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news | Dominik Obertreis : commercial series for BMW GROUP careers portal, report on psychiatric specialist clinic, industry series for HENKEL, e-motion by VOLKSWAGEN and ROBATHERM

Dominik photographed a commercial series with real BMW staff in various departments for the BMW Group career portal. The young enthusiastic members of staff didn’t just have ‘fun driving’, as you can see in the photos, they also had ‘fun shooting’. The agency was Publicis Munich with Andrea Schwarz in creation and Roswitha Haslinger in art buying. A report on a psychiatric specialist clinic isn’t exactly everyday business for a photographer and was also …

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news | Dominik Obertreis : portrait series for the MERCEDES BENZ ‘Service Award’ for Shanghai Berlin and staff reportage for SONEPAR in Canada, Brazil and Asia

Last year Dominik once again got the chance to shoot a portrait series for the MERCEDES BENZ ‘Service Award’ adverts and travelled to five nominated Mercedes Benz workshops across Germany. This time around he produced a colourful portfolio of details and concentrated workshop work. The responsible agency was Shanghai Berlin with Heiner Baptist Rogge and Carsten Reinhardt in creation. We can already reveal that he recently carried out the photography for this year’s adverts …

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news | Dominik Obertreis : corporate photography and portrait series for SAMSUNG and VW Global Assignment as well as reduced perspectives for LEESYS

Dominik shot a lively portrait series at the German SAMSUNG headquarters near Frankfurt for the new Internet presence of the biggest mobile phone manufacturer in the world. Dominik told us: ‘the Samsung staff had lots of fun during the shoot and posed very naturally and relaxed for my camera – as though they did it every day.’ The agency in charge was Cheil Worldwide with Jörn Welle as creative director. Over the past three years the photographer has snapped the comp …

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