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Shop • DJ Nuro and the sound of UPDATE15BERLIN. A brief introduction of the young talent Marvin Eckerle on GoSee – including a sample from his new album 'Generation Y'

30.09.2015 • Nuro means the sun or the beginning... UPDATE was happy to present the sound of DJ Nuro aka Marvin Eckerle, DJ & Producer based in Munich. The 23 year old is at home in the genres funky/house, deep/tech/house, tech/pop and discovered the world of music already at the early age of 6. "The Piano was always the instrument I was most passionate about. I was amazed the first time I touched piano key. I did the first real composition of my own at 14. With equipment I saved up for, I was able to get into producing. It never crossed my mind to do anything else than to realize my dream of being a musician," Marvin tells GoSee.

And explains while laughing: "All of the problems and obstacles I had throughout puberty, I dealt with in texts, beats, and video footage. At 16, I had my first shows, and after a while, I didn´t want to play just music anymore – but instead produce my own. I founded my first label 'Flextimebeats' in 2011. The first podcast mixtapes were available for free download on iTunes. I worked under different pseudonyms to find my own personal style of music. I was...

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Shop • 'Right Way Up', HUNGER Magazine's 9th issue by star photographer Rankin is now available - and as a surprise gift in the GoSee - GoodNews-Bags at UPDATE15BERLIN

29.09.2015 • The slogan of the 9th issue of star photographer & UPDATE15BERLIN special guest Rankin's London-based HUNGER magazine is 'Right Way Up' - and it was the perfect give-away at our annual GoSee event UPDATE15BERLIN. Rankin's intention in the almost 500-page issue was clearly to turn the world topsy-turvy, and by doing so, give us all the ultimate opportunity to see it from an entirely new perspective. All with the necessary amount of irony, and the magazine is also about experimenting with how we perceive and interpret the world of fashion and culture – encouraging us to not only enjoy it but to also have fun with it.

The issue was just published with five different title motifs, all of which were photographed by Rankin (read the GoSee interview). They include Charlotte Free, Kai Newman, Ros Georgiou, Sally Jonsson, as well as the collectable edition cover with, as Rankin puts it, the “incredibly hot” Zendaya (find the interview online), who is clad from head to toe in Vivienne Westwood.

The magazine also features interviews with:

Anne-Marie Duff: In her new film...

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Shop • “Whether in film, fashion or bed: A woman has the better role” - FLAIR in October, and that with a focus on super women!

23.09.2015 • In its October issue as well, flair magazine leaves no holds barred - and presents pure female power. And the flair editors not only takes a detailed look into transitions in society and fashion with regard to gender roles.

They also look into the question, why fashion both inspires us and has the power to free our minds. flair tells GoSee: “We immediately thought of two names. Starting with fashion icon, actress, killer, and mother Charlize Theron whose life we took a close look at and found out that she is at heart a modern feminist and continued with a man who manages to infuse his fashion with a vulnerability and longing despite a fierce aura. We mean of course the 'model maker' for Givenchy Riccardo Tisci.”

And last but not least, they examine the role women have in today's society – and rid themselves and, in the end, also the men around them of certain cliches one by one. A typical day in the life of a super woman. The exact same spirit as the fashion in the October issue: Ingrid Geringer “Just Do It” realizes the slogan of the digital society perfectly, not only...

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Shop • 'Sessions – Fetisch in Deutschland' is the empathetic book premiere by Florian Müller at Edition Lammerhuber – a journey to the core, to primeval desires and needs of the human existence

22.09.2015 • Florian Müller photographs fetishists: People who dress up as dogs or get hung from the ceiling in bondage. For them it is a way to feel relaxed and fulfilled. At first glance, you see a masquerade, Kafkaesque scenes, dance macabres, transformation into an animal, to a slave, or wrapped up maggot. Behind the masquerade are humans and their needs – their wishes, wounds, and desires. Florian Müllers multiple award-winning photographic work tell us these stories.

“You have to imagine human desires as a sea of multicolored marbles. Impossible to count them all. And you keep finding one that you did not know before.” says Nora Gantenbrink, Stern Editor and author of the book.

The general image of fetishist sexuality is dominated by violent fantasies, latex and leather, but the real diversity is much greater. Müller’s pictures are only black and white at first glance. If you look closely, you notice shades of grey and other nuances. He worked on the so-called Candy Crush Project for several years, an unusual photographic work on fetishism in Germany. He encountered people...

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Shop • IdN v22n3 : Designer Typefaces – Which type are you – trained or instinctive?

21.09.2015 • Is there a downside to making your own lettering rather than commissioning a specialist or buying off the shelf? IdN asked 13 top designers for their views on this crucial question, illustrated by examples of their work. We have a sneak preview for you on GoSee.

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Shop • Desire comes before fulfillment in the book 'Senza Parole' by Marc Lagrange available now at teNeues

15.09.2015 • Photographer Marc Lagrange presents in his new publication titled 'Senza Parole' a broad array of distinctive approaches – everything from starkly straight nude studies to Lagrange’s more typically intricate and exotic compositions. The photographer’s devoted followers will still find the dream-like eroticism he is known for, yet, in this work, each photograph is one of a kind, with Lagrange’s hallmark of technical perfection. As one would expect from Lagrange, each tableau is carefully configured with not a single detail left to chance.

Marc Lagrange's fascination with sculpture led him to seek out settings that somehow embody the sculptural arts. For this oeuvre he traveled to Pietrasanta (Italy), which has long enjoyed the patronage of artists, due to the region's fine marble, which has been treasured since the days of Michelangelo. Staying closer to home, the iconic "Handelsbeurs" in Antwerp (Belgium) was an irresistible temptation: an architectural marvel if ever there was one. Last visit was Paris, where an artist's loft filled with baroque decadence created the perfect...

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Shop • Temptation – tantalizing or worth pursuing? Find out in the book Chasing Paradise by David Drebin, published by teNeues

14.09.2015 • Although alluring, the idea of a sensual wonderland seems to be permanently beyond our grasp. Yet so compelling is the notion, we would do almost anything to attain such bliss. It is the tension and instinctive drama of this age-old quest that David Drebin chronicles in his latest work – aptly titled, Chasing Paradise. These skillfully arranged scenarios convey the thrill of deeply illicit adventures. We find ourselves intrigued, yet also slightly concerned by the risks. Never before has temptation seemed so tantalizing – or so worth pursuing.

Internationally exhibited in the finest galleries, New York-based DAVID DREBIN is known for his sensual storytelling. His compositions are almost cinematic in their ability to convey plot lines and emotions at a glance happiness, humor, and sometimes melancholy.

Chasing Paradise - David Drebin . TeNeues . 27.5 x 34 cm / 10 5/6 x 13 3/8 in. . 200 pp., hardcover with jacket . Approx. 100 color photographs . Text in English, German, and French . € 79.90 $ 95 £ 65 ISBN 978-3-8327-3279-0

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Shop • Pianist Yuja Wang interprets Ravel - the cover motif for DEUTSCHE GRAMMOPHON by Norbert KNIAT c/o SONJA HEINTSCHEL

12.09.2015 • For the album cover of Chinese star pianist and New York resident by choice Yuya Wang, Norbert KNIAT c/o SONJA HEINTSCHEL was behind the camera. The album, which was recorded at the famous Tonhalle-Orchester Zurich, was published by the classical music legend Deutsche Grammophon.

About - Yuja Wang, a pianist who radiates palpable magnetism and a distinctly contemporary sensibility, Yuja Wang is an astounding artist whose awe-inspiring technique is matched only by her eloquence as a musician. Since her breakthrough debut with the Boston Symphony Orchestra in 2007 while still a student at the Curtis Institute of Music, she has established herself as an international sensation and a fixture among the world’s leading orchestras—including those of New York, London, Amsterdam, and Berlin—regularly joining them on tours of the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Championed early on by preeminent maestros including Gustavo Dudamel, Michael Tilson Thomas, and the late Claudio Abbado, she is one of today’s most sought after soloists, as well as a fiercely dedicated chamber musician, recitalist,...

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Shop • KADAVER's new album 'Berlin' is out now - with artwork by photographer Elizaveta PORODINA

12.09.2015 • Album artwork of the heavily touring Berlin rock band KADAVAR was created by Elizaveta PORODINA c/o SONJA HEINTSCHEL.The black & white motifs were photographed for the new LP titled Berlin where else but in the coolest capital in the world – hip-notic Berlin.

It was already with 2012’s eponymous debut album that KADAVAR cast a spell on all fans of solid riff-driven yet doom-like 70’s hard rock à la BLACK SABBATH or PENTAGRAM. Marrying this with the spacy psychedelic approach of early HAWKWIND and mixing in a distinct own touch while preserving their icon’s warm vintage charm can doubtlessly be considered the trio’s key to success – astoundingly high vinyl sales and support shows for bands such as SLEEP, SAINT VITUS, PENTAGRAM and ELECTRIC WIZARD as well as stunning festival gigs at “Stoned From The Underground”, “Yellowstock” and “Fusion Festival”, among others, underline KADAVAR’s status as one of the scene’s most exciting acts......

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Shop • GALLERY STOCK : Growing in Splendor – new hair & beauty portfolio and new entry Jens Boldt with portraits and aerial landscapes on GoSee, plus meet Gallery Stock in person at UPDATE BERLIN

08.09.2015 • Gallery Stock - premium, global image syndication library – presents new hair trends and beauty motifs on GoSee: "There is no feature quite like hair. It is a growing sculptural element of who we are, and can be shaped, smoothed, curled, and kinked to be an extension of identity. We’ve brought together some of the most dramatic, expressive, and flawless imagery that highlights the unique qualities that the right hair can bring to any composition." GoSee presents fresh works from their hair photo archive and gives an impression of Jens Boldt's artificial portfolio. Meet the GALLERY STOCK team at UPDATE on 25 September in Berlin.

Gallery Stock - premium, global image syndication library – presents new hair trends and beauty motifs on GoSee: "There is no feature quite like hair. It is a growing sculptural element of who we are, and can be shaped, smoothed, curled, and kinked to be an extension of identity. We’ve brought together some of the most dramatic, expressive, and flawless imagery that highlights the unique qualities that the right hair can bring to any composition." We...

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