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news | TRENDY HAIR advertises with sensual motifs, and VW with an ostrich in leopard look - realized by GARRIGOSA STUDIO c/o PAM

Spanish hair care line TRENDY HAIR is now advertising with three motifs made by GARRIGOSA STUDIO: sensual, pure and without frills. These puristic beauty shots were created in the Barcelona studio together with the graphics agency No Visible Man Estudio. True to the claim "What's fast has to look fast", Volkswagen now advertises for the Scirocco GTS. And Garrigosa Studio in Barcelona developed the ostrich in a quick leopard costume accordingly. Together with the agency DDB Berlin, t …

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news | LE COQ SPORTIF and OWP Brillen GmbH eyewear manufacturer with MANUEL MITTELPUNKT c/o PAM

Manuel has just photographed his third ad motif for French sports outfitter LE COQ SPORTIF and its stylish sneakers. The traditional brand uses the graphical & monochrome photo, which was created by the Cologne-based still-life photographer as an ad motif. Hallmark here are paper constructions, supporting the motifs in more ways than one. For the company Optische Werke Passau (OWP), Manuel Mittelpunkt created a still-life motif including abstract mirror HTP Communications. …

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news | OWP eyewear with people motifs by Florian GRILL as commissioned by HTP Communications

In his downtown Hamburg studio, Florian GRILL just realized two ad motifs for eyewear manufacturer OWP. Together with the Munich-based agency HTP Communications, two people scenes were created.

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news | Action-packed HÖEGH shipping company reportage by THOMAS EBERT c/o PAM

For the third time, Norwegian shipping company HÖEGH has put their complete trust in the expertise of industrial & reportage photographer Thomas EBERT. As a result, Thomas showcased action-packed motifs, documenting what happens on super-cargo freighters and how entire trains or giant cranes are loaded for freight – in this case, shipped from Bremerhaven.

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news | Comedian Konrad Stöckel in SPIEGEL WISSEN, photographed by PHILLIP GÄTZ

He puts firecrackers up his butt or chews on light bulbs in public. People and portrait photographer Phillip GÄTZ was spared these unique experiences at Stöckel's so-called ranch in the middle of nowhere. For SPIEGEL WISSEN mag, the bizarre figure from the cinema, radio and TV shares intimate details of his life.

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news | Pop with a bang like in the 80s - The REVIEW jewelry campaign. Photos by Stephan Lucius LEMKE c/o PAM for MGDB Design Bureau

Colorful and loud! Together with MGDB Design Bureau, Stephan Lucius LEMKE staged campaign shots for accessories of the brand REVIEW – in a totally new way. Instead of classical stills or pack shots, the motifs are reminiscent of the wild 80s and the color worlds of Andy Warhol paired with a humorous bit of extra, the extensive make-up parts on the hands of the model.

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news | 'My first BMW' - the new mini racers, with childlike driving pleasure staged by Alexandra KLEVER

Early practice makes for a better driver: Kid’s photographer Alexandra KLEVER c/o PAM-Mirjam Böhm presents new motifs of little speeders driving baby racers for the client BMW. The photos were realized as commissioned by the agency Interone just outside of Hamburg and are now being used by BMW for the children’s lifestyle program. Styling: Heike Wüstemann, hair & make-up: Heike Ax.

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news | CABS DESIGN - Light and sound protection with style, photographed by Thomas EBERT c/o PAM-Mirjam Böhm

For the company CABS DESIGN, the PAM architecture and interior expert Thomas EBERT photographed highly modern felt elements like lamps and acoustic panels which, as can be seen on the motifs, are intended for use in offices and are not only stylish, they also reduce noise.

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news | Internet as slow as a turtle - literally for VODAFONE, realized in CGI by CARIOCA STUDIO; now presented in Lürzer's Archive and here on GoSee

The latest issue of Lürzer’s Archive presents a motif realized by CARIOCA STUDIO and the agency Y&R Team Red, which will be used as an ad in the Turkish market of VODAFONE. It's all about slow Internet, which of course also slows down the 'action'. Far from slow is Carioca Studio – even when it comes to delivering real photo parts and CGI elements including post production from a single source.

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news | Wish you were Surfin' USA? Until you get there: the personal people spread by Klaus HEINZLER

Just back from L.A., Hamburg-based people and sports photographer Klaus HEINZLER c/o PAM presents a spread to make you eat your heart out: Summer, sun, beach and all that paired with sexy surfer boys and beach babes. Makes you want to crank up the Beach Boys classics like Surfin USA and say goodbye to gloomy wintertime, or browse the Internet for a new swim suit.

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