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'Fashion Germany' presents German stars in front of the camera and behind the scenes of the international fashion world

Personal articles, exclusive statements and breathtaking visual material give a decided insight into the world of fashion. Times in which the fashion prophet wasn’t popular in their own country are over: fashion design with the quality label ‘German’ has become more and more popular in recent years. Labels like Kaviar Gauche and Lala Berlin are successful on the international market as well as at home and Berlin has established itself as the European fashion hot spot with the help of fashion fairs such as Berlin Fashion Week and Bread and Butter.

Fashion Germany presents the most famous German fashion personalities: designers, stylists, photographers, fashion icons, hair & make-up experts, models, graphic designer, journalists, PR agenten – protagonists of the scene, who are all successful at home and abroad and strengthen the positivity of the ‘Germany’ label; a few examples: Peter Lindbergh, Michael Sontag, Armin Morbach and Angelica Blechschmidt. Fashion Germany is a very special picture book: exclusive interviews, handwritten articles and statements as well as high-quality photographs of fashion icons such as Wolfgang Joop, Bernhard Wilhelm, Veruschka and Claudia Schiffer paint a fascinating picture of Germany’s fashion landscape. Of course we are particularly excited about the beautiful cover by GoSee PREMIUM ...

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book • A river is a river is a river. And yet it’s so much more. Zhang Kechun shows lethargy and life on the Yellow River. ’The Yellow River’ - available now as a limited edition picture book

A river always signifies life. Even if its streams are dried up, far away or forgotten, it still connects people, is a travel route or source of food and water. In 2010 Zhang Kechun took the journey to follow the Yellow River with his large format camera. The Chinese photographer is not a documentary expert and thus his pictures tell a magical story of lethargic open spaces, silhouettes and the breath of life, which at times feels very feeble, but which people there don’t give up on.

A pale ochre colour weaves itself through almost every picture in the series - ‘The Yellow River’ is aptly named. From the estuary in Shandong to the origin near the Bayan Har Mountains, the pictures open up otherworldly perspectives on silent waters, an unfinished Buddha head, the outline of a fog-shrouded skyline. At first, the impression of a forgotten world is created, if Zhang would not catch protagonists on the pictures that are in the process of preserving memories. A fisherman, kitchen guests, a group of swimmers – they appear so tiny in the pictures that one can get an idea of how the fourth largest river in the world probably makes you feel.

Zhang Kechun studied design, but became more interested in photography after taking a photo class. Since then his pictures have travelled through exhibitions in Paris, Shanghai and Delhi as well ...

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Jan van ENDERT visualises love for bikes for Hamburg based 'Suicycle Bike Company', two commercials on GoSee

Jan VAN ENDERT produced to film on the topic of love for bikes for cult Hamburg based bicycle shop SUICYCLE – and love is not without pain, as the outdoor commercial proves. The second film takes us behind the scenes of the label, founded in Hamburg in 2002. A small tip for everyone who’s not from northern Germany: bike fanatics are sure to find something good in their online shop. The photographer’s authentic reportage photo series ‘Lisboa through the window’ won a Seltmann ‘geschossen+gedruckt 2014’ award….

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editorial • ‘Big seductress sugar’ is the title of GREENPEACE magazine – the sweet cover story by Jan KORNSTAEDT

Jan KORNSTAEDT captured the cover story for the current issue of Greenpeace magazine on the subject of ‘Sugar’. The magazine on its website: ‘the food industry has been using the methods of the tobacco industry for a long time. We show how companies seduce our kids’. You can find the interesting research articles by Wolfgang Hassenstein, which he researched with the help of his own kids, on the magazine’s website (in German language only): . Humpback whales, the Baltic Sea, asylum laws… creative activists might want to bookmark this page.

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GoSee book tip: a sunny place for shady people.... Gold Coast - a poetic ambivalent photo documentary by photographer Ying Ang

‘Gold Coast’, is the simple title the Australian photographer, who commutes between Singapore and New York, chose for her photo series, which she shot in her home country. The erstwhile tourist haven has its dark sides. Criminality and drugs also have a home on the Gold Coast. However, Ying Angs's beautiful, almost poetic images don’t seem to give this away. Her project has been included in several exhibitions to date and is now published as a book. The photographer comments on ‘Gold Coast’:

"I lived here for most of my life. I was raised on the taste of lawnmower fumes in the air and the dark gleam of perpetually circling crows. It is the tyranny of this Lynchian landscape, dominated by intolerance and unexpected violence, where I became a reluctant witness to more crimes than I knew the names of by the time I was 18. All of this set in a town that looked and was marketed like a suburban paradise.

'A sunny place for shady people' became a term that began circulating through the Australian media when referring to the ongoing melodramas of shysters that end up settling on the Gold Coast. A perfect strip of golden beach where one of ill-repute can reinvent themselves, where tales of rape, drugs, murder and extortion are whispered behind pastel colored walls and porcelain veneered grins.

Once ...

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stock • Flora and fauna, natural phenomenon or nature reserves - Mauritius Images presents the Buiten-Beeld Collection on GoSee

The Dutch Buiten-Beeld Collection is dedicated to European nature photography of the highest quality. Flora and fauna, natural phenomenon or nature reserves, rare birds, as well as reptiles and insects – they’ve got it all covered. The online archive holds over 150,000 images by established photographers, as well as young and talented newcomers. For details on the collection contact mauritius images. GoSee presents an initial selection of ...

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GoSee Book Tip: The Waiting Game by Txema Salvans, street prostitution along the Spanish Mediterranean Coast

They wait on street corners, sit on dusty asphalt or behind bushes. All of them united in their wait for the next client. Spanish photographer Txema Salvans went in search of prostitutes along the sunny Mediterranean Coast, documenting them in large format analogue photographs: women from Eastern Europe, South America and neighbouring Africa, who all sell their bodies day in, day out. Even though they are the focus of the image, one has to look a little closer, they appear stereotypical, isolated and displaced. Txema Salvans spent six years documenting the wait and published the results as a book, winner of awards including the Iberoamerican Photobook Competition

Txema Salvans on his project: "Since eight years ago, I’ve been touring along the Spanish Mediterranean coast looking for photographing road prostitution in context: junctions and roundabouts, the industrial areas dead ends, the hard shoulders. Spaces left out of everything and here acting like scenic settings of a high intensity which shroud and show the overexposed activity of prostitution. In these pictures, the solitary figure of the prostitute remains waiting, with her stereotyped pose of sexual object, at an average distance that is shocking and sometimes even tragic.

In my observation I avoid humour and anecdote, and seek neutrality. Even so, what I see and photograph ...

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shop support • Killercell suitcase design cancer charity for Rotary Clubs, urban surface design on Swanneckstreet and CI for Donner Book Shop – artwork by Stang GUBBELS

Rotary Club commissioned Stang GUBBELS with the design of two limited edition luxury hand luggage pieces, part of Killercell’s sponsored project to fight cancer. University Clinic Maastricht (UMC) is researching killer cells and needs financial support for further research. Order your suitcase for €100 by 15 July:

'Zwanen op de Zwaanshals' - Stang Gubbel’s design proposal for the side of a building on Swanneckstreet in Rotterdam Noord was supported by CBK Rotterdam. The swan image was attached to the wall using a special adhesive foil. Design: Stang Gubbels, photos by Freek van Arkel.

Stang Gubbels created the CI for the biggest bookshop in Rotterdam, both inside and out. He designed an icon for each individual book department, based on the central logo – a book with ...

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From the intensity of longing to the lightness of form - Olaf Heine paints a fascinating portrait of a country with his ‘Brazil’ project (published by teNeues Verlag). Olaf in the GoSee interview

For four years Olaf Heine searched for the true soul of the country, armed with his camera. He shows us ‘his’ Brazil – black & white, sexy, architectural, melancholy and beautiful. The pictures depict great architecture as well as the country’s impression shapes beyond the stereotypical visuals we are used to. Olaf accomplished the give the beholder and unexpected insight into the country with his black and white visual language as well as revealing the aesthetic of everyday life and items.

We wanted to know why he chose black / white. Olaf tells us: ‘I chose black and white because I took a formal aesthetic approach when I travelled to Brazil. Niemeyer’s architecture interested me greatly and his ‘the whole universe consists of curves’ credo. I tried to follow this and investigate it in architecture, on the street, in landscapes and people. I was not really interested in the loud and colourful side of Brazil. I think the country is much more nuanced and layered than that. My favourite Portuguese word is 'Saudade' (longing). In Brazil there is even a national ‘longing’ holiday. Thus I find that Brazil is quite open to melancholy – which is another reason I chose to shoot in black and white.’

We also wanted to know which part of meeting the star architect he remembers the ...

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VERTU campaign image by Kristian SCHULLER

'Extraordinary performance' advertising campaign for VERTU - Kristian SCHULLER photographed another campaign image for the high-end mobile phone brand. And Photoby, his agency, comments on GoSee: "No surprise - his unique outlandish style perfectly captures the elegance and quality of the ...

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