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news | Good old days and brave new ones at VOLKSWAGEN: Erik CHMIL photographs VW utility vehicles for Grabartz & Partner

Together with the Agency Grabarz & Partner, Cologne-based automotive expert Erik CHMIL c/o PAM staged three VOLKSWAGEN utility vehicles in the studio (MU & CD launch). Among them: a real treasure to make the hearts of oldtimer fans leap – a T1 bus. Also presented – the new T6 Multivan, as well as the new VW Caddy. While the interiors and exteriors of the vehicles were photographed the good old-fashioned way, the backgrounds were done with CGI.

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news | Iron Lion Coffee from DELICA. Photos by Jörg KRITZER c/o PAM for Serviceplan Zurich; we have the motif on GoSee

For the Swiss coffee company DELICA and Serviceplan (Zurich), Jörg KRITZER was able to go all out – the advertising motif realized in the photographer’s Hamburg studio combines the categories liquid, splash and still life.

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news | The extensive RAMP cover story with SEAT special, shot in Barcelona by Phillip GÄTZ

For the automotive magazine RAMP and the cooperation partner SEAT, people & fashion specialist Phillip GÄTZ c/o PAM photographed a fashion spread plus the cover motif. The spot was produced at the beginning of May in Barcelona at the Seat headquarters in Martorell. The word 'high' was not only predominant for the safety precautions. It was up, up and away for the team too: Several scenes of the spread were shot in dizzying heights on the Seat solar collector – the largest of its k …

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news | Summer 2015 advertising motif for LE COQ SPORTIF - photo by Manuel MITTELPUNKT

PAM photographer Manuel MITTELPUNKT presents his third advertising motif for the French sporting goods manufacturer LE COQ SPORTIF. The brand with a longstanding tradition uses the graphic photo of the Cologne-based still-life photographer as the advertising motif for the 2015 summer season. In the studio, a type of paperwork with an arrangement of rods was used to support the motif in more ways than one.

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news | Photographer Thomas EBERT c/o PAM documents the fashion designs of HOCHSCHULE Mainz

Thomas EBERT staged the newest and futuristic furniture designs of HOCHSCHULE Mainz's young designers and their Faculty for Design and Interior Architecture. By the way, this was not the first cooperation of the industrial & interior photographer with the HOCHSCHULE Mainz and above mentioned faculty. Further details are available directly from PAM.

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news | Personal summer spread by photographer Klaus HEINZLER

In his new lifestyle motifs, Klaus HEINZLER c/o PAM shows us good vibes paired with summer, sun and the beach. The Hamburg-based people & sports photographer took advantage of the great weather to stage an action-packed day with his models on a water skiing facility south of the Elbe river.

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news | The PORSCHE Panamera, staged in the urban USA by Erik CHMIL for Kemper Kommunikation

The team from PORSCHE and Kemper Kommunication once again selected urban locations in the USA – and photographer Erik CHMIL c/o PAM-Mirjam Böhm as well. The result: shots with the racy four-door Swabian sedan – Porsche Panamera. The Cologne-based automotive and CGI expert can look back on a long and trusting business relationship with both the car brand and the agency. Rendering was again in the skillful hands of Zerone, whereas the final post production was done in-house by Chm …

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news | Hamburgs Arena is now BARCLAY Card Arena – in a new look by Thomas EBERT c/o PAM-Mirjam Böhm

Hamburg’s largest arena has a new sponsor. Commissioned by the new patron BARCLAY and the agency Track, architecture specialist Thomas EBERT photographed the hall in a new look. The Arena has been named after the major London-based bank since July and is now the third multifunction arena in Europe to be named Barclay Card Arena, after the mobile service provider O2 has withdrawn from this segment.

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news | 'That is your beer' – special by photographer Manuel MITTELPUNKT for GQ Germany

Well then, bottoms up: These days not only pils beer is made out of hops and malt. At his studio in the cathedral city of Cologne, Manuel MITTELPUNKT c/o PAM photographed an extensive GQ special about men’s favorite drink. I wonder if the bottles got back to the stores after the shoot? We wouldn't tell…

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news | Plenty of space: GARRIGOSA STUDIO create advertising motif for VW

Together with the agency DDB Barcelona, GARRIGOSA STUDIO developed an advertising motif for the VOLKSWAGEN Touran. The motif presented illustrates just how spacious the wonder of a vehicle is. And as usual for the Spanish photography artists, besides photographing, the Garrigosas were also entrusted with CGI and post production.

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