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book • 'The Stylish Life - Yachting'. The book for summer. teNeues shows how life on the docks really is for multimillionaires, celebs, and big screen legends

14.04.2015 • This spring, the teNeues Publishing Company celebrates the elegant world of yachting. 'The Stylish Life - Yachting' brings the luxury worlds of yacht owners and their followers a little bit closer. The pictures show you multimillionaires, celebs, big screen legends... enjoying the peace and quiet while relaxing on their luxurious yachts, seemingly bathing in the admiration of their beholders. A must-have for sailing fans, yacht owners and all creatives, who know how to enjoy the Dolce Vita no matter how hard it gets.

Here's an excerpt from the press release : "Since time immemorial, people have been taking to water in search of thrills and relaxation. Defined by glamour, sleek design, and wealth, yachting is the ultimate in dolce vita leisure—a floating world elegantly captured within this volume’s stunning photographs and informative text. A blend of craftsmanship, innovation, and fine materials, these refined vessels are as posh as they are practical. From the crowned heads of Europe and business moguls to Hollywood screen legends and socialites, readers gaze at some of the...

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Shop • Natural growth meets meticulous design : devine beauty in harmony. Ken Schluchtmanns 'Architecture and Landscape in Norway'

13.04.2015 • We are all familiar with pictures of Norway’s untouched natural landscape. Wherever man tampers with nature, the results can be much less beautiful, more unnatural, and even destructive. Where man has succeeded in harmonizing modern constructions with nature is shown by Berlin-based photographer Ken Schluchtmann in his new photograph book 'Architecture and Landscape in Norway', which appeared at Hatje Cantz Publishing Company. A somewhat unspectacular title for these spectacular insights into a world full of divine beauty.

To produce the photographs for this book, an independent project, Schluchtmann traveled over twenty thousand kilometers, passing through dramatic landscapes and profiling the innovative architecture projects commissioned by the Norwegian government in recent years along the country’s National Tourist Route: from the wildlife observation station at Dovre National Park designed by Snøhetta to the dizzying views provided by Reiulf Ramstad’s terraces at Trollstigen, and the Steilneset Memorial by Peter Zumthor and Louise Bourgeois, which commemorates the...

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Shop • How alive are you? TIM THIEL on a photo mission for the JAGUAR Owner's Club, we have the key motif for you here on GoSee

13.04.2015 • The JAGUAR Owner’s Club commissioned the photographer to shoot the new key design of the luxury car brand and match the slogan: 'Some keys open doors, you didn't even know existed'. The executive agency was Spark44 with CD Thomas Wiegand and Art Director Tani Martin. The final touch was given by GoSee member NACHSPIEL POSTPRODUKTION.

About - JAGUAR CLUB. To own a Jaguar is to discover a brand that is as alive as you are. The Jaguar Club gives you access to exclusive offers and as a member of the Jaguar family you will have the opportunity to meet like-minded people both online and at exclusive Jaguar events. From driving experiences to exclusive events; from travel to shopping and personal services: the Jaguar Club ensures that your experience of the Jaguar brand is as alive as you are. Members will furthermore be the first to receive news and updates about Jaguar, as well as being given exclusive previews and test drives on new Jaguar products.

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Shop • 'The Lipizzaners of the Spanish Riding School' – Lammerhuber edition celebrates the 450th birthday of the Vienna institution with a marvelous anniversary book about the ballet of the white stallions

10.04.2015 • A top-notch team came together to honor the Spanische Hofreitschule in Vienna and the Piber Federal Stud with a marvelous book for the occasion of their anniversary: Elisabeth Gürtler, Director of the Spanish Riding School, presents the excellence and unique character of the institution as well as its rich tradition. The objective of the classic equitation is to study the natural movement behavior of the horse and to cultivate it to the highest level of elegance possible for the horse through systematic training.

The internationally renowned photographer René van Bakel has captured the Lipizzaners over the years from their birth through their demanding training and glamorous performances. In his texts, sports journalist and horse aficionado Arnim Basche interweaves expertise and emotion. And multiple award-winning publisher Edition Lammerhuber – elected Photography Book Publisher of the Year 2014 – gives the book, the topic and the occasion the marvelous design they deserve.


The publishing company has a special goody: "Equestrian enthusiasts have a special...

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FREE download • OASC - the Metropolitan Museum Initiative Gives You Free Access to 400,000 Digital Images. The New Website Allows Free Image Download for Non-Commercial Use.

08.04.2015 • Thomas P. Campbell, Director and CEO of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, announced that more than 400,000 high-resolution digital images from the Museum’s world-renowned collection may be downloaded directly from the Museum’s website for non-commercial use – including scholarly publications in any media—without permission from the Museum and without a fee. The number of available images will increase as new digital files are added on a regular basis.

Thomas P. Campbell tells us: “Through this new, open-access policy, we join a growing number of museums that provide free access to images of art in the public domain. I am delighted that digital technology can open the doors to this trove of images from our encyclopedic collection.”

About - The Metropolitan Museum’s initiative called Open Access for Scholarly Content (OASC)—provides access to images of art in its collection that the Museum believes to be in the public domain and free of other known restrictions; these images are now available for scholarly use in any media. Works that are covered by the new policy are...

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Shop • GoSee shopping tip : DAYLIGHT'S NYC SPRING BOOK LAUNCH - AN EVENING OF ARTBOOKS April 18th, 6:30pm - 8:30pm

07.04.2015 • Daylight Books, Slideluck and DJ Spooky are proud to join forces in hosting a reception celebrating the launch of Daylight's eight new spring titles (featured below). Artists will be in attendance to sign books, and a slideshow will highlight work from these books throughout the evening. Also on hand will be Slideluck's new photo/cookbook 'Hungry Still', and DJ Spooky's new book, 'The Imaginary App', on the ways apps are changing everything. The evening will feature a performance by DJ Spooky and beverages provided by Souverain Wines & Brooklyn Brewery. RSVP here.

Daylight is proud to announce the release of eight new titles for Spring 2015:
Almond Garden by Gabriella Maj
Cowgirl by Nancy Davidson
Dread and Dreams by Zalmaï
From Darkroom to Daylight by Harvey Wang
Imaging Eden by various artists
Landmark by J.W. Fisher & J.T. Leonard
Silver Screen by Tama Hochbaum
The Moth Wing Diaries by Lori Vrba

Visit our GoSee SHOP BLOG for direct links to each and every ...

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movies • Go inside ! Get away ! Just don't get STUNG ! Giant wasps are coming! the horror movie 'STUNG' celebrates its premiere on April 18th, 2015 in Brussels - DOP Stephan BURCHARDT

31.03.2015 • An old, remote estate, unexpecting extras, a couple of quirky leading actors: the perfect ingredient’s for a horror movie. This time around, Stephan BURCHART’S did not only have people in front of his camera, he had wasps too – mutated by pesticides... Rat Pack and XYZ Films produced 'STUNG' with the support of the German Film Fund, starring Matt O’Leary, Jessica Cook, Peter Stormare, Lance Henriksen and Clipfish video star Daniele Rizzo. The horror film will premiere in Europe on April 18th, 2015 at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival.

STUNG. DOP: Stephan Burchardt. produced by XYZ Films and Rat Pack Film Production. Written by Adam Aresty. Directed by Benni Diez. Produced by Christian Becker & Benjamin Munz. Starring Matt O'Leary, Jessica Cook, Peter Stormare and Lance Henriksen. Sound Design: Tilman Hah . Production Design: Jörg Möhring.
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movies • We have the first trailer for Action Thriller 'NO ESCAPE' by the Weinstein Group with Pierce Brosnan and Owen Wilson in leading roles - DOP was Léo HINSTIN c/o GoSee Member DBC

31.03.2015 • How far will you go to protect the ones you love? Originally, the film was supposed to be titled 'The Coup' and was planned for March of this year. After several changes, the name of the action thriller featuring Pierce Brosnan, Owen Wilson – as of right now officially daddy material – and Lake Bell was changed to 'NO ESCAPE', film start was postponed until September, 2015. DOP Léo HINSTIN filmed the blockbuster in Thailand with the cooperation of local Living Films Productions.

The plot: a family moves to Asia and suddenly finds itself in the middle of a putsch. They must now excape a situation where foreigners are executed without asking any questions. John Erick Dowdle directed, and together with Drew Dowdle, he was also responsible for the script.

No Escape  Director John Erick Dowdle. camera Léo HINSTIN c/o DBC. Lake Bell - Annie Dwyer. Pierce Brosnan - Hammond. Owen Wilson - Jack Dwyer.
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Shop • Unrestricted Views - Christoph Brech photographs the Vatican Museums. But completely empty and without any visitors – for Sieveking Publishers

25.03.2015 • Not only nights at the museum, but in broad daylight too, Christoph Brech had permission to enter the Vatican museum. What everyone interested in art has ever dreamed of has come true for the artist and photographer – a dream he now shares with us in his book. Over three years time, he was allowed to photograph the halls and galleries day and night unbothered by never-ending throngs of visitors. His pictures show empty halls and rooms devoid of people, exquisitely set tables, mysterious terraces, and works of art shot from unusual angles – views the ordinary visitor has never been granted the privilege to see – unrestricted.

The Vatican museums again become a place for amazement as selected historic pictures in the Vatican archives of times past demonstrate. Prof. Arnold Nesselrath, director of the Department for Byzantine, Medieval and Modern Art gives insight into the history of the complex in an essay, but also questions the future of the institute museum.

About – Christoph Brech was born 1964 in Schweinfurt. From 1989 to 1995, he studied painting under Franz B. Weißhaar...

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Shop • LinkImage picture agency proudly presents the best of Swedish photography with Hans Gedda, Denise Grünstein, Felix Odell and Jimmy Backius plus many more on GoSee

24.03.2015 • The Swedish image agency presents its vast image archive as of immediately on their new website at The design was done by web designer Henrik Mattson and his team; the new logo typeface was created by graphic designer Parasto Backman. Log in is simple and opens access to all areas in the Link Image archive.

Plus, the archives are also brimful of new works: Ewa-Marie Rundquist shows perfect gardens, Christian Gustavsson takes us away to paradise beaches, while fashion photographer Thomas Klementsson shows fashion and people. The touching photos by Rowan Thornhill, Tobias Regell, Denise Grünstein, Felix Odell, Sandra Freij, Pelle Kronestedt, Johan Warden or Patric Johansson are fascinating and somewhat dream inducing.

Link Image also hosts the Fine Art Photography Gallery Link Image Art Edition - presents high-quality Fine Art Prints and exclusive photobooks - not only in ...

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