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Books • Four awards at the Frankfurt Book Fair for KRISTINA KORB photographer Hubertus SCHÜLER - here for you on GoSee: appetizing motifs from Silver winning book 'MÄNNERKOCHSCHULE'

18.10.2016 • Food photographer Hubertus SCHÜLER c/o KRISTINA KORB took home less than four awards at the Book Fair in Frankfurt. The ’German Gastronomic Academy’ gave Gold for the ’Gesundheitsküche neuester Stand’ (together with Frau Dr. Anne Fleck and the Lanserhof Wellnesshotel). The further books titled ’Männerkochschule’ (Falken Publishing at Random House), ’Grillgut’ and ’Kochbibel’ were awarded Silver by the jury. Foodstylist on all book projects was Stefan Mungenast. Here on GoSee, we have the appetizing motifs for you from the book ’Männerkochschule’. Frankfurter Book Fair is open from 19 thru 23 October, 2016 and was founded in 1949 by the Stock Association of German book retailers.

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Shop • GoSee loves ... ANZENBERGER EDITION presents the anatomy & art book Francesca Catastinis – The modern Spirit is Vivisective. Winner of the Vienna Photo Book Awards 2016

12.10.2016 • The artistically curated anatomy study 'The modern Spirit is Vivisective' was the winner of this year's Vienna Photo Book Award. The lovingly designed book, published by Anzenberger Edition, is limited to 500 copies, including a collector's edition of 25 books with a print. We are delighted to bring you an insight on GoSee.

“The modern spirit is vivisective takes the anatomical theaters of the past as its starting point. The lost functionality of these spaces, suspended in a limbo between the carnality of death and the quest for knowledge, leads to embrace dissection and vivisection, metaphorically, as an aesthetic performance. The project is a journey inside the history of the study of the human body and lies in looking at the theater’s specific scenography of knowledge. Presented as a cornucopia of materials, the images form a telescopic structure divided into overlapping sections relating to the various actions involved in dissection: on looking, on canon lust, on touching, on cutting and on discovering; following in a way the same logic of fragmentation pertaining to...

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Shop • Smart & cheeky portrait with a tiger - photographs founders Laurent Huchet and Francois Nivière for NOUVO.COM by Marc THIROUIN c/o COSMOPOLA

09.10.2016 • Marc THIROUIN c/o COSMOPOLA photographed once again for NOUVO.COM. The animal portraits featuring the two founders of the concept store, Laurent Huchet und Francois Nivière, were staged in the studio with a tiger. Big thanks go to Delphine Fetiveau from Design & Nature, Marc tells GoSee.

About - NOUVO offers the simple answer to millions of internet users who each day seek for original, design or exclusive items which have a story. Our experts search all around the world a gift that will make the difference. Nouvo is a careful selection of objects from all over. We do not sell, but we find! Gift ideas, design ideas, $1 000 000 ideas, $10 ideas. Whether you have too much money or not enough, ..... NOUVO has an intuitive interface, thanks to a movable price cursor going from $0 to more than $1000. So: be chic, be Nouvo.

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Shop • From the Venus of Willendorf to Marina Abramović: The book 'Body of Art', published by Phaidon Publishing, skillfully bridges the gap

08.10.2016 • Body of Art is the most extensive survey of the representation of the body in art ever to be published. From one of the earliest known representations of the human form – the Venus of Willendorf (c.24,000 – 22,000 BC) – to videos and performances by contemporary artists such as Marina Abramović, Joan Jonas and Bruce Nauman, the book illustrates the diversity and shared concerns of world cultures through their depictions of the body. Body of Art is published by Phaidon.

Body of Art features work by over 400 artists – from Botticelli, Rubens and Matisse to Antony Gormley, Tracey Emin and Yoko Ono – and spans 35 millennia of figurative, abstract and conceptual art. The works are grouped into ten themed chapters: beauty, the absent body, religion and belief, bodies and space, sex and gender, emotion embodied, power, the body’s limits, the abject body, and identity. Within these themes, works from different art historical periods, regions of the world and every possible media are juxtaposed. These curated pairings allow the reader to think about familiar works in new contexts,...

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Shop • Why Oktoberfest? Go out to the fields & meadows! And that with the STIEBICH&RIETH F/W bag collection - with styling by Winnie PLACZKO and photos by Stephan ABRY, both c/o AK/ KRUSE

27.09.2016 • For the image photos of the Fall & Winter 2016 collection of the bag label STIEBICH&RIETH, stylist Winnie PLACZKO and photographer Stephan ABRY, both artists c/o AK/KRUSE, staged the luxury handbags in the rough outdoors of northern Germany.

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Shop • Three STUDIO MASON motifs by Philipp JUNKER and Alexis ZURFLÜH, both artists c/o AK/KRUSE

27.09.2016 • Stylist Philipp JUNKER and Art Director Alexis ZURFLÜH teamed up for the third edition of the Swiss jewelry label STUDIO MASON. Philipp JUNKER founded his label with photographer Sarah Maurer in September 2014 and now presents his collection 'Mobile' on model Ronja Furrer, who was photographed by Stian Foss.

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Shop • Steel as sexy as it is hard - set designer Udo GREMBOWICZ c/o PRODUCTION WORLD built the sexy sets for the ABRAMS STAHL art 2016 calendar

22.09.2016 • The sixth consecutive art calendar “Creation and Perfection” from ABRAMS PREMIUM STAHL was photographed in Hamburg by Benjamin Becker. Set construction was in the hands of Udo GREMBOWICZ c/o PRODUCTION-WORLD. The website with the 2016 calendar is here:, and the following link will take you to:

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Shop • The new collection from jewelry designer JENNIFER FISHER - photographed by Liz VON HOENE c/o SEVERIN WENDELER

22.09.2016 • In 2016, Jennifer Fisher received the prestigious title 'Influencer of the Year' at the 20th Ace Awards ceremony. Jennifer on her understanding of influencers at the ceremony: “To me, being an influencer means being authentic, that you have carved your own unique path, and in someway it genuinely resonates with others.” Liz OF HOENE photographed her new collection – we have the motifs for you to GoSee.

About ACE AWARDS. The Accessories Council Excellence Awards (ACE Awards) were created in 1997 to pay homage to those individuals and groups that have made great strides in raising the awareness of the accessories industry. The purpose of the awards gala is to celebrate those who have had a positive impact on accessory consumption during the prior year.

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