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Shop • The illustrated book 'ERINNERUNGEN' (Memories), with photos and stories about Austrian President Heinz Fischer and his wife Margit – published by Edition Lammerhuber

23.06.2016 • For 25 years, Heinz Fischer has occupied the highest offices in Austria as the President of the National Council and as Austrian Federal President. That makes him the longest reigning Austrian politician in presidential offices. His wife Margit Fischer, an avid photographer, manages the photographic documents of his public and private life in a most endearing way: In meter-long archive shelves, the moments in the life of the Fischer family are collected in photo albums that she herself finds memorable.

This book presents the most beautiful and most moving images, accompanied by memories of Margit and Heinz Fischer. It not only illuminates the private side of their life together but is more than that also a piece of history. The list of personalities contained in the book reads like a who's who of the 20th and 21st centuries: from Mahmud Abbas, Ilham Alijew, Kofi Annan, Jassir Arafat, Muhammad Anwar as-Sadat, Jean Asselborn, Boutros Boutros- Ghali, Willy Brandt, George W. Bush, Fidel Castro, Raúl Castro, Mohammed Chatami, Bill Clinton, Alexander Dubček, Joachim Gauck, Michail...

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Shop • Link Image Art Edition presents the special edition 'ROBERT Nettarp 1970-2002' with prints, posters & vintage Polaroids of the deceased Swedish fashion photographer

23.06.2016 • In the Swedish fashion and photography scene, Robert Nettarp (1970-2002) is a legend. The photographer who brought a fresh breeze and lots of humor into fashion photography passed much too early at the beginning of 30... LINK IMAGE now presents an art edition which is definitely worth taking a closer look at.

“The book is finally here with Robert Nettarps amazing photography! Robert Nettarp was one of Sweden's most creative and rising stars of fashion photography sky. His pioneering work of retouching and his energetic expression put the track of future generations of fashion photographers in Sweden well into the 2000s. By creating his own world where emotions lay close beneath the surface, his pictures have a unique and unmistakable language, and a major international breakthrough was just around the corner for him. Unfortunately we were not able to follow his evolution into the present day when Robert Nettarp was snatched away far too early. In the book, Robert Nettarp 1970 - 2002, we have the opportunity to enjoy a selection of the extensive work he left behind.”

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Shop • GALLERY STOCK presents photographs by Tom Nagy, MC Kennedy and Cameron McKnee on GoSee – from summer to landscape: It's all there

23.06.2016 • London-based photo agency presents its portfolio on GoSee : “London based, Cameron McKnee shoots fashion for high profile brands such as Wrangler, Urban Outfitters and Vans among others. His content brings a hip fashion flavor to the GALLERY STOCK Collection.

The sun is out so it’s time to enjoy the season! Nothing takes advantage of the summer quite like exploring the tastes of the world, so MC Kennedy photographed exactly what summer tastes like. In a shoot exclusive to GALLERY STOCK, the photographer’s vision gives us a glimpse at the wonder, excitement and celebration that comes with the season.

Tom Nagy is fascinated by the immensity and drama of monumental places. Whether he’s capturing the vastness of space from a bird’s eye view, or pulling far enough away to create immeasurable context, we understand the world differently through Tom’s lens and see it in a brand new way.” You can find his portfolio on GALLERY STOCK.

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Shop • Get inspired by stunning landscapes from all over the world! – with the MAGROUND “Around The World” Collection

15.06.2016 • “Around The World” – the new brochure presented by MAGROUND has a breathtaking collection of landscape photos on 64 pages from all corners of the globe – from Iceland to South Africa, or from Peking to L.A. For a free copy, just send an email with your contact information and the reference “Around The World” to

Special feature: All images are offered as prints here are also available for commercial licensing and fulfill the highest technical demands. All you have to do is visit the “Around The World” online shop. See the complete collection here: or

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Shop • NEW : H MAGAZINE – the first international men’s fashion magazine from the Middle East and the voice of a progressive generation of free thinkers and creative spirits. A cover spread with Jarrod Scott plus a preview on GoSee

01.06.2016 • A new men's fashion magazine from the Middle East is taking over the market – H MAGAZINE. The cover spread presents super model Jarrod Scott, who was photographed by An Le from New York. The quarterly magazine is available in London, Paris, Milan, New York and Los Angeles. Behind the magazine is Hassan Al-Saleh, Founder & Editor in Chief, who was responsible for L'Officiel Hommes Middle East also as Editor in Chief.

That there is a bit of magic in every new start is explained by Hassan in the introduction to the new issue: "New beginnings are never easy. Whether by choice, chance or circumstance, we need to muster the courage to rise to the challenge and fight the fear and anxiety of the unknown. It is the end of a chapter and the start of a new one. It allows us to re-evaluate the past but also envision the future and the infinite possibilities it offers to find a greater sense of understanding of one’s self and the world around us..."

What does H MAGAZINE stand for? "H MAGAZINE is the first international men’s fashion magazine from the Middle East and the voice of a...

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Shop • The WALTER & HERBERT feature in VANITY FAIR – photos by Mark SANDERS c/o DARLING CREATIVE

31.05.2016 • “In September 1946, two young entrepreneurs partnered to create Optoplast Manufacturing Company Limited. In the 40 years that followed, Walter Conway and Herbert Thorn enjoyed great success as they developed technology such as the PIMO machine, an innovation that would shape the way spectacles were manufactured worldwide.

Today, James Conway and Daniel Thorn are continuing this legacy. Using seven decades of industry experience, they have created their own collection of frames using materials and techniques that would make Walter and Herbert proud.”

The WALTER & HERBERT advertorial for VANITY FAIR was photographed by Mark SANDERS c/o DARLING CREATIVE. Made in England.

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Shop • GoSee Book Tip : THE OPÉRA – Volume IV of the magazine for nude photography receives an award at the European Design Award 2016, and Volume V will soon be released at Kerber Publishing

25.05.2016 • The European Design Award 2016 just took place in Vienna, and Volume IV of the magazine THE OPÉRA from Kerber publishing was the only German entry to receive an award. GoSee extends its congratulations! Every body tells a story, and nude photography makes the stories visible. THE OPÉRA is committed to collecting and passing on these stories by referring to a selection of contemporary and traditional exponents of nude photography – one of the most immediate and intimate means of portraying human bodies and emotions.

In the fourth volume of the series, publisher Matthias Straub in cooperation with designer Romano Dudas once again provides an overview of current developments, unusual approaches and new perspectives of the art form. The fifth and, for the time being, last volume of the series – the brilliant finale – will be published soon.

Publisher Matthias Straub is active in the areas of art, music and editing. He was the publisher of Kinki magazine for several years and is the Chief Editor of Digital Storytelling at fischerAppelt, play GmbH. What he likes most about...

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Shop • Gallery Stock presents the illustrators Peter Grundy, David Doran, RUDE, Serge Siedlitz, and Tetsuya Toshima on GoSee – a creative mix of infographics, design, maps, typography, and fine art

24.05.2016 • 'We are now offering the work of illustrators from around the world to match your needs!' GALLERY STOCK opens its Illustration department and presents on GoSee the work of five international illustrators: PETER GRUNDY is a designer and illustrator who in 1980 redefined the genre which today is known as Infographics. Today Peter Grundy AKA Grundini, grapples with modern messiness by designing simple, shared and accessible architectures of the future. He lives and works in London.

DAVID DORAN is a freelance illustrator currently based in Falmouth, UK. He graduated from Falmouth University in 2014 with a first class degree in illustration. While still at University, he amassed an impressive client
list, including the New York Times and has now worked for international newspapers, magazines, brands, festivals, and publishers on illustrations of all shapes and sizes.

RUDE : Husband and wife team based in London, they specialize in hand-drawn illustration and text-based work. Always vibrant, playful and personal, they’ve been commissioned to create work for brands such as Top...

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Shop • The image, of an image, of an image ... Sofia Borges – The Swamp, published by Mack Books, wins the First Book Award 2016

23.05.2016 • “Reality as mud as dense as air” reads the spine of Sofia Borges’ book The Swamp, and equally, the series of photographs that she presents is as leaden as it is impenetrable. Spanning a seven-year period, it largely records Borges’ countless visits to natural history museums, zoos, aquariums and research centers, where the artifice of reality became her point of focus. For Borges, displays such as habitat dioramas serve as the ultimate form of representation, where objects have the virtuous task of representing “themselves” – a type, genre or group that is inherently bound to language through layers of history and meaning. As a motionless walrus lies in its plastic Antarctic locale and the beady eye of a fossilized bird catches your glance, what glares back at you from the depths of The Swamp is not the thing itself, but the image, of an image, of an image.

“What I seek are images, which, in their very artifice, are able to present themselves as a problem”, Borges has said. Beyond the comical absurdity of museological spectacles that spawn the living dead, The Swamp takes aim...

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