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Shop • Jewelry designer SEBASTIAN SCHILDT presents his new collection - with pure photos by Carl BENGTSSON

18.05.2015 • Particularly pure pics are photographed by Carl BENGTSSON for the newest campaign of Swedish jewelry and silver interior designer SEBASTIAN SCHILDT... Interested? Then hurry over to Stockholm's Arsenal Street where he is putting the finishing touch on his extraordinary designs in his studio.

About - Sebastian Schildt In a well hidden courtyard on Nybrogatan, in the center of Stockholm, is where you will find the atelier of Sebastian Schildt. Only the initiated will find his way to this oasis. This is where orders are received, designs are made and where he presents his diamond covered jewels and masterly formed silver objects. Sebastian Schildt is a member of the renowned association Svenskt Silver. In their gallery on Arsenalstreet, in Stockholm, is where they continuously show and present the most prominent silversmiths and jewel designers of Sweden. ...

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Styling • The new EGOTRONIC Album 'C'est moi' appears with baroque flair - styling by Fabiana VARDARO c/o BASICS

18.05.2015 • For the Berlin-based electropunk band EGOTRONIC, stylist Fabiana VARDARO and photographer Paul Aidan Perry brought the baroque era back to life. The result: photos for the album 'C'est moi'. 
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Shop • Judith goes to Bollywood - MARCUS HOEHN portrays actress and author Judith Döker for BRIGITTE magazine; we have the motif on GoSee

18.05.2015 • For the women's magazine BRIGITTE, Marcus HOEHN portrayed Judith Döker in 'The Store' at Soho House Berlin. The German television star spent the past years in India and has written her extraordinary experiences down in her book titled 'Judith goes to Bollywood'. Hair & make-up was done by Tricia le ...

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Shop • 'Eat Pray Love' author ELIZABETH GILBERT presents her new book 'BIG MAGIC'. Title motifs & making-of film by Henry HARGREAVES c/o ISABEL SCHARENBERG

12.05.2015 • GoSee welcomes NEW entry Isabel Scharenberg, Artist Representative & Photo Production from New York City. Isabel Scharenberg acquired her expertise as an agent and producer in Germany. In the meantime, she has lived in her new home New York for nine years and represents an exciting team of photographers and illustrators. Everyone who has had the chance to work with her knows how important production is to her, and she is also very interested in new and boundary-pushing media. It is therefore no wonder the works of her artists can be seen regularly at exhibitions and cross-over projects.

First NEWS on GoSee : We do admit there is still a little time until the publication on the 22nd of September, 2015. But the kick off of Eat Pray Love author Elizabeth Gilbert's latest book 'BIG MAGIC' was staged by the New York-based photographer Henry HARGREAVES with an explosively colorful making-of film for the book's title, which was also written by him. The colorful dye-powder concept of the motif ideally reflects the book's subtitle: 'Creative Living Beyond Fear'. Set design was done by...

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Shop • Stylefully inspired for living – the new book 'DDR limited' with photos by Jens BÖSENBERG for SKJERVEN/CENTRAL BERLIN. Now available by Gestalten Publishing

11.05.2015 • The real-estate group SKJERVEN and the housing company CENTRAL BERLIN commissioned KARINA BEDNORZ photographer Jens BÖSENBERG to document both life and style of the former East Berlin socialist boulevard, still referred to as Karl-Marx-Allee... and where was it planned: Strausberger Platz. The book titled 'DDR limited', which was created by André Wyst and Stephan Schilgen, is available immediately through Gestalten Publishers.

About This Book The Karl-Marx-Allee is East Berlin’s former socialist grand boulevard. It is framed by striking seven to nine-story residential and office buildings that were built from 1952 and 1958 as part of the German Democratic Republic’s most comprehensive urban architectural achievement of the postwar years. CENTRAL BERLIN, DDR limited documents the aesthetic of the boulevard and where it originates, the Strausberger Platz.
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Best Buy • GoSee Tipp: 'Silverthorne - The Precision of Silence' by photographer Jeffrey Silverthorne in Fotomuseum Antwerp and illustrated book by Kehrer Publishing

06.05.2015 • The exhibition 'Silverthorne – The Precision of Silence' is the first European retrospective of the American photographer Jeffrey Silverthorne, born in 1946. His work comprises Polaroids, staged photography, portraits as well as works, which explore the border to documentation. With topics including death, sex and age. The dressed body is ubiquitous. Masks hide and reveal a fascination for role playing games. In Silverthornes work, the transsexual becomes the ultimate symbol for obscure borders, as with all important social borderlands. They are exhibited at FotoMuseum Provincie Antwerp, and released in an illustrated book by Kehrer Publishing – plus we have a peek for you GoSee. Not to be missed!

The museum's press release tells us: "Silverthorne’s photographic stomping grounds range from mortuaries to brothels, motel rooms, the studio and his family life. The exploration of the limits of body and mind is central to his work. By bringing together his entire oeuvre, Silverthorne’s desire to reveal the invisible, such as private thoughts, desires, obsessions and memories,...

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Shop • GoSee book tip: Stanley Kubrick: New Perspectives a most personal look into his creative life's work; published by Black Dog Publishing London

06.05.2015 • We have all seen quite a lot of Stanley Kubrick's work: The Shining, 2001: A Space Odyssey, A Clockwork Orange, Full Metal Jacket, and Eyes Wide Shut. But what about reading? The new book by Black Dog Publishing London 'Stanley Kubrick: New Perspectives‘ opens up totally new ways of getting to know the life's work of this unique director: in scientific essays, unpublished critic's statements and, particularly, Kubrick's own collection of film-related material, which inspired him for his greatest feat. On 260 pages, the explanations are accompanied by photographic material, with stills from his films or photos, which Kubrick – who was a photographic journalist and documentary filmmaker – he himself had taken. How did Stanley Kubrick become such a film icon of the des 20th century? This book has the answers.

In 2007 Stanley Kubrick's personal collection of ideas – a previously archived potpourri of a various different documents and eye-opening details – was donated to the University of the Arts London. Compiled with the editorial expertise of Tatjana Ljujic, Peter Kramer and...

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Shop • 'Schatz images: 25 Years' - a double volume illustrated book, published by Glitterati Inc, presents the opulent work of photographer HOWARD SCHATZ

04.05.2015 • The American photographer Howard Schatz is know to photograph the human body in a way that is rarely seen. On May 15, 2015, an illustrated book will be released that shows his 25 years of dedicated studio work titled "Schatz images: 25 Years". The double volume collector’s edition is available as a luxuriously signed limited edition of 500.

Graydon Carter, Editor in Chief of Vanity Fair, on Howards work: 'Howard Schatz is so versatile that this volume at times seems like the work of a dozen photographers, Weegee, Avedon, Penn, Beaton, Newton, and Goude, among them. He has affection for his subjects -athletes, dancers, models, actors, pregnant moms, and interesting nobodies – and it shows in every remarkable image. Sometimes funny, often dramatic, he is a master both of the quiet revealing portrait and the explosive surprise.' Further comments on the book as well as a filmed introduction to the book can be seen at GLITTERATI, and more from HOWARD SCHATZ directly at Marion ...

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Shop • GoSee QUEST: 'Desire New Erotic Photography' (Random House / Prestel). publisher, AD, Consultant and 'Passeur' Patrick Remy on his new book and good photography in an interview on GoSee

04.05.2015 • The new book by Patrick Remy is dedicated to erotic photography. It is not about satisfaction but desire he tells us. For 'Desire: New Erotic Photography', he compiled works by up-and-coming photographers who walk the thin line between art and mainstream including David Bellemere, Massimo Leardini, Jonathan Leder, Henrik Purienne, Esther Teichmann, and the fantastic Hester Scheurwater, whom we met at the NoFoundPhotoFair in Paris. The illustrated book wishes to stage the nude body as an esthetic element of artistic nude photography. One central question is also, which photos are considered erotic in the digital age and the flood of pornography on the Internet.

Compiled by Paris resident author and publisher Patrick Remy, a specialist in the area of contemporary fashion and photography. Patrick started writing about photography in 1992. He has contributed to many magazines including Vogue Paris, Mixte, Paradis, l'Œil, Journal des Arts, Beaux-Arts, L'Officiel, Jalouse, Numéro, and AD. From 2008-2014, he taught at ECAL (Lausanne, Switzerland). And in 1999, the PATRICK REMY...

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travel • ¡Saludos Cuba! Airbnb is proud to announce that Cuban hosts open their doors... enjoy the welcome film on GoSee

27.04.2015 • ¡Saludos Cuba! Airbnb is proud to announce that Cuban hosts will be opening their doors to U.S. travelers, sharing their beautiful country with guests, and helping to expand upon a world where we can all truly belong anywhere. At Airbnb, their vision is to create a world where you can belong anywhere - no matter who you are or how far you’ve traveled. Today, they are proud to welcome Cuba to the global Airbnb community. Starting recently, hosts in Cuba will list over 1,000 of their homes on Airbnb.

For the first time in decades, licensed American travelers will have the chance to experience authentic Cuban hospitality at homes across the island. Despite its proximity to the U.S., Cuba has been off limits to most Americans for over 50 years. Part of Cuba’s appeal to visitors is that it offers an experience unlike anything else. Hospitality isn’t a commodity in Havana—it’s a way of life. Cubans have been welcoming visitors into their homes for decades. Casas particulares—a network of private homestays—have been a popular choice for visitors, as well as an important source of...

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