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Shop • LINKIMAGE : the Swedish premium photo archive presents mystical landscapes, untouched nature and dreamy forests by new entry Philip KARLBERG on GoSee

17.01.2017 • LINK IMAGE now presents the comprehensive and multifaceted photo archive of Phillip KARLBERG, commercial still life and interior photographer from Stockholm. For almost twenty years, he has impressed with elegant compositions, the interplay with light and and his keen eye for details. Philip KARLBERG’S passion for photography takes him around the world but also into the depths of the picturesque nature of Sweden, between moist moss and sharp cliff formations.

“In the studio everything is controlled, cappuccinos are served, music is playing, the devil is in the detail and nothing is left by chance. Besides my studio work, I am also working on a few personal landscape projects. Over the years, I have found that I appreciate the beauty of being out in the nature more and more.”

Whenever Philip KARLBERG is not in the middle of a project for clients and magazines such as VOGUE, BANG & OLUFSEN, SWAROVSKI, GEORG JENSEN, PLAZA, KING MAGAZINE, KASTHALL, or VOLVO, he is busy photographing landscapes from a boat, well away from land. "His nature photography is shot in the archipelago...

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Shop • FRED HERZOG 'REALITY IN COLOR' – the pioneer of color photography uses modern colors to tell stories from the streets in the 50s to the 80s. An illustrated book with previously unreleased photo material at Hatje Cantz

11.01.2017 • Hatje Cantz presents a new FRED HERZOG monograph with more than 230 photos, the majority of which have never before been reproduced, and the hitherto most comprehensive publication on the oeuvre of this significant photographer, who emigrated from Germany to Canada.

Fred Herzog (*1930) is known for his unusual use of color in the fifties and sixties, a time when art photography was almost exclusively associated with black and white imagery. The Canadian photographer worked almost exclusively with Kodachrome slide film for over 50 years, and only in the past decade has technology allowed him to make archival pigment prints that match the exceptional color and intensity of the Kodachrome slide. In this respect, his photographs can be seen as a pre-figuration of the New Color photographers of the seventies

“I imagined how I might have to show people fifty or a hundred years later what the city used to look like,” the photographer tells us.

Texts by David Campany, Hans-Michael Koetzle, Jeff Wall
2016. Approx. 320 pp., approx. 230 ills. ,...

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Shop • Where and how do cars sleep in Los Angeles? Edition Lammerhuber presents 'Sleeping Cars' by reportage photographer Gerd Ludwig

06.01.2017 • Gerd Ludwig :"There are more than seven million registered vehicles in Los Angeles County, California/USA. Images of traffic jams are omnipresent. But where do all those cars go to rest? These photographs examine where LA cars are spending their nights. In middle-class neighborhoods people often have 1-2 car garages but rather use them for storage. So cars are left on the streets to park overnight, often getting covered during holidays, or when their owners are out of town. The series shows cars that have a presence. They command their space. They are mostly loners and shy away from being too close to others. Many sleep in covers, wearing them like nightgowns, though some sleep in the nude. Some take daytime naps, a few lucky ones sleep in pairs."

GERD LUDWIG has been working for National Geographic for 25 years. His focus on environmental issues and the socio-economic changes following the dissolution of the Soviet Union after the end of the Cold War. Ludwig's photos are exhibited worldwide in exhibitions and have received awards, including the Lucie Award as "International...

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Shop • 'OR ROUGE - Invoke Youth Experience Pleasure'. The YVES SAINT LAURENT 'Or Rouge' campaign motif by Peter LIPPMANN c/o PHOTOBY

06.01.2017 • 'THE OR ROUGE COLLECTION - YSL combines one of nature’s most precious ingredients with cutting-edge science to create an exceptional skincare line.' For the Agency 133 Publizist and the client YVES SAINT LAURENT, Peter LIPPMANN realized a campaign motif for the luxurious face cream 'Or Rouge'.

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Shop • Daniela Katzenberger 2017 calendar takes you back in time to the 40s to the 50s - with hair & aake-up by Oswin SCHÜRMANN c/o BIGOUDI

28.12.2016 • We quote: "Daniela Katzenberger, as no one knows her. In her 2017 calendar, Germany's iconic blonde bombshell inspires her fans with opulent, lovingly staged shots in the style of Hollywood in the 40s and 50s – a tribute to the Grand Dames of film history. Whether vamp or diva - you have never seen Daniela Katzenberger like this before!" Hair & make-up were done by Oswin Schürmann c/o BIGOUDI, and photos were shot by Stefan Pick.

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Shop • EDITION LAMMERHUBER presents in the book 'Die schönste Landschaft der Welt' (The most beautiful landscape in the world) visual stories and lyrical photos of a landscape in Lower Austria's Mostviertel

13.12.2016 • Soft, mild, sensual! An infinite landscape park before the first hay harvest, a geometric wonder in winter and when 200 000 cider pear trees are in blossom – pure magic. Multiple award-winning photographer Lois Lammerhuber and acclaimed author Evelyn Schlag take readers on a journey to a landscape of harmonious superlatives – full of poetry and geometric patterns, plus the seasons as sights you just have to see.

This magic world of soft, green hills, a white ocean of thousands upon thousands cider trees in blossom, and farms resembling castles: Not just a fairy tale – the most beautiful landscape in the world. It's located in Lower Austria and is called the Mostviertel region. Author Evelyn Schlag and photographer Lois Lammerhuber have the proof.

For several years, the author and photographer have followed the same route of only 56 kilometers again and again, which winds along "the ridge" of the northernmost rim of the Alps between Kürnberg and Sonntagberg. On the one side, there's a 400-meter drop into the Danube valley which expands the panoramic view all the way to the...

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Shop • Also a way to tell a story... FRANK HORVAT – AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY IN PICTURES, the biography published by Hatje Cantz

12.12.2016 • “Nearly nine decades of life and seven decades of a career in photography: the visual autobiography Frank Horvat | Photographic Autobiography is anything but an ordinary photography book,” says the publishing company Hatje Cantz about its new publication. “Instead, it's an intimate witness to a chequered past, a loving memorial to enduring snapshots and an impressive documentary of the history of photography.”

“In order to take a good picture, it’s not enough for a scene to be funny or comical,” Frank Horvat (*1928) knows from experience. “A good photo emerges when something enduring is captured. What, I can’t say, but something has to last.”

Frank Horvat (*1928 in Abbazia, today Opatija, Croatia), a pioneering fashion photographer and one of the first professional photographers to use Photoshop, can meanwhile look back at around seventy years of activity and a dazzling career. He now allows us very personal insight into his private life: the autobiography in pictures reveals personal moments from all phases of his life. We encounter the great themes of humankind, such as...

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