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news | In the States for BMW 7er M and the agency Serviceplan - transportation photographer Erik CHMIL c/o PAM-MirjamBöhm

For Cologne-based automotive and CGI expert Erik CHMIL c/o PAM-Mirjam Böhm it was first off to Texas as commissioned by BMW and Serviceplan where he photographed in Houston and Dallas the perfect backgrounds for the BMW 7 M Performance, which were combined later in sports and as luxury versions by Chmil.inhouse and Zerone Düsseldorf with the landscape shots. “Sometime we really had to hold on tight, because it was the height of the hurricane season,” Erik CHMIL reported on …

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news | Sensual-spory motifs for GERTRAUD GRUBER Cosmetics - photos by Klaus HEINZLER c/o PAM-Mirjam Böhm

GERTRAUD GRUBER is an authority in the wellness & beauty industry. The latest sensual-sporty campaign motifs for GERTRAUD GRUBER were photographed by sport & people photographer Klaus HEINZLER c/o PAM-Mirjam Böhm in cooperation with the Stuttgart-based agency Panama. At the age of 95 years, Gertraud is not only the figurehead of her cosmetic company, but is also regarded as a pioneer of the wellness movement and holistic cosmetics. Now wonder the first beauty farm in Europe, located …

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news | Futuristic campaign motifs for PRESTON HAIR - photos by Morgan NORMAN c/o PAM

Home game for the Swedish people photographer Morgan NORMAN c/o PAM: For the striking campaign motifs of the PRESTON HAIR Company, which was founded by Robert Preston and operates its flagship salon in Sweden’s capital Stockholm, the PAM artist portrayed elaborate, nearly futuristic hair styles. “Throughout the photos, the signature style of Morgan NORMAN can be seen: The empathetic portraits by the Scandinavian appear clear and with Nordic nobility,” PAM-Mirjam Böhm tells …

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news | Erik CHMIL c/o PAM photographs the Cologne headquarters of TV big player, RTL GROUP

The RTL Group is an institution on the German TV market. Just as strong Equally established are company headquarters of the Cologne-based private TV broadcaster. The impressive area in Cologne Deutz was now staged by Erik CHMIL c/o PAM in modern photos. The TV company already settled in the represenative area of the world-famous Cologne fair grounds. Erik’s extensive photo series of the partially protected historic monuments with a view of the cathedral and in the vicinity of the Rhine ski …

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news | Gruner + Jahr magazine ELTERN FAMILY presents a kids fashion spread by Alexandra KLEVER c/o PAM-Mirjam Böhm

For the magazine ELTERN FAMILY by Gruner + Jahr Publishers, the baby & kids photographer Alexandra KLEVER c/o PAM photographed a colorful fashion spread on location in her home town Hamburg. She presents the little stars of various ages, who were put together by Gesche Reimers casting, at times behaving and at others romping, but always natural – remaining true to her style.

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news | Good to have you on board! PAM welcomes celebrity and people photographer Christoph KÖSTLIN

Christoph KÖSTLIN (celebrities, sport, fashion & people), who works from Zurich and Hamburg, has his photographic roots in the Rhineland. He first completed his education as classical portrait photographer in Cologne before moving to Switzerland. Besides fashion productions, he also developed his portrait work. His keen nose for strong characters enabled im to portray several well-known German artists and many international stars. His clients include Aida Cruises, Lacoste, Lavazza, NIKE …

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news | The complete catalogue for the US cosmetics brand WET'N WILD - photos by Rene RUSSO c/o PAM-Mirjam Böhm

American resident Rene RUSSO c/o PAM photographed the cpmplete catalogue for US cosmetic brand WET’N WILD. The pictures of the product line, which is available in all drugstores and supermarkets throughout the USA, inspire with their graphical aesthetic and, at the same time, completely modern look. We present you a selection of his motifs on GoSee. And more from him and his work is available via his agent Mirjam.

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news | 'Curls and Waves' - the personal beauty spread by Florian GRILL c/o PAM-Mirjam Böhm

Florian GRILL realized a beauty spread on the subject of hair. In the Hamburg studio of the beauty & fashion photographer things went all but smooth and groomed: The title 'Curls and Waves' describes the subject precisely, which Florian GRILL c/o PAM realized together with Isabel PETERS c/o BIGOUDI and model Annelie.

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news | "This is the most important fight of my career" - photographer Phillip GÄTZ accompanies cruiserweight boxer Marco Huck for RTL on the way to 'Huck Reloaded'

Boxers are unique people. And they usually don't let any one near them, at least not too closely. In this case, professional boxer Marco Huck, a man with Bosnian-Albanian roots, made an exception for PAM people and documentary photographer Phillip GÄTZ. The two of them have known each other for quite some time now. So Phillip GÄTZ did not leave Huck’s side during his last important fight in New York. However, Marco Huck lost his world championship belt of the WBO, which he had pr …

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news | 'A masterpiece from the cave' - Jörg KRITZER c/o PAM shoots EMMI cheese

For a large advertising and image campaign of the Swiss brand EMMI, food and still life photographer Jörg KRITZER traveled deep beneath the surface of the earth. To be exact, into the Kaltbach cavern near Lucerne, which belongs to the company headquarters of the largest Swiss milk processing enterprise. There, special cheeses ripen "peacefully", as demonstrated in the advertising motifs of the Berlin agency Mackat. To shed a little light on the subject, Jörg KRITZER's team fi …

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