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'We the children' – a project by UNICEF Deutschland, GEO and Edition Lammerhuber presented at Frankfurt Book Fair 2014

The UN convention on children’s rights will celebrate its 25th anniversary on 20 November 2014 and “We the Children“ the book celebrates this birthday. 45 top international photographers share their moving and awareness raising photo reportages of the lives of children from 42 countries. In touching, sometimes shocking images, “We the Children“ presents how children grow up, what they wish for and how their basic rights are revoked. The worldwide photo reportages in this photo book have a message. It is: “look and take action!” UNICEF ambassador Sabine Christiansen commented at the book launch at Frankfurt Book Fair.

Visitors to the book fair were welcomed with ten large format posters at the entrance. ARD and Hessischer Rundfunk showed interest, Austrian Cultural Minister Josef Ostermayer visited the stall as did Frankfurt Mayor Peter Feldmann, TV celebrities such as Marie-Luise ¬Marjan and Sabine Christiansen sat on the podium, joined by politician Tom Koenigs and international photographers such as Chris de Bode, Patricia Willocq and Henri-Nannen Award Winner Kai Löffelbein.

However, the stall shared by the publishers and UNICEF was at its busiest when 250 ‘book pilots’, boys and girls from local schools, turned up. They were there to see “We the Children“, a ...

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Design • Typodarium 2015 – with a fresh font for every day

The secret typographical weapon against typotony, a curable form of typographical monotony, frequently manifested through the symptom of constant use of the same font (preferably Helvetica). You know true typography buffs by the brace of little boxes that can be found in their desk drawers: 9 by 12 cm in size, neon green and orange, bright blue and pink, chrome silver and navy blue, filled to the brim with little strips of paper, creative professionals’ nectar and ambrosia, your trusty companion for typography ideas outside of the mainstream. It’s the Typodarium’s second life on earth – how practical!

But even before its reincarnation, the chubby little calendar is there for you: supplying handy daily typography inspiration right on your desk, your kitchen table, or right off your wall, delighting professionals, surprising beginners and giving anyone and everyone a taste of the gorgeous diversity of modern font design. For seven years now, the Typodarium has proven an irreplaceable asset for all manner of font aficionados all over the world!

This year around, our colour palette is inspired by Mexico: The Typodarium’s vibrant pink and resplendent yellow will deliver fresh exotic inspirations and brilliant sunlight straight to your desktop. Jury members Philippe Apeloig, Alexander Branczyk, Martina Flor, Ivo Gabrowitsch ...

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Design • Poladarium 2015 - fourth edition of the mini calendar

Now the Polaroid tear-off calendar is published for the fourth time, revealing for every day in 2015 an instant image with its own little story. 365 times, the calendar shows the almost intimate snapshots of well-known photographers and newcomers, professionals and individuals.

A tear-off calendar of the sort you will remember from your grandmother's kitchen. On the front of each calendar page there is a Polaroid in original size, on the back a little text to the emergence of a picture and information about the photographer and the film used. 

365 lovingly selected Polas, printed using highquality techniques with a gloss finish on special paper, supplied in a beautifully designed collector's box. The perfect gift for anyone who loves old Polas and real photography!

Poladarium 2015 Creative Direction: Boris Kahl, Editors: Lars Harmsen, Raban Ruddigkeit . Publishing house: seltmann+söhne, Kunst- und Fotobuchverlag . Volume: 380 sheets . Format: 9,8 x 11,7 x 8,4 cm . Language: English . Specials: glued, photos with glossy finish, box to archive . ISBN-13: 978-3-944721-06-4 . Price: 29,90 Euro

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GO gaba - the Brain Booster from Mexico served at GoSee UPDATE Berlin

The launch of the Mexican beverage GO gaba is expanding the European range of targeted functional beverages and innovative non-alcoholic thirst quenchers.

After coffee, mate and guarana, the latest drinkable natural stimulant comes from Mexico. Once again, it's associated with an active but stress-free "viva la vida" lifestyle. Chilling out is totally nineties... but feeling wired after three cups of coffee isn't exactly cool either.

GO gaba vitalises the spirit without over-stimulating the body. The drink contains a hydrolised milk protein as an active ingredient. Still it is lactose-free and is suitable for all ages. Its herbal ingredients, such as green tea extract and vitamin C, enhance the immune system and ensure a fruity taste with low calories.

The tropical lifestyle drink will be served at upcoming UPDATE14 in Berlin. Nico Stinghe (Anothersidewalk) is director of photography for the German ...

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IdN v21n3: - Editorial Illustration – New Faces of Inspiration on GoSee

Editorial illustration is more than just an added extra to give a page of dense type eye-appeal — it can actually add significantly to the interpretation of a story, especially if it features a face. We asked 10 specialists to share their trade secrets with us. Here the sneak preview for you on GoSee, more under :

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UPDATE14 MAGAZINE - SNEAK PREVIEW at GoSeeAWARDS Finalists, meet the judges, exhibitor directory and GoSee News

UPDATE MAGAZINE accompanies the salon event on 24 October. Features include interviews with the judges lending their expertise to GoSeeAWARDS, finalists from the 12 categories… Grab your own copy at

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Hair & Make-up • New TUSH MAGAZINE out now! With Rihanna, Lily McMenamy, SCHWARZKOPF beauty special and exclusive hair and make-up support from the BALLSAAL artists

The usual unique methodology and plenty of elbow grease were applied to the second booklet in 2014, resulting in a proud 288 pages weighing in at 1.2 kilos and an impressive width of 2cm. Superstar Rihanna is in good company, with models Lily McMenamy and Alana Bunte in breathtaking spreads by Gomillion & Leupold, Driu & Tiago, Liz Collins, Markus Jans and Stefan Milev as well as Armin Morbach. As always, countless BALLSAAL artists were there to lend their beauty expertise. The perfect look was achieved with SCHWARZKOPF products. The Ballsaal team comprising Patrick GORRA, Loni BAUR and Isabel EILER created three great beauty images especially for TUSH ...

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“How a house becomes a home” - Brita SÖNNICHSEN documents dream interiors for the new publication by CALLWEY

CALLWEY publishing has released a new 192-page book dedicated to turning your living space into a home. Brita SÖNNICHSEN documented the charming interiors inspired by writer Stefanie Luxat’s ideas.

“We have come to stay! Is the thought that should be running through our mind when we move into a new place. Not: we have come to, well let’s just see what happens.” Stefanie Luxat is an interiors expert and one of Germany’s most successful lifestyle bloggers. She starts her new book, “how to turn a house into a home” with a call against moving boxes that take up too much space, wallpaper and paint that no one actually likes and the cowardice to make any changes because “I’ll be moving out soon anyway”. This book seeks to inspire people everywhere to embrace interiors, surround yourself with things you love even if you are just renting.

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Mauritius Images presents inspiring new illustration pictures and artwork

MAURITIUS IMAGES presents inspiring new illustration pictures. Germany’s biggest owner managed and independent picture agency covers photographic artwork as well as the following categories: fashion, politics, kids, travel and food. The team of advisors is experienced and hot on content, always operating true to their motto ‘picture your vision’. See a selection of the current images here on GoSee and much more at the Mauritius Images archive.

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Styling • Jewellery brand of the Year 2014 COEUR DE LION shows their current campaign picture – styling by Âsa LUNDSTRÖM

Liganord stylist Âsa LUNDSTRÖM created the subtle and sophisticated styling on set of the COEUR DE LION campaign shoot. The costume jewellery label ‘Handmade in Germany’ recently won the Jewellery brand of the Year 2014 award. GoSee Premium member CHRIS TRIBELHORN took the ...

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