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news | NU PROJECTS : with productions for DOUGLAS, GÖRTZ, MAZDA, GARNIER, O2, AKTION MENSCH, BITBURGER, and TELEKOM... Time for the first JOB REVIEW 2015 on GoSee

"We are happy about so many great productions in 2015!" production company NU PROJECTS tells GoSee and continues: "We are not only glad to have been able to work with such amazing photographers, there were also incredible teams, models and also locations." They sum in up with: "We have traveled a lot, we have seen a lot, and we have worked a lot." We present you several of their productive results in the form of the captured photos for clients such as Görtz, Lo …

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news | The new o2 campaign. NU PROJECTS 'can do' as commissioned by VCCP Berlin

The new o2 campaign image was created in Toronto in keeping with the brand’s claim of 'o2 Can Do' and the current TV spot. The agency was VCCP Berlin. Production: NU PROJECTS.

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news | NU PROJECTS produces fashion editorial for Leo Krumbacher and Weltwoche supplement WW Magazine

NU PROJECTS produced a fashion editorial for WW Magazine with photographer and GoSee Member LEO KRUMBACHER, which will be published six times a year as part of Swiss newspaper 'Die Weltwoche'. The great industrial location in Zurich provided a perfect set for model Caroline Lossberg and the 'Look-Kreateure' Kim Dung Nguyen (Styling) and Daniela Koller (Make-up). Retouched provided the final finish.

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news | NU PROJECTS up on the roof of One World Trade Center with FAZ and Scholz & Friends for Hans STARCK c/o GROSSER FOTOGRAFEN’s production in the Manhattan skyline

NU PROJECTS decided to reach for the sky elsewhere: with architect Daniel Libeskind on the 57th floor of One World Trade Center, which he worked on as a consultant for the rebuild. The production agency created an image next to Ground Zero with Hans STARCK c/o GROSSER FOTOGRAFEN and Scholz & Friends Berlin for FAZ newspaper. "As long we travel, as long we shoot - the sky is the limit - not even. Having said that, be curious what comes next. For now we can say 2014 was an amazing exp …

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news | nu projects carried out the production of the V MAGAZINE cover story for the September issue called ‘The Rebel Issue’- Karl Lagerfeld meets Miley Cyrus in St Tropez

The Chanel head designer snapped the 21-year old singer in gloriously provocative poses for a V MAGAZINE shoot in St Tropez. NU PROJECTS carried out the production of the cover story in the south of France. ‘We have been chewing our fingernails since summer. Now we can show you our Karl Lagerfeld shoot with Miley Cyrus in St Tropez from earlier this year...’ Caroline Cerf de Dudzeele was in charge of styling, while Tom Pecheux applied the make-up and Sam McKnight created the hairs …

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news | ERGO Mutbürger campaign sets its sights on understanding and production art by Nu Projects

You know: life is a journey. We say: let’s go! You ask: can I? You think: now? We say: or never! You ask what counts in life. We say: every second! Sounds familiar? Good, the great text is part of the ERGO ‘Mutbürger’ campaign, likewise produced by GoSee Member NU PROJECTS. After all, as you know, insuring means understanding. As captured in a series of images by Lars Borges. Production in Berlin and Los Angeles.

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news | We let ourselves get inspired. From #youcando for O2. Campaign photos produced by Nu Projects

Big subject, big holidays. "We can do o2 ... and o2 can do ... L.A.!" NU PROJECTS tells GoSee. It was the second production for client o2 in beautiful America this year. Photographer RJ Shaughnessy and agency VCCP GmbH travelled to summery Los Angeles, California. NU PROJECTS helped them over there with the stills for the O2 roaming campaign, as part of the beautiful ‘online abroad’ series. Nu Projects also took care of the art buying. And if you can provide a translation o …

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news | NEW: Nu-Projects, production & locations, Hamburg, opens Berlin branch and produces DOUGLAS campaign in Berlin, O2 and ERGO in LA, ANSON'S in Brazil plus LLOYD, GOERTZ, BROADWAY,...

NU PROJECTS is a new addition to GoSee. Since 2008 Hannes Deter and Juk Nguyen and team supervise photo productions and castings for international shoots worldwide. Their reliable network of location scouts helps them find the perfect locations, whether in the neighbourhood or different countries, for car productions, fashion spreads or advertising. Their headquarters were and remain in Hamburg, however they also increasingly carry out productions in Berlin. NU PROJECTS BERLIN followed as a logi …

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portfolio | LLOYD SHOES S/S 2014 - images & videos

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news | LLOYD Spring/Summer 2014 campaign, produced by NU PROJECTS and photographer Özgür ALBAYRAK c/o EMEIS DEUBEL

NU PROJECTS shot the current LLOYD shoes S/S campaign in Hamburg. The looks were photographed miles away from the rainy habitat of Özgür ALBAYRAK c/o EMEIS DEUBEL. In addition to the production NU PROJECTS took care of casting models Jordan Weller & Jelena Stankovic. The agency was Loved GmbH from Hamburg. In addition they created several image films, which we are pleased to show here on GoSee. More images can be viewed in the NU PROJECTS PORTFOLIO. Established in 1888 as H.F.Me …

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