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HIGH END CERAMICS  •  Hotel marsil & a GoSee Creative Recommendation: Cologne’s Ceramicist Market and ceramics artist Enno Jaekel on working with clay and nest sculptures

The Marsil Hotel is located in the heart of Cologne’s Hahnenviertel quarter – where kings crowned in Aachen once rode through the Hahnentorburg (city gate from the middle ages) – a home from home for artists, gallerists, filmmakers and friends of the creative industries.

The 29th Ceramicists Market took place on August 11 and 12, just a stone’s throw away at neighbouring Apostelnkloster Platz. Note ceramicists, because this event does not entail the peddling of any old clay tat, but featured the masters of the kiln and their unique one off pieces.

The ‘Award for Receptacle Ceramics’ was also presented. The ceramics award from the Keramikerinnung Nordrhein ceramics guild is judged amongst participants of the Cologne pottery market every year.

Our favourite ceramicist from all those participating from across Germany and surrounding countries was Enno Jäkel from Cologne. His ‘60s inspired vases, organic tree sculptures and geometric patterns adorning wall decorations caught our eye.

He sells his unusual pieces that have been awarded with prizes for best artistic craftwork and ceramics, at specialist markets and in selected galleries.

Enno tells GoSee : ‘When creating, I make use of the unique properties of the clay. I start off with a compact shape initially, which I coat with colour. I then evenly print an exact pattern on the surface. When I change the shape of the piece from the inside and make it larger, the surface is stretched and breaks similar to tree bark or a raised pastry’, he says and smiles. ‘This way I achieve surfaces that have a strong relation to the form.’

Great art with craft. By the way, Enno Jaekel’s work can be seen in public spaces as well. Enno on a current project:

‘The piece on the tree (=his great birdhouse, see pictures) next to the Römerturm in Cologne, was made for an exhibition at Cologne’s Stadtmuseum (city museum). The participants were encouraged to add something to a monument or heritage building in Cologne’s city centre (exhibition title: ZUGABE (encore)). My contribution picked up on the surface structure of the old tower as well as the tree bark.

The Römerturm was only saved from demolition (like the majority of the town fortification) because it was always useful in some way (storage, living space…). That’s why I decided to make my sculpture useful as well: birds can nest in it. The nesting sculptures from this series are now hung in various places and in some there are already birds hatching.’
Born in 1957 in Dortmund, he visited the vocational school for ceramics in Landshut. After experiencing working in the ceramics workshop Frenzel in Siegburg (1991-94), he went on to study at the technical college for ceramic design in Höhr-Grenzhausen, which he finished in 1997 having completed his design exam.

Since 1999 he is running his own workshop in Cologne. And by the way – the communicative artist is always looking forward to a nice visit at his work place in Ehrenfeld. And we even know the perfect hotel for a creative holiday in Cologne ;-)

Get in touch with Enno Jaekel to purchase his work. You can find further examples of his work at jaekel-keramik.de.

We say: Get it!