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Go & Buy • Mysterious female nudes and atmospheric nightscapes - Stéphane Coutelle presents "Insomnies" exhibition in Paris and photo book published by Damiani

As part of Photography Month in Paris, Stephane Coutelle, director and beauty photographer, famed for his female portraits, presents his series INSOMNIES, created between 2009 and 2013. "Insomnies is a tale of the night and those timeless moments when you are but half awake and your mind is traveling without control. Across the pages are intimate portraits of women pieced together with night landscapes, creating a confrontation, the beginning of an untold story of the women's wanderings..." says the photographer. The results are imaginative, real but also dreamy photographs of women mixed with atmospheric nightscapes that remind us of the movies.

The fact that many of his images remind us of paintings may be linked to his past as a painter. 15 years ago, before devoting his skills to photography, he presented his large format women’s portraits in exhibitions at spaces including Pariser Hôtel de Ville (1994), Coprim Foundation (Femme du Temps Jamais, 1995) and Art & Patrimoine Gallery (Face B, 1998).

GoSee met Stéphane Coutelle at a private view and asked him how his beautiful project came about.

"I have always worked on personal projects beside my commercial work. 'Insomnies' came naturally, because I am travelling quite a lot I am often jet lagged, so insomniac. I love those moments during ...

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FLORENCIO CRUZ presents his new album ‘We are the Universe’ - cover illustration by Harun 'Shark' DOGAN

Harun 'Shark' DOGAN designed the cover of the new album ‘We are the Universe’ for musician FLORENCIO CRUZ. The native Argentinian writes music for his saxophone, performs and improvises shows and combines the whole thing with experimental house music, electro funk, chill out and ambient sounds. See more here:

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Ruven Afanador - 'Ángel Gitano – The Men of Flamenco'. The Rizzoli book and exhibition at Throckmorton Fine Art NYC

Throckmorton Fine Art is pleased to announce their fourth exhibition of Ruven Afanador photographs, titled Ángel Gitano – The Men of Flamenco. Spencer Throckmorton says, “We are thrilled to be the first to show the extraordinary images in the stunning new book, Ángel Gitano–The Men of Flamenco. Ruven has a unique point of view and these powerful, provocative photographs underscore his ability to delight and seduce viewers with their passionate depiction of the musical world of flamenco. They are a welcome next step is his study of flamenco after the successful publication of Mil Besos, which lent a new perspective to the amazing sensuality of female flamenco dancers.”

Ruven Afanador’s new book will be published by Rizzoli in October, 2014. Ángel Gitano was designed by acclaimed art director Mary Shanahan, with an introduction contributed by Academy Award-winning film icon Diane Keaton. The hardcover edition features 244 metallic edged pages, 142 black and white photographs, deluxe dimensions of 11 x 14, and a French-fold jacket. It will retail for $95.

The images of Ángel Gitano will be exhibited in the United States, Latin America and Europe, beginning with Throckmorton Fine Art in New York. A companion to Mil Besos, Afanador’s collection of photographs of the women of flamenco ...

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Design • Slanted Magazine #24 – Istanbul, Release: October 2014

Istanbul – the city on the Bosphorus – is famous for its countless minarets, magnificent palaces, colorful markets and traders, seagulls and stray cats. Istanbul is the only metropolis in the world that unites two continents. Traditional crafts collide with a young and blossoming art and design scene, which is slowly changing the face and image of the city.

Slanted takes a close-up look at contemporary design work and all the tumultuous developments in this cultural melting pot city balanced between the Orient and the Occident. On their one-week-trip the Slanted team met 15 design studios and produced comprehensive studio portraits which provide a vivid and up-to-the-minute picture of the scene. The resulting video interviews have been enriched with video material from the Shutterstock collection. Thanks to Augmented Reality and the Junaio app, readers can easily watch embedded videos of the Istanbul turu on mobile devices. The issue is thematically complemented by illustrations, photography and fine art from contemporary culture.

The cover is dedicated to Metin Edremit, the designer of the original “Istanbul symbol” whose design won first place in a competition 1969. The “logo” symbolizes many things, such as the seven hills upon which Istanbul was built and the city skyline. With small, formal changes, it now ...

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film • Let's play – because if it feels good .... director duo WOLF & LAMM film AMORELIE spot

Forget all reason. AMORELIE online store for playful adults has launched its first spot seducing us with sweets. Director duo Wolf & Lamm dish up the filmed ‘dessert’, presenting their highly successful debut as advertising directors. Two more spots by experienced Hamburg film production company ELEMENT E will follow soon – GoSee will be reporting. Stuck for gifts: how about an alternative advent calendar? As seen on

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music • Newcomer talent KOVACS presents her debut EP ‘My Love’ with a dark and gloomy music video – directed by Sandin PUCE

Singer KOVACS just launched her debut EP. The romantic title ‘My Love’ nicely clashes with the gloomy imagery in her music video, directed by Sandin PUCE. Dutch talent Sharon Kovacs is only 24-years old but has deep soul and heartfelt emotions in her voice, like a grand dame. The artist on here influences: ‘I listen to a lot of Billie Holiday, Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone, Dinah Washington… I also like Tina Turner and Janis Joplin. Female singers with personalities, who really lived. You can hear all of their emotions when they are singing, that always attracted me.’ Her album will come out in 2015.

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perfect gift • Marie-Christine GERBER takes pictures for art project ‘Get Some’ balls

‘These balls are for people with balls - sometimes they need to remember that they have some - so get some.’ Marie-Christine GERBER took pictures of the ‘gems’ for art project ‘Get Some’ balls (see the film here). So go & order your balls for CHF 95.00 online. ...

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Fall Berlin Wall! Bridgeman Images presents pictures in line with the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall

The anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall came around for the 25th time in November 2014. On 13 August 1961 the construction of the Berlin Wall had begun: barbed wire and roadblocks divided East and West Berlin. The aim was to stop the exodus from the GDR to the West. It was not until 28 years later, on 8th / 9th November that the dramatic events of autumn 1989 resulted in the long-awaited opening of the Wall. BRIDGEMAN IMAGES has pictures of the moving moment in their image archive. See a selection here on GoSee and visit BRIDGEMAN IMAGES for more. 

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Thanks to the support of our GoSee Members PATRICIA McMAHON, THE REP, RECOM, TWENTYFOURSEVEN, ARTISTGROUP MIERAU, PAVLEYE and AGENT MOLLY (HolyMoly- we love her bags!) we were able to make yet another publication in newspaper format for UPDATE 14. GoSee is delighted to share a selection of contents with you. Cover photograph by Armin Moorbach, GoSee illustration by Jim Avignon, Berlin. And a big thanks from ...

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IdN v21n4 : Pattern Special – Brand in Pattern

Integrating patterns into a brand's language is never an easy task. It can often add something aesthetically memorable. Playing devil's advocate on the other hand, it can also clutter and confuse. Discover how these creatives take on the challenge and level up various identities to new peaks. Sneak preview on GoSee.

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