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Shop • GoSee Book Tip : Reflected in the 'Louis Vuitton Fashion Eye' is Kourtney Roy. An absolute Christmas must-have!

23.11.2016 • The book collection “Louis Vuitton Fashion Eye” collection evokes a city, region or country through the eye of a fashion photographer, for instance, the extremely offbeat vision of California through the work of the Canadian Kourtney Roy. Partial to self-portraiture and artifice, Roy puts herself in the frame as usual, entering into an off-kilter relationship with her surroundings, one that is infused with fantasy. Further wonderful book cooperations such as SieffSieff Paris or Bourdin Miami can be found on the site:

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Shop • Hello New York – it's time for love! The DANIEL WELLINGTON campaign shoot by Oscar FALK c/o MINK MGMT right on time for the hustle & bustle of Christmas in 2016

22.11.2016 • “Our watches are visible all over the world. Take a look at how other people wear their DW watch and get inspired,” is the headline on the website of watch label DANIEL WELLINGTON. The new campaign was captured by Oscar FALK c/o MINK MGMT on the streets of New York. From whence comes the name? Company founder Filip Tysander made the acquaintance on this particular travel with a British gentleman whose style is both immaculate and unpretentious. The gentleman fancies carrying his vintage watches on old weather-tanned NATO straps. His name? Daniel Wellington.

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Grooming • Male model Luc van Geffen in the DE BIJENKORF luxury shopping campaign - with grooming by Carsten RICHERT c/o CLOSEUPAGENCY

19.11.2016 • It was off to Majorca for hair & make-up artist Carsten RICHERT for the luxury shopping campaign for the leading traditional Dutch department store DE BIJENKORF. In front of the camera of Oof Verschuren for it stood smart male Dutch model Luc van Gefferen.

About - De Bijenkorf
(literally, "the beehive") is a chain of high-end department stores in the Netherlands with its flagship store on Dam Square, Amsterdam. It was founded by Simon Philip Goudsmit (1845–1889). De Bijenkorf is owned by the Weston family that also owns Britain's Selfridges, Canada's Holt Renfrew and Ireland's Brown Thomas.

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Shop • 'Kindheit unter den Eichen' - photographer Oksana Kyzymchuk grants private insight into the story of a small Ukrainian village, a photo book at Kerber and a preview on GoSee

15.11.2016 • The photographs of artist Oksana Kyzymchuk seem immediate, unadorned and direct. The photo book documents the dense social fabric of a culture shaped by agriculture in provincial Ukraine on the edge of Europa.

The focus is above all on images of childhood, in which the universal magic and beauty of being a child emerges. The photo book was published by Kerber Verlag in two different editions. One edition is limited with only 100 copies and includes a DVD with a complementary documentary about the Ukrainian village, produced by the artist.

“The formal brilliance of the photos, the wealth of extremely fine modulations in tonal values, and the lighting moods are very striking. A “monument to childhood” in a rapidly changing world — what a beautiful, strong self-will detached from the relevance criteria of the spirit of the times. The enclosed DVD explores the sound space connected with the world of images that Oksana Guizot presents.” we gladly quote Ulrich Namislow, bestselling author and professor of book design, here on GoSee.

Kindheit unter den Eichen - Oksana...

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Shop • 'Greetings from Anywhere', in in Texas - personal work by Rob HOWARD c/o SARAH LAIRD & GOOD COMPANY on tip toes

15.11.2016 • For his running project titled 'Greeting from Anywhere', which is meant quite literally, photographer Rob HOWARD c/o SARAH LAIRD & GOOD COMPANY sends you his greetings this time from deep in the heart of Texas – for which he captured slice-of-life photos of bootmaker duo Colt & Logan from COBRA ROCK. They both cherish the simple life and the happiness they experience everyday in rural America. We have the photos to prove it for you on GoSee.

About - Colt Miller & Logan Caldbeck are the couple behind Cobra Rock, a made-in-USA boot and leather goods store located in Marfa, Texas. We began designing and making boots together in 2011, and soon after opening our doors, a wait-list for our desert boots grew quickly. Today, with the assistance of a few talented bootmakers and leatherworkers, we bring you our western-inspired designs. Since handmade work takes time, our boots are usually only available by pre-order. We use American leather and our products are made in the USA.

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Shop • 'The London Cookbook' by Aleksadra Crapanzano - with photos by Sang AN c/o SARAH LAIRD & GOOD COMPANY

14.11.2016 • “In The London Cookbook, the London restaurant experience is documented with photographs, profiles of major players and almost 120 recipes, The chapters are organized by types of dishes: light fare, soups, pasta, rice and grains; vegetarian, seafood, fowl, meat, desserts, and chilled desserts – all ending with cocktails (as all good things should end). Each of these chapters share recipes from various restaurants: Ottolenghi's mung & haricot verts, Caravan's corn & chorizo fritters with smoked paprika crème fraîche, and The River Cafe's risotto di peperoni, for example.

There is so much to love about this book, Aleksandra's vast knowledge of the chefs and the restaurants of London, the gorgeous photographs taken by Sang AN (c/o SARAH LAIRD) and the recipes that are approachable to the home cook. She states that she could have easily written a 600-page tome because she had acquired so much research. Perhaps there will be The London Cookbook, Volume II in her future, I hope so.” Text: Jenny, found on:
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Set Design • For the shop winddow decoration of Hamburg's ALSTERHAUS, set designer Sarah ILLENBERGER c/o EMEIS DEUBEL sets the impressive sails

13.11.2016 • For the opening of the luxury hall at Hamburg's ALSTERHAUS, which belongs to the KADEWE Group, set designer Sarah ILLENBERGER c/o EMEIS DEUBEL was inspired by Hamburg's seafarer history and created an impressive shop window installation with 8-meter-high sailing masts which she masterly decorated with various luxury articles.

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Shop • The book CERRO GORDO by David BLACK c/o GIANT ARTISTS, plus his ADIDAS by STELLA MCCARTNEY US OPEN campaign on GoSee

10.11.2016 • David BLACK, Director and photographer from Los Angeles, who works with musicians such as Daft Punk, Cat Power and Kendrick Lamar, is now publishing his new book CERRO GORDO and describes it as “a photographic study of Los Angeles which explores noir themes that cut through the city’s sunshine veneer…’. By the way, Cerro Gordo is also the name of a Californian ghost town from back in the gold and silver rush days.

Also on GoSee: His US OPEN – ADIDAS BY STELLA MCCARTNEY campaign. Which was created in collaboration with the agency Made Thought. Go & See!

About - Cerro Gordo is a photographic study of Los Angeles, California, created over the span of a year. Inspired by how the city of Los Angeles was captured in motion pictures of the 1970s and early 1980s, photographer and director David Black explores noir themes that cut through L.A.’s sunshine veneer—crafting photographs that examine the complex existence between light and dark, and its role in our modern mythologies. Cerro Gordo visually apprehends Los Angeles’ archetypes and identity in popular culture and exposes the...

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Shop • 'I STILL GET CHILLS', the book by and about the ingenious comic illustrator Don Rosa, to be published by EDITION LAMMERHUBER for his 66th birthday and you can be part of it all!

08.11.2016 • DON ROSA is one of the world’s most popular cartoonists. But who is the man behind the ducks, who stopped drawing ten years ago and still attracts a growing fan base? His book “I still get chills” which will be published in celebration of his 66th birthday on 29 June 2017 holds the answer. If you want to be part of it, act now and read on!

HONORABLE MENTION – If this has made you want to order this book NOW, which, as a result of Don Rosa's involvement in its composition, will include many special surprises which must, of course, remain a secret until its publication on DON ROSA’S 66th BIRTHDAY on 29 June 2017, then you can now order the book “I still get chills” by Don Rosa, Alex Jakubowski and Lois Lammerhuber in a numbered and signed edition – for DOUBLE THE RETAIL PRICE.

For this higher price your name will appear on one of the first pages of the book as an HONORABLE MENTION IN DON ROSA’S HANDWRITING, forming an INTRINSIC link with this very personal story of his life. The HONOURABLE MENTION will be printed in each copy of the total edition. Anyone ordering the book now...

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Shop • 'Towards the Horizon' in Edition Lammerhuber, shows Russian village life in poetic black & white photos by Emil Gataullin

08.11.2016 • Russian photographer Emil Gataullin, widely unknown in the West, is a master of poetic black & white photography, a kind of photography reminiscent of Henri Cartier-Bresson. His topic: Russian village life far away from the big decisions and sensations. Gataullin’s work is at the same time documentary and photographic poem, it dances on the thin line between deliberate sparseness and restraint and affectionate composition. Gataullin’s pictures neither glorify nor denigrate. They are a declaration of love for a Russia beyond Moscow.

BIS ZUM HORIZONT / TOWARDS THE HORIZON unveils a photographic hidden treasure. The photos won the Alfred Fried Photography Award in 2014. This magic world of Russian village life is accompanied by a poetic text by Peter-Matthias Gaede, GEO Editor-in-Chief of 20 years.

EMIL GATAULLIN is a Russian monumental and fresco painter. He studied at the V. Surikov Moscow State Academy Art Institute. Shortly after the turn of the millennium, he began to take an interest in photography, and found in photography theorist Alexander Lapin his teacher and...

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