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BOOKS TO BUY •  GoSee Book Tip : ITS TIME - David Benjamin Sherry's first monograph

Young and exciting photographer David Benjamin Sherry’s first monograph, titled "IT'S TIME", is out now. The book is dedicated to Lily Wheelright, Rosie in the ‘Orphans’ film, 2007, who died tragically and far too early of a self administered overdose.

The book unites surreal landscapes and very personal moments. The gaudy colours in the images don’t quite manage to cover up the darker and more threatening shades that lie beneath the surface. A book like a trip – according to our GoSee analysis.

David states :  “I’ve been shooting less landscapes then before - and thinking (photographically) a lot about the people I’m closest too; my friends, muses, lovers and myself.”  He goes on to comment on the recession “It’s a wonderful time because you’re left to your own devices, just to produce and make your work. It’s an opportunity for me to react to what I feel inside. I feel it’s the most honest time. This is a turning point in society and culture.”

The 28 year old photographer and artist has had work published in Dazed, Another Man and i-D. Following the positive response to his solo show in Berlin, he has curated a group exhibition at the Bellwether Gallery, New York, showing work by his friends including Marc Hundley and Michele Abeles.

The exhibition was wonderfully titled "A Song for Those in Search of What They Came With", an Allen Ginsberg quote. “That was an awesome opportunity to work with my closest friends and get their work out there and tie it in with this thread that runs between each of us that is making art and being there with each other and going though life in a similar way.”

The book contains 48 photographs and is published by Damiani.

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