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Shop • GoSeeAWARDS14 winner Markus Henttonen publishes his road movie 'Twisted Tales Road to Hope' - a visual search for paradise lost. Illustrated book and Collector's Edition by Hatje Cantz

27.08.2015 • The poetic touch of Markus Henttonen's artwork already convinced the jury members at last year's GoSeeAWARDS. Now the series titled 'Twisted Tales. Road to Hope' has finally been published in the form of a book by Hatje Cantz. The photographer born 1976 in Finland’s Lahti takes us on a journey. His road movie leads us through a land which is a mirror image of life itself: With his atmospheric images, he shows us seemingly random everyday situations or also very personal experiences from the past and dreamlike sequences, always with an emotional undertone and open for interpretation.

"Twisted Tales is like life, a unique and exciting travel with joy and sadness of desire and despair combining the most personal with things common. Memories, dreams and reality mix up to profound layers. Despite the flashbacks from the past and the unexpected turns this journey is going forward. It almost feels like a puzzle that will never really be complete. There will always be something little out of place, a little bit twisted... :"

As a special treat, Hatje Cantz is offering two...

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in the movies • New in cinemas: COCONUT HERO, an enchantingly tragic independent comedy about the meaning of life. Director: Florian COSSEN c/o FRÖHLICH MANAGEMENT

26.08.2015 • The edgy independent comedy COCONUT HERO is already the second film by Director Florian COSSEN to be shown in movie theaters after 'Das Lied in mir' (The Song in Me). In the comedy with an equally challenging as breathtaking topic, life battles death – with casualties on both sides. The German-Canadian independent comedy was filmed in Canada.

The subject: no friends, no father, no perspective – Mike Tyson is 16 years old, is tired of life and wants to die. He writes his own obituary and shoots himself in the head. To his great disappointment, he doesn't wake up in heaven the next day, but in the city hospital. That is when his fate suddenly turns: During a routine examination, doctors discover a walnut-sized tumor in his head. Mike can hardly believe his luck and hides the disease in order to avoid the life-saving operation. Certain death before his eyes, Mike's feelings about his environment change – he finds love.

Florian Cossen sketches an edgy tragic comedy about the meaning of life, death, and the power of destiny. The leading roles are played by Alex Ozerov, Bea...

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Hair & Make-up • Knut WÖRNER shoots the KENNEL & SCHMENGER F/W 2015 shoe campaign - hair & Make-up by Pia Valeska NIEDERMEIER

26.08.2015 • In southern Spain's Almeria, fashion photographer Knut WÖRNER realized the new KENNEL & SCHMENGER shoe campaign for Fall/Winter 2015/2016 and also took the role of Art Director with the support of his FRÖHLICH MANAGEMENT colleague and visagist Pia Valeska NIEDERMEIER. The behind-the-scenes video for the shoot is right here.

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Shop • 'Always choose dare.' Photographer Miko LIM stages the ULTIMATE EARS campaign for Greenlight

25.08.2015 • PATRICIA MCMAHON photographer Miko LIM staged the ULTIMATE EARS campaign somewhere between party-hearty beach antics and completely relaxed vacation vibes. Smack dab in the middle of it all: the brand new 'UE Roll' wireless system that fits in your pocket. Creative direction was in the hands of Greenlight L.A.

About - UE ROLL pumps out insane sound, in every direction, wherever you go. It’s the powerful pint-sized wireless Bluetooth® speaker that brings the noise to hidden beaches, cliff jumps, and mountain climbs. // show complete news


Shop • ProfiFoto issue 9/15 - ProfiFoto magazine's September 2015 issue is now available at newsstands with a special on the topic of Sony A7R II

24.08.2015 • The Sony α full-frame system with presently five E-mount models in the α7 family is one of today's most innovative camera systems and is becoming more and more an alternative for professionals and switching DSLR users. The new top model α7R II is ringing in a new era of professional photography with mirrorless full-frame cameras. Find out everything about the α7 family in the special.

The technology section of the new ProfiFoto issue provides laboratory and field tests of the Canon EOS 5DS and EOS 5DS R. Even before the two 50 megapixel models from the EOS 5er series came out on the market, they were the cause of speculation and controversial discussion. Time for an unexcited background report which presents the facts and combines the results from the lab with the practical field experience.

Next up is the Panasonic Lumix GX8. Photograph first – then set the focus – that sounds like light-field technology. But Panasonic takes a different technical approach with the Post Focus function. Plus the new magazine comes with spreads, among others, from the Leica Oskar Barnack...

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Shop • GoSee Tip : 'Hello Again!' – We are 'Over the Clouds' with the Album of the Summer by our GoSee friends KLEE, campaign photos and three videos on GoSee – marsil feeling included

20.08.2015 • Our GoSee friends from KLEE, our amazing UPdate13 warm-up live act you surely remember, are back again with their fresh summer album HELLO AGAIN and hits like "Über den Wolken", "Immer wieder geht die Sonne auf", "Du bist nicht allein", "Ohne Dich" or "Hello Again". On HELLO AGAIN, old favorites from names the likes of Howard Carpendale, Rex Gildo, Münchner Freiheit, Michael Holms, Udo Lindenberg and many more are clad in a new bossa nova robe and interpreted in a very unique way with a linguistically surprising twist. The lyrics usually sung by men are taken over by singer Suzie and re-invented in a language ranging from delicate to smirky.

The result is a cover album with a touch of easy summer happy listening or is it more happy easy summer listening? Whatever. The campaign for the new album HELLO AGAIN from KLEE aka Suzie Kerstgens and Sten Servaes was mainly captured at one of the duo's favorite places in Cologne: Hotel marsil. Whoever had the pleasure of staying there will surely recognize one or two corners of the enchanted Cologne gem in the Video of "Du bist nicht...

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Shop • Indian epic blockbuster Bajirao Mastani in movie theaters December 2015 - the Warrior Queen look of Deepika Padukone by H&M wizard Gabriel GEORGIOU

19.08.2015 • Bajirao Mastani is the name of the milestone Indian historic romance by director and producer Sanjay Leela Bhansali. The film tells the story of Maratha Peshwa Baji Rao I and his second wife Mastani. Maratha, which is the name of the kingdom in Marathen, was a state in central India (1674–1818), which almost became a superpower in the 18th century. Apart from his role in the fall of the Mughal Empire, he also initiated a renewal of hindu influence in India.

The two main characters are played by Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone, with an appearance of Priyanka Chopra in the role of Bajirao's first wife. For the key looks of Bollywood darling Deepika Padukone as the Warrior Queen in this high-gloss blockbuster, Gabriel GEORGIOU c/o ANIMA CREATIV was on set for several months.

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Hair • 'Make Life Outstanding' - Hauke KRAUSE on a hair mission for the S.OLIVER perfume campaign

19.08.2015 • The new S.OLIVER perfume campaign celebrates the fragrance pair 'Outstanding' with the sharp model Johan JOHANSSON c/o KULT MODELS and  KULT hair artist Hauke ...

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music • 'Hurray the world is coming to an end'! Christoph VOY photographs all-inclusive for the Berlin hip-Hop formation K.I.Z.

19.08.2015 • 'Hurray the world is coming to an end'. The K.I.Z. album is number 1 in the German album charts and number 1 in the Swiss album charts… is Austria next? The COSMOPOLA photographer Christoph VOY shot the K.I.Z. album cover and booklet, promotion photos, the articles printed in Zeit mag, and the 'Das Wetter' cover, plus the 4-pc. Juice cover with military precision for the Berlin hip-hop formation. He learned how to attach a swing to a tank, where the most jet plane wrecks can be found in Brandenburg and how to cook vegetable soup in a soldier’s helmet. K.I.Z. looks forward to gold and GoSee is happy for ...

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GoSeeAWARDS15 • GoSee Reminder : Lyon, Berlin, Copenhagen... the H.O.M.E. July/August 2015 issue with Europe city guide featuring 20 cities and 200 tips for design fans - and H.O.M.E. in the GoSeeAWARDS15 jury

18.08.2015 • H.O.M.E magazine goes for summer and is now presenting an exciting city guide, which celebrates Europe's best 20 cities – with over 200 tips for design fans. Hotels, restaurants, shops, and impressive architecture! H.O.M.E. tells GoSee: "We GUARANTEE you 90% brand new locations!" And we have a little sneak preview for you on GoSee.

And submit your creative spreads, photo projects, and illustrations for the GoSeeAWARDS. The photo specialists of the modern furniture magazine will be there too.

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