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Shop • THOMAS VON SALOMON wins the the 'Berliner Type' Gold Award for the photo book project 'UpDown', which was supported by Opel Classic

22.07.2015 • GoSee member THOMAS VON SALOMON and Raum III, Florian Stürmer received the the 'Berliner Type' Gold Award in July for the self-promotion project titled 'UpDown', which was published in a limited edition of only 100 issues. How were the pictures created? "We hung the race cars up by their axles and hoisted them about 6 to 8 meters using a crane. Then I positioned myself in the center beneath them, set up the lighting and got started. I had assumed that all cars look more or less the same underneath, and I was totally surprised that exactly the opposite is true. This is one of the reasons why I find personal projects like this one so interesting," says the photographer in his interview with OPEL.

Uwe Mertin, Manager Opel Classic, about the project: " We wanted to try something new for a photo spread and photograph the vehicles from above. When Thomas von Salomon told us about his idea to also show the opposite view from the bottom, I first thought it was a joke, but he was serious. Now I am thrilled about the result. Hardly anyone has seen our race cars from this exceptional...

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Shop • JENS KOCH photographs the 'Boy7' protagonists Emilia Schüle and David Kross

21.07.2015 • On 20 August, 2015, the action adventure 'Boy7' starts in the German movie theaters. The film, which is based on the bestseller by Mirjam Mous, is about 2 protagonists, who try to decipher their dark past after suffering amnesia. JENS KOCH photographed the leading actress Emilia Schüle and David Kross (Krabat, Der Vorleser, Die Vermessung der Welt,…) as a part of the film promotion. We present the appealing result for you on GoSee.