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Visibility begins here - Sandra Kantanen Landscapes - Searching For Nature’s Essence, book published by Hatje Cantz

Sandra Kantanen’s works are only landscape photographs to a certain extent. Influenced by traditional Chinese landscape art, she searched for idyllic motifs in the holy mountains of China, but did not find what she was looking for.

"In my new work I have photographed mainly landscapes, still lifes and plants. And an occasional portrait too. The title "Shadow images" refers too an old idea of Plato, that everything perceived is a shadow of the world.

The objects or landscapes I photographed are of secondary importance. I work within certain traditions of image just to have a starting point for viewing.

I try to state; "visibility begins here". I have been greatly inspired by artists like Dawid, Timo Kelaranta and Hiroshi Sugimoto to name a few. They have all traced photography back to its own materiality. This is what interests me too."
It was only through the addition of fine art, that she managed to finalise her artistic expression. Today she digitally enhances her photographs from China, Japan, Finland and Tibet, thus creating blurring, distortions or stripes that resemble overexposure in parts.
In her own unique way, the young artist (*1974 in Helsinki), a graduate of the University of Art and Design talent factory, circumnavigates the edges of photography.

"As an artist I see myself as kind of philosopher. Everyday I ask myself questions like how is the world constructed and why. Photography is for me basically an attempt to construct a language for these questions."

Sandra Kantanen - Landscapes
Searching for nature’s essence – an unusual photographical position
2011, English | Hatje Cantz
ISBN 978-3-7757-3191-1