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Shop • 'Clever Cooking', star chef Haya Molcho and her Son Nuriel present you in the VILLEROY & BOCH campaign how to do it - direction & photos by Jochen ARNDT c/o ROCKENFELLER & GÖBELS

19.07.2017 • Jochen ARNDT was in charge of directing and photography for the new campaign of VILLEROY & BOCH. In the main role is the Israeli native with Romanian roots, star chef Haya Molcho, and her son Nuriel. Find out more details on the charismatic Haya, her four sons, her food, her restaurants and NENI concept on her website: or

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Shop • GoSee MUST HAVE : Sanne De Wilde 'The Island of the Colorblind' - the impressive visualization of the world of the color blind, appearing as an illustrated book at Kehrer Publishing

12.07.2017 • What our eyes see clearly is blurred before their eyes until it becomes a diffuse mass. Colors do not exist in their perception, and when others enjoy the sun in the cloudless sky, they retreat to their huts. Normal daylight even blinds the inhabitants of Pingelap so much that they can hardly see anything else. Only the light conditions at night are adequate for those with the sight disorder so that they can go about their lives also outside.

In the late 18th century a catastrophic typhoon swept over Pingelap, a tiny atoll in the Pacific Ocean. One of the survivors, the king, carried the rare achromatopsia-gen that causes complete colorblindness. The king went on to have many children and as time passed by, the hereditary condition affected the isolated community and the islanders started seeing the world in black and white. This phenomenon was first described by neurologist and writer Oliver Sacks.

Portraying the islanders (who by their fellow Micronesians are referred to as blind) and their island resulted in a conceptual selection of images that mask or emphasize the...

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Shop • Sublimity and exploitation: on the relationship between humankind and nature. The works by Korean photographer Han Sungpil on GoSee, published in a book at Hatje Cantz

12.07.2017 • In his works of art, Korean photographer Han Sungpil confronts the themes of environment, energy production, and humankind’s impact on nature. The three series in this book of photographs are distinguished by their surprising perspective, which goes beyond the visual vocabulary normally found in environmental documentations. Whether it’s a painterly French landscape featuring nuclear power plants, presented as a scene of idyllic perfection, or a search for the relics of whale hunting and coal mining in the Arctic and Antarctic, Sungpil’s photographs tell, artfully and critically, of nature’s sublimity and humankind’s overexploitation of it. Photographs of abandoned trawlers, whaling stations, and industrial ruins set in front of monumental, ice-covered landscapes shift the focus to the exploitation of ecological resources, leaving the viewer speechless. Sungpil was awarded the Ilwoo Foundation’s prize for his moving works of art.

Han Sungpil - Intervention
. Hrsg. Ilwoo Foundation, Seoul Korea, Text(s) by Celina Lunsford . English . 2017 . 176 pages, 97 ills., hardcover,...

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Shop • Exotic shoot with model Bianca Jasmine for the SAVANNA Collection NYC – photos by FRANK P. WARTENBERG

11.07.2017 • SAVANNA Collection NYC stands for unusual headdresses, handcrafted by painter and designer Savanna Barrett, who makes each of the beautiful items in her studio in New York's Chelsea district. FRANK P. WARTENBERG photographed ( selected pieces from the new collection on beautiful Bianca Jasmine in his Hamburg studio, The Daylight.

About - Savanna Collection was founded in 2016 by painter and designer Savanna Barrett. After studying Visual and Critical Studies at New York's School of Visual Arts, Barrett opened her atelier in Chelsea where The Savanna Collection was born. Each piece is handmade using exotic leathers, feathers, silks, and vintage textiles.

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Shop • GoSee Tip : 'Les Absents' - A life in a state of ecstasy by Maxime Ballesteros! Pumps are his favorite motif, women his passion, the night his hunting grounds. The first monograph by the French photographer at Hatje Cantz

03.07.2017 • “Since the moment the Frenchman Maxime Ballesteros (*1984) held a camera in his hand for the first time, he has not put it down. He nonchalantly shoots his photographs from the hip, follows his protagonists to wild parties, into private apartments, to the early-morning beach. Shimmering and excessive, sharp and always stylish. It is no wonder that fashion and lifestyle magazines such as PURPLE, NUMÉRO, VICE, or 032C scramble to get the Berlin resident. The photographer still uses an analog camera, inserts small delays between occurrence and presentation, even when he serves spreads about the last party night and the appetite of the fast media for his pictures is great. A body of work by this cutting-edge artist is being published in book form for the first time – in collaboration with the visionary culture and fashion network Sang Bleu London.,” is how Hatje Cantz presents the first monograph by the photographer.

Maxime Ballesteros is represented commercially by GoSee member COSMOPOLA. The representation will present the photographer's work at the upcoming UPDATE17 on 6...

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Shop • 'Celebrate life through the beauty of design' - the JAMES AVERY JEWELRY lookbook by photographer Colette DE BARROS c/o ALYSSA PIZER MANAGEMENT for you on GoSee

27.06.2017 • For the latest lookbook of American jewelry manufacturer JAMES AVERY, photographer Colette DE BARROS c/o ALYSSA PIZER MANAGEMENT staged family lifestyle moments glistening with joy.

About - James Avery Jewelry
is a family-owned company offering finely crafted jewelry designs in sterling silver, 14K and 18K yellow and white gold, and gemstones for women and men. We are a vertically-integrated company, meaning we design, manufacture, market, and sell our own products. Additionally, to enhance the experience of shopping in our stores, we handle all graphics, photography, internal architecture, and furniture making in-house.

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Shop • Interior motifs for Danish design BY THORNAM - two interior motifs photographed by Lars RANEK c/o STILLSTARS

19.06.2017 • BY THORNAM is a Danish Design Lab, founded by designer Mads Thornam. Mads on the motivation for founding his studio: “In Denmark, we have a proud design heritage that has spawned some of the greatest classics in the world. We are renowned for our craftsmanship, our attention to detail and our unique Scandinavian look, but I have missed alternatives that add new perspectives to Danish design and that excite all your senses, open your creative mind while at the same time challenging ‘normality’. ' We bring you his latest design, photographed by Lars RANEK c/o STILLSTARS.

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Shop • EDITION LAMMERHUBER presents the illustrated book 'BAOBAB – The Magic Tree' Photos by French Photographer Pascal Maitre on the fascinating world of the Baobab trees of Madagascar

16.06.2017 • In his 27 travels to Madagascar, French photographer Pascal Maitre, for whom Africa is an endless source of stories and photos, has documented again and again the magical world of this magic tree - the Baobab.

“Pascal Maitre's beautiful photographs contained in this book illustrate how fascinating these unique and mythical trees are,” we learn in the preface by Jacques Rocher, Honorary President of the Yves Rocher Foundation – Institut de France.

PASCAL MAITRE started his career as a photo journalist in 1979 at the publishing house Groupe Jeune Afrique. He works for magazines such as GEO, Paris Match, L’Express, Stern and National Geographic. His photos have been on display in exhibitions around the globe, such as four times at the most prestigious photo festival for reportage, Visa pour l'Image in Perpignan. Pascal Maitre has received numerous awards, including the Photojournalism National Magazine Award 2010, USA.

The Magic Tree – Der Zauberbaum – L´arbre magique, Pascal Maitre, 21 x 28 cm, 112 pages, 50 photos, English, German, French, hardcover, bound in...

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Shop • Modern hippie styles in the GYPSY TRUCK S/S 2017 campaign of the NOMAD BOHEMIAN boutique, with photos by Markus HENTTONEN c/o STÖVER PHOTOGRAPHERS

11.06.2017 • Markus HENTTONEN c/o STÖVER PHOTOGRAPHERS photographed the GYPSY TRUCK Spring & Summer 2017 campaign for the NOMAD BOHEMIAN boutique. Created in exclusive hippie styles and wonderfully natural light was this great spread for the unique shopping experience...

About - Gypsy Truck, Spain’s first fashion truck, is a mobile nomad Bohemian boutique that offers limited pieces, high brand treasures and gypsy items, all handpicked by its creator, Natàlia Puiggros. She remains at the forefront of the project with a worldwide vision of expansion. Gypsy Truck first debuted in July of 2015 at the island of Formentera, a destination of Bohemian jet-setters who appreciate exclusive editions and high-quality designs.

An old walk-thru truck, from the extinct British brand Commer, that used to be a ride for wanderers seeking for the hippie Californian lifestyle. The designs that cover the truck are original drawings from those adventurous souls that traveled along with the Gypsy Truck back in the 70s.

The NEW original brand Gypsy Truck, inspired by different cultures, eclectic designs and...

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Shop • BINU BEAUTY campaign and Image Shots - the photos for the innovative facial soaps by Markus MUELLER c/o VISUALEYES ARTISTS

11.06.2017 • BINU soaps are 100% natural and combine the oldest detergent in the world with a wealth of new effective herbal ingredients from Korea. In Korea, facial soaps are an ongoing trend since more and more people suffer from contact allergies, neurodermatitis, or acne. Because of their solid form, soaps can do without any potentially skin-irritating synthetic preservatives. Natural soaps and their natural ingredients are also very skin-friendly. The image campaign for BINU BEAURY was photographed by Markus MUELLER c/o VISUALEYES ARTISTS.

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