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Shop • Cookbook 'Eat the Street' by foodstylist Jutta MENNERICH c/o Agentur Rouge and photographer Stefan Braun now released by ZS Publishing

21.04.2016 • Smoke rises in the corner shortly after an enchanting fragrance entices the senses. What's cooking in the kettle? For two years, Stefan Braun has eaten his way through the world. New York, London, Istanbul, Hong Kong. Hamburg, Munich, Vienna, and Porto – never just local. Destination No. 1: the street. 'Eat the Street', that's 70 recipes from all over the world - from tarte flambée to fresh spring rolls – all photogenically prepared by foodstylist Jutta MENNERICH.

Eat the Street. 21.99 incl. VAT. Hardcover, 176 pages. ISBN: 978-3-89883-522-0 . ZS Publishing

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Created Reality • Erik Johansson Imagine: Created Reality - fictive scenarios and fantastic dream worlds at the FOTOGRAFISKA MUSEUM Stockholm and in a first illustrated book at Max Ström Publishing

19.04.2016 • Like no other, photographer and visionary Erik Johansson draws us into his worlds. His often magical photos, which are elaborately created on location and on the computer, were recently showcased at the renowned FOTOGRAFISKA in Stockholm - Imagine: Created Reality.

“The reality I portray exists, but on a different scale. It has become my life’s mission to create these worlds, all these ideas that I have and that I want to live out and to actually see happening. I’m passionate about inspiring others to dare to live out their fantasies and to create something that inspires them and to challenge one-way thinking. I want to be for photography what Bob Hund is for the music scene. This band who see things the other way around and whose lyrics consist of combinations of totally unexpected themes. That makes it normal to be abnormal, and with the right to exist,” the photographer tells us about his exhibition.

At the same time, MAX STRÖM Publishing released Erik's first illustrated book with known and never before released works: “I have been thinking about making a book for a...

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Shop • 'Shomei Tomatsus - Chewing Gum and Chocolate', or how US occupation changed Japanese society and culture; the book is available at Aperture & Kehrer Publishing

18.04.2016 • For over 20 years, Japanese photographer Shōmei Tōmatsu documented how US occupation changed the society and culture of Japan. With “Chewing Gum and Chocolate”, the project will be published in book form for the first time. The group of works by Japanese photographer Shōmei Tōmatsu (1930 to 2012) was initially titled "Occupation", but was later renamed “Chewing Gum and Chocolate” by photographer Tomatsu – the candies that American occupation troops passed out to Japanese children.

It was the only one of Shōmei Tōmatsu's larger projects which was not published in book form in his lifetime. The new volume contains 125 black and white photographs from the late fifties to the early eighties. To capture the images, Tomatsu repeatedly visited cities like Iwakuni, Yokosuka or Kadena which bordered on US military bases. Even after the troops had been withdrawn, America remained present on Japanese soil. And as 'thanks' or their legacy, the soldiers left behind part of their Western way of life, including the insatiable craving for chewing gum and other, sometimes less tasty...

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Shop • Master Butcher Heiko Brath, Master Sommelier, Master of BBQ... the 'Old Sow' - photos by Alex STIEBRITZ c/o AMX STUDIO

13.04.2016 • Butcher Brath is known as the specialist when it comes to BBQ courses and dry aged beef in Karlsruhe. Alex STIEBRITZ c/o AMX STUDIO realized the motifs presented on GoSee on the subject: "Old sow, dry aged pork", a specialty from the house Brath. Find out more about how to perfectly prepare meat and information about courses on the website:

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film & photo • The 'Tee Lab' Spring collection by FRANK & EILEEN - photos and film by Anne MENKE c/o KRISTINA KORB

09.04.2016 • Topsy-turvy or just in & out. The label FRANK & EILEEN has stood for classic Italian shirts ever since 1947. The new 'Tee Lab' film for the newer t-shirt layer looks was staged by Anne MENKE c/o KRISTINA KORB for the Californians with, and more importantly all, on model Keilani. BTW, the 'where to buy' list is this way: .

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Shop • Cover illustration for CICERO magazine and the children's city atlas "Once Around the World" at KNESEBECK Publishing by illustrator Martin HAAKE c/o 2AGENTEN

05.04.2016 • "Once Around the World" – this colorful children’s atlas by illustrator Martin HAAKE c/o 2AGENTEN takes us on a trip to 30 of the most beautiful and exciting cities of the world, including London, Amsterdam, Rome, Moscow, Berlin, New York, Cape Town, Tokyo, or Sydney. Each page is full of funny and surprising details and tips about the most important attractions, famous people, buildings and cultural highlights, all appropriately designed for children. A puzzle on each page helps young readers discover the cities. This is what Knesebeck Publishing has to say about their beautiful book: "Whether at home or on the road – this atlas is fun for the whole family!" We also show you Martin’s cover illustration for CICERO magazine.

Martin Haake – Once around the world. My City Atlas . 19.95 € . For children 8 years and older . 28.0 x 34.0 cm, hardcover, 64 pages . ISBN 978-3-86873-877-3 .

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Shop • Swedish tourist attractions in GOTEBORG POSTEN - ART ACT artist Thomas OLSEN's retro motifs for you on GoSee and available as art prints

04.04.2016 • For Sweden's second largest newspaper, GÖTEBORG POSTEN, Thomas OLSEN c/o ART ACT illustrated Goteborg tourist attractions in retro style. Most of the motifs are also available upon request BTW as art prints in poster format.

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Shop • 'Pictures for access to the feelings of solitude and vulnerability, to realms beyond sanity' – Monika Macdonald's women portraits 'In Absence' is available as an illustrated book at Kehrer and in an exhibition at Fotografiska

31.03.2016 • The Fotografiska photo museum in Stockholm dedicates a solo exhibition to Monika Macdonald this spring. The exhibition is accompanied by an illustrated book with 42 poetic and intimate images from Kehrer Publishing. “We are looking forward immensely to presenting Monika Macdonald’s intriguing photography, which possesses an idiom all of its own. Her ability to communicate under the surface that which would otherwise be left unsaid is simply astonishing,” says Pauline Benthede, Exhibition Manager at Fotografiska.

“I am not so fond of the idea of taking pictures. But I always return to it. The sense of getting close to something that has no words. This is why I continue. I balance between different worlds that I am trying to relate to. My pictures are memories. To have access to the feeling of solitude and vulnerability. To be allowed beyond sanity, far away from what is called reality,” Monika Macdonald tells us.

The women portrayed in In Absence all have one thing in common: their solitary search for belonging – to something or someone. This autobiographical account runs...

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Shop • SAVARI – an illustrated journey through Iran & India. A journey with the sketch book of illustrator Bianca Tschaikner

30.03.2016 • “What I found in Iran seemed different from everything else I had seen before: It was a world full of beauty, art and poetry, where old Persian poets are still worshiped, and where people actually enjoy reciting poetry on every occasion. A world full of magic and inspiration, full of mystery and beauty,” Bianca Tschaikner on her impressions from Iran of today, captured in her publication Savari.

SAVARI (from Arabic safar‚ journey) is a collection of drawings from Bianca Tschaikner's sketch book from five months of journeying Iran & India. It contains visual snapshots and fragmented drawings, sketches, poems and notes, inspired by day-to-day Oriental adventures and other strange curiosities. Among the sites in her drawings are the fabulous cities Shiraz and Isfahan or megalopoles such as New Delhi & Bombay – spanning form the north Indian jungle to the remote mountain realms of wild eastern India down to the golden beaches of south India.

As a visual diary of a 'nomadic' illustrator, SAVARI documents an excerpt of a personal story in the area of conflict between everyday...

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Shop • Gallery Stock : 'At Work', the portrait study by Brian Doben, fashion & beauty motifs by Alyssa BONI, and action-packed RED BULL ARCHIV

23.03.2016 • “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life” is a proverb by Confucius. Photographer Brian Doben picked up this thought for his portraits "At Work". From L.A. and Dallas past Tokyo all the way to Mumbai, he met tattoo artists, Sumo wrestlers, and taxi drivers. His works were published in a book were presented in 2013 at the photography festival Les Rencontres d’Arles. Motifs from his long-term project are now available via the global premium rights-managed image and licensing agency GALLERY STOCK.

Brian Doben is the recipient of awards from the Society of Publication Designers, American Photography, and Photo District News. He was one of PDN's 30 Under 30, Kodak's Photographer of the Year, and the inaugural photographer on PDN and Kodak's "Emerging Artists Series" website. His work is part of the Museum of the City of New York's permanent collection.

From now on, GALLERY STOCK provides access to the portfolio of ALYSSA BONI. "Few artists understand the human body like Alyssa Boni does. Her medium is photography where the form is captured in...

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