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Shop • Why Oktoberfest? Go out to the fields & meadows! And that with the STIEBICH&RIETH F/W bag collection - with styling by Winnie PLACZKO and photos by Stephan ABRY, both c/o AK/ KRUSE

27.09.2016 • For the image photos of the Fall & Winter 2016 collection of the bag label STIEBICH&RIETH, stylist Winnie PLACZKO and photographer Stephan ABRY, both artists c/o AK/KRUSE, staged the luxury handbags in the rough outdoors of northern Germany.

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Shop • Three STUDIO MASON motifs by Philipp JUNKER and Alexis ZURFLÜH, both artists c/o AK/KRUSE

27.09.2016 • Stylist Philipp JUNKER and Art Director Alexis ZURFLÜH teamed up for the third edition of the Swiss jewelry label STUDIO MASON. Philipp JUNKER founded his label with photographer Sarah Maurer in September 2014 and now presents his collection 'Mobile' on model Ronja Furrer, who was photographed by Stian Foss.

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Shop • Steel as sexy as it is hard - set designer Udo GREMBOWICZ c/o PRODUCTION WORLD built the sexy sets for the ABRAMS STAHL art 2016 calendar

22.09.2016 • The sixth consecutive art calendar “Creation and Perfection” from ABRAMS PREMIUM STAHL was photographed in Hamburg by Benjamin Becker. Set construction was in the hands of Udo GREMBOWICZ c/o PRODUCTION-WORLD. The website with the 2016 calendar is here:, and the following link will take you to:

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Shop • The new collection from jewelry designer JENNIFER FISHER - photographed by Liz VON HOENE c/o SEVERIN WENDELER

22.09.2016 • In 2016, Jennifer Fisher received the prestigious title 'Influencer of the Year' at the 20th Ace Awards ceremony. Jennifer on her understanding of influencers at the ceremony: “To me, being an influencer means being authentic, that you have carved your own unique path, and in someway it genuinely resonates with others.” Liz OF HOENE photographed her new collection – we have the motifs for you to GoSee.

About ACE AWARDS. The Accessories Council Excellence Awards (ACE Awards) were created in 1997 to pay homage to those individuals and groups that have made great strides in raising the awareness of the accessories industry. The purpose of the awards gala is to celebrate those who have had a positive impact on accessory consumption during the prior year.

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Shop • SLANTED presents PHOTODARIUM 2017 & PHOTODARIUM Private 2017 – classics with new name & limited nude edition

14.09.2016 • For all those longing for their daily dose of instant photography, be prepared for two novelties: PHOTODARIUM PHOTODARIUM is set to appear for the 6th time but with a new name (former Poladarium) and is accompanied by a new and limited nude-edition which will reveal uncensored instant images with an artistic approach to nudity every day.

Both calendars show intimate snapshots of 365 well-known photographers, newcomers, professionals and privates from all over the world. The front side of the calendar page always presents an instant picture in original size, on the back side is a short text about the origin of the photo as well as information on the photographer and the used photo film.

Die Fotografien des PHOTODARIUM 2017 wurden von einer renommierten Fach-Jury ausgewählt: Laia Abril, Joachim Baldauf, Gözde “Mimiko” Türkkan, Ester Vonplon.

The classic PHOTODARIUM 2017 is again a treasure and an eyecatcher for desk, window sill, cake buffet, parcel shelf, shop windows, bed stand … And for those longing for more: Check out PHOTODARIUM Private 2017 which will uncover a new...

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Shop • COPACABANA PALACE by Peter Bauza as an illustrated book at Edition Lammerhuber and an exhibition & award at Fotofestival Visa pour l’Image, France

04.09.2016 • Visually stunning, passionate and true to life. Copacabana Palace is the story of a never completed housing project in Rio de Janeiro, named after the famous luxury hotel on the even more famous Copacabana Beach. Peter Bauza lived eight months together with the residents of Copacabana Palace to create a unique photo document.
„Paradise is here, hell is here, madness is here, passion is here.“ This statement of the renowned Brazilian composer and singer Francis Himes about Rio became Peter Bauza‘s motto when he photographed the people of Copacabana Palace. The six blocks of this uncompleted housing compound have become a place of shelter and hope for some 300 'sem teto, sem terra' families without roof or land. Peter Bauza’s superbly perceptive pictures form a highly poetic tale of their lives, their everyday moments of joy and sadness, their needs and illusions, but also of beauty and strength and the co-existence community that has emerged in these precarious circumstances. Copacabana Palace is a typical example of the fight for survival of millions of Brazilians in similar...

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Shop • Confrontation between modern and ancient times : Imperium Romanum. Opus Extractum II - Alfred Seiland documents the influences of Roman culture, architecture and art in the 21st century. As a photobook at Hartmann Books

03.09.2016 • In the year 2006 A.D. Alfred Seiland set out on his project ”Imperium Romanum“. What started as an interesting assignment (by the New York Times Magazine) to accompany the shoot of the HBO Series ”Rome“ in Cinecittà, turned into a thorough, longterm photographic research of the remains of Roman culture, architecture, landscape, and art in the early 21st century.

“Under the supervision of world-class scientists, every piece of prop was literally remade as authentically as possible. So silks from India, brass works from Morocco etc. Were used. Finally, the artifacts took up two-thirds of Cinecittà, and that in breathtaking quality: You had to knock against the backdrops to tell real marble from imitation. You can imagine how fast I decided to photograph only these sensational backdrops,” says the photographer in an interview with journalist Andreas Langen about the beginning of project.

Using his brilliantly imaginative, sometimes ironic photographic language, taking buildings, landscapes, and artefacts of the Roman Empire as a point of reference, Alfred Seiland creates an...

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