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05.09.2011  •  Shop NEWS


mauritius images : British sophistication with LOOP IMAGES and French flair with OREDIA, mauritius at Frankfurt's book fair and at pixxday Suisse

The sophisticated Brit cares for more than just five o'clock tea and cricket. Tradition and innovation sealed in a tight embrace. Great Britain yesterday and today, an authentic plethora of visualisation, presented in a collection by LOOP IMAGES. We are showcasing a selection and more pictures are available directly from the picture agency.

French lifestyle – European and very creative. OREDIA is enriching the portfolio of Mauritius Images with inspiring picture material sporting that 'Je ne sais quoi' – French flair. View the full collection online with mauritius images.

Mauritius will once again be present at the Frankfurt book fair this year, where the next ZEITGEIST collection will be launched (among others). Head of sales Gerhard Keuschnigg (Tel + 49 (0) 8823 4233, keuschnigg @ mauritius-images.com) is the contact both on location and for making appointments in advance.

A little appetiser will be available at the pixxday SUISSE on the 8th of September and Mauritius is looking forward to lots of visitors at their booth.