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Shop • Interior motifs for Danish design BY THORNAM - two interior motifs photographed by Lars RANEK c/o STILLSTARS

19.06.2017 • BY THORNAM is a Danish Design Lab, founded by designer Mads Thornam. Mads on the motivation for founding his studio: “In Denmark, we have a proud design heritage that has spawned some of the greatest classics in the world. We are renowned for our craftsmanship, our attention to detail and our unique Scandinavian look, but I have missed alternatives that add new perspectives to Danish design and that excite all your senses, open your creative mind while at the same time challenging ‘normality’. ' We bring you his latest design, photographed by Lars RANEK c/o STILLSTARS.

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Shop • EDITION LAMMERHUBER presents the illustrated book 'BAOBAB – The Magic Tree' Photos by French Photographer Pascal Maitre on the fascinating world of the Baobab trees of Madagascar

16.06.2017 • In his 27 travels to Madagascar, French photographer Pascal Maitre, for whom Africa is an endless source of stories and photos, has documented again and again the magical world of this magic tree - the Baobab.

“Pascal Maitre's beautiful photographs contained in this book illustrate how fascinating these unique and mythical trees are,” we learn in the preface by Jacques Rocher, Honorary President of the Yves Rocher Foundation – Institut de France.

PASCAL MAITRE started his career as a photo journalist in 1979 at the publishing house Groupe Jeune Afrique. He works for magazines such as GEO, Paris Match, L’Express, Stern and National Geographic. His photos have been on display in exhibitions around the globe, such as four times at the most prestigious photo festival for reportage, Visa pour l'Image in Perpignan. Pascal Maitre has received numerous awards, including the Photojournalism National Magazine Award 2010, USA.

The Magic Tree – Der Zauberbaum – L´arbre magique, Pascal Maitre, 21 x 28 cm, 112 pages, 50 photos, English, German, French, hardcover, bound in...

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Shop • Modern hippie styles in the GYPSY TRUCK S/S 2017 campaign of the NOMAD BOHEMIAN boutique, with photos by Markus HENTTONEN c/o STÖVER PHOTOGRAPHERS

11.06.2017 • Markus HENTTONEN c/o STÖVER PHOTOGRAPHERS photographed the GYPSY TRUCK Spring & Summer 2017 campaign for the NOMAD BOHEMIAN boutique. Created in exclusive hippie styles and wonderfully natural light was this great spread for the unique shopping experience...

About - Gypsy Truck, Spain’s first fashion truck, is a mobile nomad Bohemian boutique that offers limited pieces, high brand treasures and gypsy items, all handpicked by its creator, Natàlia Puiggros. She remains at the forefront of the project with a worldwide vision of expansion. Gypsy Truck first debuted in July of 2015 at the island of Formentera, a destination of Bohemian jet-setters who appreciate exclusive editions and high-quality designs.

An old walk-thru truck, from the extinct British brand Commer, that used to be a ride for wanderers seeking for the hippie Californian lifestyle. The designs that cover the truck are original drawings from those adventurous souls that traveled along with the Gypsy Truck back in the 70s.

The NEW original brand Gypsy Truck, inspired by different cultures, eclectic designs and...

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Shop • BINU BEAUTY campaign and Image Shots - the photos for the innovative facial soaps by Markus MUELLER c/o VISUALEYES ARTISTS

11.06.2017 • BINU soaps are 100% natural and combine the oldest detergent in the world with a wealth of new effective herbal ingredients from Korea. In Korea, facial soaps are an ongoing trend since more and more people suffer from contact allergies, neurodermatitis, or acne. Because of their solid form, soaps can do without any potentially skin-irritating synthetic preservatives. Natural soaps and their natural ingredients are also very skin-friendly. The image campaign for BINU BEAURY was photographed by Markus MUELLER c/o VISUALEYES ARTISTS.

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Shop • GoSee Tip : 'Florian Geiss – Gimme Shelter' from the American Way of Life of a new generation. An illustrated book published by Hatje Cantz

07.06.2017 • Hatje Cantz just published with 'Gimme Shelter' intimate portraits, wide open landscapes and timeless lifestyle photos by Florian Geiss. “Gimme Shelter is a book whose photographs focus on their protagonists’ search for identity and individuality within the iconic, tense context known as the American way of life. With their interplay of light and shadow, and minimal, yet succinct colors, these works of art unite formal elements of cinematic advertising aesthetics with traditional American color photography...” says the publishing company.

The photographer tells GoSee: “GimmeShelter is set at the intersection of photography, film, art and fashion. It is an intensely sensual road trip which provokes yearning and irritation. In our Western civilization, we have achieved every so-called ideal: freedom, democracy, prosperity. The "American Way of Life" dreamed by so many seems fulfilled. And yet I sense great uncertainty and disorientation among the younger generation. Among other things, their constant self-expression is a sign of their search for their own identity and sense of...

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Shop • 'These Boots are made for Working' - Gary COPELAND c/o ALYSSA PIZER MANAGEMENT photographs the life of a shoe for DANNER Boots

05.06.2017 • The big picture including a peek behind-the-scenes is brought to you by photographer Gary COPELAND c/o ALYSSA PIZER MANAGEMENT in his photo reportage for DANNER boots, which were sold in stores for the first time in 1932. The rough path they had to take afterward, in how many areas of work real Danner boots are at home – is shown in the motifs by Gary Copeland.

About - In 1932 Charles Danner opened his bootmaking business, risking his future on a stubborn belief that, regardless of the economy, superior craftsmanship mattered. While much has changed since the first Danner boot was made, our dedication to crafting a superior product has not. Building on the same traditions and high standards of quality instilled by Charles Danner and his family generations ago, Danner continues to design and manufacture a complete line of hiking, hunting, uniform, work, and lifestyle boots in its world-class factory in Portland, Ore., USA. The company also operates in many channels around the world, including wholesale sales, specialty retail stores, mail-order companies, direct consumer sales...

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Shop • Image motifs for the winery MARKUS ALTENBURGER by photographer Dieter STEINBACH c/o AVENGER

05.06.2017 • “Leaving well enough alone seems quite difficult for Austrians. So it's an exercise of self-discipline of sorts in the beginning, to pass by the trimmed and truncated vineyards of colleagues. Only after time does one acquire an eye for the fantastic, natural beauty of twisted rows of grape vines, in which the bees, butterflies and all kinds of beneficial insects have regained the upper hand.” Dieter STEINBACH c/o AVENGER was on the road for MARKUS ALTENBURGER, the Winegrower Revolutionary, who didn't hesitate to turn the family vineyard from white to red wildly proliferating grapes. His favorite is the blue Frankish grape, the vineyard's finest. Go & See:

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Shop • 'Architecture of an Existential Threat' – Adam Reynolds' documentation of the shelters in Israel, as an illustrated book at Edition Lammerhuber and an exhibition at the Jewish Museum Vienna

03.06.2017 • In Israel there are more than 1 million public and private bunkers. Israeli law stipulates that every citizen must have access to a shelter. For more than two years, American photographer Adam Reynolds photographed these ‘Doomsday spaces’ over a period of two years in all of their facets, opening a window into the collective mindset of this threatened country. With a text by Danielle Spera, Director of the Jewish Museum in Vienna. The photos are also on display in an exhibition on Judenplatz in Vienna.

Since its foundation in 1948, the state of Israel has felt isolated and under threat from enemies. This collective siege mentality manifests itself with over 1 million public and private shelters, found across the whole country. Israeli law stipulates that every citizen must have access to a shelter that can be sealed in case of an attack with unconventional weapons. The Israelis have integrated these ‘Armageddon rooms’ into their everyday life and ‘transformed’ them into spaces that look like normal dance studios, bars or temples. For many people in Israel who live with a...

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Shop • GoSee Book Tip : 28MM Edition I Manhattan - TOMASO BALDESSARINI presents adventure, encounters and stories from his stay in New York as a visual self-portrait and homage to the poetry of everyday life

01.06.2017 • Berlin-based TOMASO BALDESSARINI captured his experiences in New York in the photo book titled 28MM Edition I Manhattan. The book was curated in cooperation with Bianca Winter, art producer and co-owner of SOLOMON WINTER. It was released in May, and a release party in Berlin is expected to take place in summer.

For photographer Tomaso Baldessarini, 28MM is a very personal project, for which he had to face his own fears on his photographic journey: He was confronted with a feeling of strangeness and reticence.

“My wonderful curator Bianca Winter taught me visual order. She has over 21 years experience as an art buyer and has worked with colleagues we all know. For example, Lindbergh or Richardson. A merciless eye precedes her, and I appreciate that very much. Her experience made the book something very special. When you meet someone who understands a vision without a lot of words, that is an incredibly beneficial situation. We had a selection of 10,000 photos, 400 km of walks and unbelievable pain are in this book. But I have also learned to work with just a camera and a...

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