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Heinrich Heidersberger Light Harmonies. The Rhythmograms. Luminous rhythmograms situated somewhere between mechanical drawing and photography

The rhythmograms by Heinrich Heidersberger (1906–2006) are complex curved compositions of pure light that weave abstract figures, organisms, and spaces. Heinrich Heidersberger created these intricate light patterns during the fifties and sixties, capturing the invisible and elusive worlds of time and motion in a single frame. He drew the rhythmograms using an enormous deconstructed photographic machine of his own design. Outfitted not with a camera but instead with an ingenious, room-sized mechanical apparatus to trace the geometry of delicate waves and oscillations, the machine reproduced the elegant orbit of a single ray of light on a photographic plate. Widely known as an architectural photographer of postwar modernism, Heidersberger’s little-known rhythmograms comprise a fascinating bridge between the work of early modernists and the future of algorithmic art and architecture. This is the first critical study of his rhythmograms in all of their delicate detail. A selection of his rhythmograms were on show at Petra Rietz Salon Galerie, Berlin. The book, edited by Andrew Witt, is out now.

Heinrich Heidersberger- Light Harmonies. The Rhythmograms Edited by Andrew Witt, Texts by Andrew Witt and more., graphic design by Neil Donnelly ISBN 978-3-7757-3774-6, € 39,80, 2014. 120 pages, 76 duotone illustrations, 24,70 x 30,70 cm, HATJE ...

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New issue of FLAIR out on 14 August! And editor Angelika Müller in GoSeeAwards 2014’s 'EDITORIAL' Jury

“You can go to the supermarket dressed in expensive clothes, without flaunting it. As soon you start to be precious about your clothes, then it simply isn’t luxurious anymore. Are you investing? Or are you just showing off?” Karl Lagerfeld, World Champion of Fashion, speaks in an exclusive interview with Flair on why he chose to design an entire supermarket for his Chanel Autumn/Winter presentation, making the everyday luxury. Details on the issue and a sneak peek at some exclusive pictures available here on GoSee. And we are incredibly delighted to welcome editor Angelika Müller to the GoSeeAwards EDITORIAL Jury.

This issue also includes: a look at the normcore trend of donning basic items such as jogging bottoms. These days it is difficult to stand out from the crowd, especially when the mainstream seems to be following Dolly Parton’s golden styling rule: “it costs a lot of money to look this cheap’. And on a side note: how great would it be if Flair were to have Dolly and Karl in conversation? Either way Lagerfeld’s luxury basics collection and approach has once again set the trend and is spot on in terms of channelling everyday laidback looks.

The theme of the September issue is ‘middle of the road’, a celebration of the mainstream. ...

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stills • Stefan Hohloch : shoots image stills for RABEN and ‘finnsdottir’ series

‘We love unique, special products. We don’t do mainstream. We research worldwide for unconventional, white interior and lifestyle objects with that je ne sais quoi. We only have one criteria: we have to like it.” Their website elaborates: ‘our selection of items ranges from luxury interior accessories to exclusive jewellery, to small, high-end everyday objects. Our ‘white living’ concept seeks to bring home a pure way of living’. They sought visual support from Stuttgart photographer STEFAN HOHLOCH, who knew just how to capture the Scandinavian design themed series, entitled ‘finnsdottir’.

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GoSee Tip: Waska Tatay the book by photographer Thomas Rousset and graphic designer Raphaël Verona

French photographer Thomas Rousset and graphic designer Raphaël Verona took a trip to Bolivia to encounter a magical world of doctors, spiritual healers and medicine men. They got to know strange rites and rituals, facing some ancient mythologies. Rousset and Verona created a book out of the material they’ve collected, emphasizing the tension between old and new, good and evil, spiritual and physical that appears very fascinating. The book ‘Waska Tatay’ is available now from IDPURE.

The duo comment on their approach: "All our images are staged, some of them clearly demonstrating a theatrical dimension, in the lighting, the staging of characters, etc. Others suggest they were taken on the spot; as snapshot. We wanted, through the mixture of these two 'languages', to create an ambiguity between fiction and reality, specific to a literary genre: 'The magic realism', which by the way; was born on the South American continent."

Waska Tatay, Raphaël Verona / Thomas Rousset, 144 pages, 22.5 x 30, relié ...

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Cyberpunk in the second generation - PAPP UV on GoSee

The release of the second generation of PAPP UV's follows the huge success of the first line of PAPP sunglasses with further improvements to their unique design and functionality. Designer Cantemir Gheorghiu has brought the flexible lenses to the front of the frame giving the sunglasses from the house of PAPP UP a rare futuristic look.

Through hand painted oil colours a vintage look was achieved in the first version of the Papp up sunnies. The new frame colouring is made of pressed wood avant-paper mixture in expressive colours made of foodstuff dyes. The new PAPP UV's fluently combine the 16 components hand made in Berlin and are a real eye catcher both inside and out. The follow up model provides more comfort due to the curvature of the lenses that adjust to optimally fit the reworked durable frame.

In other features, the flexible strap ends have been extended. This way you can keep your shades in your pocket even if you sit down and they will even survive the occasional urban climb thanks to rubber-attached arms and no hinges. The glasses are flat, made of one piece and sit firmly on the head with the help of the adjustable tension belt. A razor thin margin remains around the lenses for the colour, the eyelets are labelled and the frame features a laser engraving. All just more details in the story of PAPP UV, whose development has become a ...

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Magdalena FRACKOWIAK and summer dresses by VOGUE China Collections

Magdalena FRACKOWIAK models new summer dresses in the cover story of VOGUE China Collections June. Legendary photographer Patrick Demarchelier shot the pictures. Fashion Editor Daniela Paudice dressed the top model. Hairstyling by Teddy Charlesnatural make-up by Fulvia Farolfi. Casting dir4ectiob by Piergiorgio Del Moro and last but not least – manicure by Megumi Yamamoto. ...

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summer sale • Peter GEHRKE shoots photos and film for Swedish sports brand STADIUM’s 2014 swimwear campaign

‘Join the movement’ is the latest STADIUM 2014 slogan. Swedish brand Stadium’s summer campaign and film sees director Peter GEHRKE take us to our beloved sea. Half pipe, girls on bikes, sunsets, Euro dance beats and surfers in the background – and all with big summer sales discounts on the Swedish website. That ought to work.

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'Fashion Germany' presents German stars in front of the camera and behind the scenes of the international fashion world

Personal articles, exclusive statements and breathtaking visual material give a decided insight into the world of fashion. Times in which the fashion prophet wasn’t popular in their own country are over: fashion design with the quality label ‘German’ has become more and more popular in recent years. Labels like Kaviar Gauche and Lala Berlin are successful on the international market as well as at home and Berlin has established itself as the European fashion hot spot with the help of fashion fairs such as Berlin Fashion Week and Bread and Butter.

Fashion Germany presents the most famous German fashion personalities: designers, stylists, photographers, fashion icons, hair & make-up experts, models, graphic designer, journalists, PR agenten – protagonists of the scene, who are all successful at home and abroad and strengthen the positivity of the ‘Germany’ label; a few examples: Peter Lindbergh, Michael Sontag, Armin Morbach and Angelica Blechschmidt. Fashion Germany is a very special picture book: exclusive interviews, handwritten articles and statements as well as high-quality photographs of fashion icons such as Wolfgang Joop, Bernhard Wilhelm, Veruschka and Claudia Schiffer paint a fascinating picture of Germany’s fashion landscape. Of course we are particularly excited about the beautiful cover by GoSee PREMIUM ...

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book • A river is a river is a river. And yet it’s so much more. Zhang Kechun shows lethargy and life on the Yellow River. ’The Yellow River’ - available now as a limited edition picture book

A river always signifies life. Even if its streams are dried up, far away or forgotten, it still connects people, is a travel route or source of food and water. In 2010 Zhang Kechun took the journey to follow the Yellow River with his large format camera. The Chinese photographer is not a documentary expert and thus his pictures tell a magical story of lethargic open spaces, silhouettes and the breath of life, which at times feels very feeble, but which people there don’t give up on.

A pale ochre colour weaves itself through almost every picture in the series - ‘The Yellow River’ is aptly named. From the estuary in Shandong to the origin near the Bayan Har Mountains, the pictures open up otherworldly perspectives on silent waters, an unfinished Buddha head, the outline of a fog-shrouded skyline. At first, the impression of a forgotten world is created, if Zhang would not catch protagonists on the pictures that are in the process of preserving memories. A fisherman, kitchen guests, a group of swimmers – they appear so tiny in the pictures that one can get an idea of how the fourth largest river in the world probably makes you feel.

Zhang Kechun studied design, but became more interested in photography after taking a photo class. Since then his pictures have travelled through exhibitions in Paris, Shanghai and Delhi as well ...

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Jan van ENDERT visualises love for bikes for Hamburg based 'Suicycle Bike Company', two commercials on GoSee

Jan VAN ENDERT produced to film on the topic of love for bikes for cult Hamburg based bicycle shop SUICYCLE – and love is not without pain, as the outdoor commercial proves. The second film takes us behind the scenes of the label, founded in Hamburg in 2002. A small tip for everyone who’s not from northern Germany: bike fanatics are sure to find something good in their online shop. The photographer’s authentic reportage photo series ‘Lisboa through the window’ won a Seltmann ‘geschossen+gedruckt 2014’ award….

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