17.11.2010  •  Shop NEWS


IKEA BAKER'S BOOK •  "Hembakat Är Bäst". home baking with IKEA - homemade always tastes better!

Have you ever assembled an IKEA cupboard without consulting the manual? Whoever dares to undertake that feat, should be in his element when it comes to the new IKEA baking book. The book is rather different from what you would expect – no preparation tips, but filled with creativity and minimalist design.

Inspired by Japanese minimalism, the book’s 140 pages are filled with appetising creations. It is evident that the visual arrangement of the ingredients was the primary intention and when you rightfully assemble the ingredients, you will end up enjoying 30 classics of the Swedish baking tradition, from small biscuits to gargantuan cakes.

The good news: The baking book is free. The bad news: It is only available in the kitchen section at IKEA – in Sweden.

Be that as it may - Hembakat Är Bäst – home baking is the best!

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