multiples, accessories and looks from the artist collections. This website echoes the Each x Other's ever-lasting ambition to democratize art through fashion, making it accessible for a wider audience. To live amidst Art determines a lifestyle.

The Multiples are produced following the artists' instructions and proposed at accessible prices. Each x Other suggests that for a new generation of collectors buying art may become as regular an activity as buying shoes, for instance. Interestingly, the Multiple has a singular value in Art history, nourished by an affective dimension: its has often allowed artists to get closer to their non-institutional fans and to see...

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Shop • TV cook Tim Mälzer arouses our appetite with the new cookbook 'Heimat' from the MOSAIK PUBLISHING COMPANY - with regional illustrations by Rinah LANG

10.03.2015 • There is nothing like home cooking is exactly what TV cook Tim Mälzer thinks. For his new cookbook 'Heimat' from the MOSAIK PUBLISHING COMPANY, he set out on a culinary journey spanning from Lake Constance to the island of Sylt where he gathered the secrets of traditional cuisine. Rinah LANG garnished the book with illustrations typical of the regions visited.

In an interview, Tim Mälzer explains: "We really have outstanding products. But I would like to stress that it is not about a competition of different regional cuisines. It is about getting people to see what is happening right in their own front yard. It’s worth it, we have very many great things. " We second that emotion. For the complete interview, visit"></a>.

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Shop • GoSee book suggestion: 'Art forms of nature' the illustrative observation of nature by Ernst Heinrich Haeckel who was a source of inspiration and a pioneer of the Art Nouveau at the beginning of the 20th century

09.03.2015 • Already the architects of the Art Nouveau were enthusiastic about Ernst Heinrich Haeckel’s (1834-1919) finely drawn observations of nature with symmetry, art and nature merging with one another. Apart from being an excellent biologist and researcher, he was also a gifted draftsman, which is impressively demonstrated by his naturalistic and plastic illustrations and plates. His medusas, calcareous sponges, anemones and other marine species emerged into the imaginative styles of the Art Nouveau and have lost nothing of their fascination until today.

In his timeless tables “Kunstformen der Natur” (1899-1904) Haeckel gives his monism a form of artistic expression and connects his scientific knowledge with his artistic talent. According to Haeckel, biology was related to art in many ways.

Marix Publishing House Germany - 280 pages,23,5 x 31,5 cm
published September 2009, EAN: 978-3-937715-17-9

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Shop • IdN v21n6: best ever Packaging Design Issue, find the exclusive sneak preview here on GoSee

08.03.2015 • "It's Love at First Sight!" so IdN about the eye-catching world of packing design. At the very moment they are presenting their biggest-ever feature story with more than 50 of their favourite packaging designs by 42 creatives who specialise in packaging design – "toughest of genres" according to IdN. Plus their thoughts on how to excel at it. "This is one you’ll want to save." we quote IdN - and we at GoSee think they are right.
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Shop • EXHIBITION Magazine - Powder Issue S/S 2015 launches at Paris Fashion Week with NADJA AUERMANN, STELLA TENNANT & NAOMI CAMPBELL as staged by LUIGI & IANGO - Colette launch event and preview on GoSee

04.03.2015 • The new issue of EXHIBITION MAGAZINE - the Powder Issue launched just in time for Paris Fashion Week with 180 pages packed with opulent photo spreads in XXL format. JULIA & HANNES HETTA seduce with the enchanting Malgosia Bela in their poetic universe, BORIS OVINI presents melancholic gymnasts and TIM WALKER opens up his opulent fashion photo archive. Photographer duo LUIGI & IANGO rounded up NAOMI CAMPBELL, STELLA TENNANT and NADJA AUERMANN, styled by Robbie Spencer, for the cover story. GoSee presents a preview, plus we caught up with the two photographers at the signing of the new issue, hot off the press, at Colette in Paris.

EXHIBITION MAGAZINE is run by Art Director EDWIN SBERRO and Creative Director of one more studio, GAEL HUGO, whom we quizzed on the new issue….

Can you tell us a bit about the idea behind EXHIBITION MAGAZINE? GAEL HUGO: “Exhibition is actually probably more an art book with a soft cover than a real magazine, in common terms. All photographers are committed to work on the yearly issue, on the specific theme, with total freedom. The idea with...

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