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Photonews : expert info on the photo art market, Obama's People by Nadav Kander, Prix Pictet 2009 photography prize, new issue at the UPdate Hamburg

The latest issue of PHOTONEWS is out now. This issue comes with a supplement on ‘The Photo Art Market’. It covers the current market situation and evaluation techniques for photographic prints, the purchase of colour photographs and guidelines for a collector.

Other features in the magazine include Anne Ganteführer-Trier’s, Photography Expert at the Van Ham auction house, explanation of the rules of vintage prints, Sotheby’s expert Simone Klein shares her knowledge of 19th century Indian photography, the newspaper’s editor Anne Gripp voices her views on the future of photojournalism, Annelies Kuiper specialist in documentary photography states that “documentary photography has to return to sexy”.

Exhibitions and festivals are also presented, such as the large Herlinde Koelbl Retrospective in Berlin, the 40th anniversary of Rencontres d'Arles and F/Stop in Leipzig.

The cover image and story is Nadav Kander’s project ‘Obama's People’. The photographer answers questions posed by Bill Kouwenhoven in Photonews.

The Karin Schneider-Henn Photo Gallery in Wasserburg presents ‘Father and Son: Dialogue Between the Generations’ black and white photographs by Karsten de Riese, until 27 September 2009.

The Portfolio introduces Raimond Wouda’s ‘School’ photo project. The images were realised at various Dutch schools. The photographer focused on the social spots at schools, rather than the lessons or actual class rooms, these were the cafeterias, playgrounds and school halls. He captures young people interacting and searching for their true identities. Nazareli Press recently published his photo book with a foreword by Martin Parr.

The Special Archive series presents its 6th edition with the photo collection of the European Cultures Museum in Berlin.

Swiss private bank Pictet & Cie’s Photography Prize, the Prix Pictet 2009 is very interesting. The theme deals with the questioning of our lives and society, in 2009 the main theme is EARTH. Honorary President Kofi Annan, former General Secretary of the United Nations, nominated 12 finalists together with an array of international photo experts. Their work will be published in a book and presented in an exhibition.

The exhibition’s first stop is the Purdy Hicks Gallery, London from 5 until 11 October. The complete exhibition of the 2009 Shortlist will be on show at the Passage de Retz Gallery in Paris from 23 October until 24 November 2009. Kofi Annan will announce the winner at the opening ceremony on 22 October.

The October issue will be out on 29.09.2009. This will be presented at the UPdate Hamburg on 9 October. We are looking forward to welcoming Anna Gripp who is usually on the trail of artistic photography, to our Salon for photography specialising in Fashion and Advertising.