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Shop • Anja Niemis 'Darlene & Me' - or the beautiful schizophrenic relationship we have with ourselves. The exhibition at Little Black Gallery in London and now also available as limited edition photo book 'Photographing in Costume'

The relationship a woman has to herself can be so extremely complex, that it can only be depicted in a double act. In her latest photo series, 'Darlene & Me', Norwegian photographer Anja Niemi tells the story of a fictional woman and her inner self: in conflict, exuberance, in emotional turmoil, having fun or in company. In the idyllic setting of a 1950s dream villa in the California desert. Currently on show in London at Little Black Gallery and in collaboration with her alter egos in book debut 'Photographing in Costume'. GoSee presents the first schizophrenic images.

The artist describes the story herself: "Darlene & Me started with the content of a suitcase from 1959, that left me thinking about the relationship we have with ourselves. The case belonged to a beauty counselor named Darlene and contained makeup samples, brochures and the receipts from her sales. Most of the samples appeared to be untouched, but there were clear traces of her fingers in the two lipstick colors Strawberry Festival and Princess Pink. In August 1960 Darlene sold a jar of Liquid Beauty and one Temptress’s Hairspray, both were to herself. After that she made no more sales. The case left me with a feeling of a woman’s failed attempt at success, and a strong sense of who got in her way. The woman I envisioned became the only character of my next series, ...

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Shop • Mirjam KLUKA shoots the 'Palmyra Collection' by jewellery label KINSFOLK in Sri Lanka

The ancient trade as taking shape under the palmyrah palm shades... The new look book by Swiss jewellery label KINSFOLK (Zurich-Colombo) presents the 'Palmyra Collection'. Swiss photographer Mirjam KLUKA travelled to Sri Lanka with the entire team to capture the looks. The strong contrasts between the rich green of the palm trees and the models’ flawless skin perfectly accentuated the accessories. The handmade KINSFOLK jewellery pieces combine Swiss design with the craftsmanship of the paradisiacal Island in the Indian Ocean.

Swiss born designers Josie and Jessica Fernando reference their Sri Lankan roots in the jewellery they create. For more information visit

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music • Marcus PALMQVIST portrays American band 'Future Brown' for the RODEO mag Winter special

The Winter issue of RODEO magazine starts off with a 'Future Brown' special. The members of this American band, captured by Marcus PALMQVIST, grace the cover of the Swedish magazine individually and as a group: Fatima Al-Qadiri, J-Cush, Asma Maroof and Daniel Pineda. We present the beautifully foggy images here on GoSee. Of course the group was in charge of the soundtrack. We recommend: have a listen!

About - Future Brown is the new project from longtime friends Fatima Al Qadiri, Asma Maroof and Daniel Pineda of Nguzunguzu and J-Cush of Lit City Trax. Taking their name from a color that doesn’t exist in nature, Future Brown is steeped in diasporic sounds, forming their own signature takes on urban music. Working in unison on every studio production, their mutual love of global beats and vocalist-driven music forms a fabric derived from their myriad influences.

Their initial single, “Wanna Party,” featured rising Chicago MC Tink and led to a PS1 x Pitchfork performance at the MoMA gallery. Drawing from their Grime ties in the UK, Future Brown hit up friends Prince Rapid, Dirty Danger of Ruff Sqwad and Roachee (formerly of Roll Deep) to feature on “World’s Mine,” the first of two tracks with ...

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Shop • 'All die Narben'. Prag sings a pretty chanson about scars

For their chanson 'All die Narben' PRAG, aka Erik, Tom and Nora Tschirner travelled to Bad Gastein in Gasteinertal, Austria and the Grand Hotel de l´Europe – a truly cinematic location.

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Shop • The inventor of the shaky line R. O. BLECHMAN illustrates the ROWOHLT cover for Philip Claudel’s book ‘Der Duft meiner Kindheit’

ROWOHLT Verlag published Philip Claudel’s book ‘Der Duft meiner Kindheit’ back in autumn. In the book Philippe Claudel tells us his life story in 63 scents. Ulrich Wittmaack, art director and head of the cover editorial department, commissioned the ‘inventor of the shaky line’, R. O. BLECHMAN, to produce the cover illustrations, which will also be used for the publishing house advertisement. R.O. Blechman, 84, has been a successful illustrator since the 1950s and has worked on children’s books, commercials and countless ‘New Yorker’ covers. The MoMa in New York celebrated him in 2003 with a large retrospective.

About - R. O. Blechman (born 1930) is an American animator, illustrator, children's-book author, graphic novelist and editorial cartoonist whose work has been the subject of retrospectives at the Museum of Modern Art and other institutions. He was inducted into the Art Directors Hall of Fame in 1999. Blechman and his wife Moisha Kubinyi live in Ancram, New York. They have two sons: Max and Nicholas, at an unspecified time the art editor of The New York Times Book Review, who is also a well-known illustrator.

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Shop • GRÄFE UND UNZER publishing house presents the new edition of the book ‘1x1 des Zeitmanagements’ by time expert Prof. Dr. Lothar Seiwert – illustrations by Jean-Manuel DUVIVIER

Jean-Manuel DUVIVIER delivered the chapter covers for the newly designed self-help book ‘1x1 des Zeitmanagements’ on time management. GRÄFE UND UNZER Verlag published this title by author Lothar Seiwert.

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Shop • Get ready to Shop! NET-A-PORTER presents new "The Outnet" looks on Yulia Terentyeva. Photography ANDREAS ORTNER

ANDREAS ORTNER carried out a shoot in Paris for ‘The Outnet’, a premium outlet by luxury online shop NET-A-PORTER. An extraordinary Yulia Terentyeva worked her charm for his camera in flowing tresses by Olivier SCHAWALDER c/o LES ARTISTS BY JOSEF STOCKINGER and smoky eyes by Hugo Villard. Styling and Production by Jo Ennever, Fashion Editor Sinead O'Connell was also on set. Accompanying production agency: White Dot ...

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Shop • ProfiFoto : 1-2/15 double issue presents LYTRO ILLUM’s innovative lightfield technology, GoSee AWARDS Special and Sina Niemeyer’s street kids report 'Der Faltenrock'

ProfiFoto’s January-February double issue featuring a Lytro Illum special is out now. US company Lytro offers cameras, which you can focus afterwards. Innovative light field technology is at the heart of Lytro Illum, transforming a scene into an interactive Living Picture. Light field technology opens up new options, such as refocusing an image after it has been taken or viewing it in impressive 3D view. In addition the magazine has extensive photos spreads, including portfolios by Sina Niemeyer: Der Faltenrock - Canon Profifoto Award as well as GoSee Awards winning ...

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film • Love for less with - DOP Carlo JELAVIC and Production Designer Steve SUMMERSGILL, both c/o DBC, practise the art of seduction

Discount erotic store presents a commercial featuring all the usual relationship craziness and its many beautiful climaxes. When it comes to the narrative DOP Carlo JELAVIC knows just how to get it good, supported by Production Designer Steve SUMMERSGILL, also c/o DBC, who also went all the way. A pony is quickly transformed into a big stallion. We hope you get the metaphors. There’s also a heli, fingers turning dials, a train through a tunnel, an explosion…. Direction by Warwick.

With over 6,000,000 customers EIS claims to be Germany’s leading online supplier of intimate lifestyle products for love, lust and passion. Founded in 2006 in Bielefeld, they ensure the highest of standards when it comes to discretion and seriousness. The customer is king, with 365 money back guarantee and 10-year product guarantee. Their range is aimed at women, men and all couples that want to explore their sexuality and passion. With over 20,000 products added daily they have created the perfect platform for browsing, collecting ideas and your very own pleasure.

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Shop • GU’s new 'Weber’s Wintergrillen' cookbook by Jamie Purviance – photography Klaus EINWANGER

GU’s new publication ‘Weber’s Wintergrillen’ by Jamie Purviance, BBQ-expert and author, is full of ideas on cold days by the hot grill for real Weber Grill Fans. Klaus EINWANGER shot various images and subjects for the book production. People and food photography on location, followed by food still photography later at Studio1, KME Studios. Food stylist Sven Dittmann heated up the BBQ ‘weber style’ and got cooking. FYI this is the first licensed cookbook for Germany by the trendy American brand. The agency was Fuenfwerken. Also on board: prop-stylist Alexandra Holzer, photo assistant Christian Koch and Post-Production by Christian ...

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