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Slanted Magazine #15 – Experimental. on a playful approach to tools, forms and concept

Slanted 15 deals with experimental design strategies in typography and graphic design. This issue presents projects incorporating the accident into the design process, works based on mistakes and inaccuracy, fonts that derive from a concept or a system – in the end work that experiments or goes unconventional ways in design.

A playful approach to tools, forms and concept is a popular method to widen horizons in typography. Judging from the vast amount of entries for this issue, this seems to be a widespread phenomenon, very popular at design schools and universities. This is not a surprising fact – especially when in interaction with a model, experimental results are the foundation of a theory. To celebrate this, an experimental type section with 48 pages in this issue presents a large collection of typographical experiments.

Inaccuracies sometimes lead to new precision – as in this issue’s text font. Michael Mischler and Nik Thoenen of Swiss fontlabel Binnenland designed the Korpus typeface. It is based on a careful analysis of inaccuracy that occurred in the print image of early 20th century fonts.

This issue’s cover is likewise realised in an old fashioned, experimental procedure, too: its envelope was produced in rainbow printing using HKS colours.

The special is accompanied by photo spreads by Matthias Hubert (Dortmund), who peered over the shoulders of the German champion and by Ken Rosenthal (Tucson AZ), who experiments with a darkroom.

Type essays by Christine Hartmann (Leipzig), Will Hill (Cambridge) and Shelley Gruendler (Galiano Island) likewise experiment with the strategy of experimentation.

Plus there are interviews with Peter Bi’lak (Den Haag), Michael Mischler and Nik Thoenen (Bern), Martin and Thomas Poschauko (Bad Aibling), Oded Ezer (Givatayim), Donald Beekman and Liza Enebis (Amsterdam) and Neville Brody (London). There is also on article on Japanese Modernism and the part five of the Tokyo Report both by Ian Lynam (Tokyo), as well as the latest typo acoustic travel report by Frank Wiedemann (Berlin)

Slanted Magazine #15 Experimental
Design: MAGMA Brand Design
Publisher: MAGMA Brand Design
Release Date: 01.09.2011
Pages: 180 Pages
Format: 21 x 27 cm
Language: English, Deutsch

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