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news | GARRIGOSA STUDIO designs impressive campaign pictures for SALIX medicine Xifaxan

GARRIGOSA STUDIO once again shot pictures for American pharmaceutical company SALIX. The current campaign pictures deal with the feelings of patients suffering from cirrhosis of the liver. New York agency Cline Davis & Mann commissioned Spaniard Joan Garrigosa and his team to not just shoot the campaign for the Xifaxan medicine, but also work on the subsequent post-production tasks. The medicine is currently only available in the US and claims to help patients to get through mental suffering …

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news | BMW 5 conquers Asian market, photographed by Erik CHMIL

If you can’t read the advertising pictures for the BMW 5, don’t fret – the pictures, captured by Cologne based car expert Erik CHMIL, are aimed at the Asian market. The Munich car manufacturer is facing a steadily growing Asian market and thoroughly trusted the photographer’s expertise. The location for the shoot was of course Asia – in natural environments as well as along futuristic buildings.

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news | From Leica camera to the outdoor mobile phone - Manuel MITTELPUNKT captures men’s gadgets for GQ mag

Still life expert Manuel MITTELPUNKT worked on an extensive product spread for GQ magazine. Manuel and the reader’s eye is drawn to trendy gadgets for the even trendier mal – on three full double pages. From outdoor mobile phones to a sophisticated Leica camera, technology lovers will enjoy it. The photographer captured the complex constructions in his studio in Cologne.

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news | Stills specialist Jörg KRITZER develops the new ‘Hero Praline’ for FERRERO Mon Chéri and Barutzki Design

Still life- and food expert Jörg KRITZER worked with Barutzki Design agency to create a new look for the famous Mon Chéri pralines from the FERRERO brand. Jörg, who shot this image in his Hamburg studio, told GoSee: ‘this new look will come in useful for many aspects of the brand imaging and advertising strategy’.

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news | Money, money, money! Jörga KRITZER photographs SPIEGEL cover

Hot news: for the second time within a very short space of time Jörg KRITZER snapped a cover for reportage and news magazine SPIEGEL. And it was all about money. More specifically it was about the miniature landscape, designed by set builder Arndt VON HOFF c/o LIGANORD, which they burned for the cover under strict supervision. But rest assured, this was neither the teams collective wages nor real money. …

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news | Bonjour mademoiselle! Mathias WOLF shoots a personal fashion series in Paris

You can’t say fashion without saying Paris. The French capital is known as a fashion Mecca and attracted fashion and beauty photographer Matthias WOLF with its alluring possibilities. The Hamburg based photographer presents his brand new series, which he snapped in Paris, depicting typical Parisian scenes in his very own signature style.

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news | Surfin' Cape Town - new lifestyle photographs by Christian DOPPELGATZ

The famous Beach Boys song ‘Surfin' USA’ should be renamed ‘Surfin' Cape Town’… Christian DOPPELGATZ, who specializes in people and lifestyle photography, is a lucky guy. While we are reluctantly getting out our winter coats from under the bed, he will be standing under the South African sun for the next few months. We’re not surprised that his pictures are so bloody happy! He snaps surfers on the beach or urban longboarders speeding down the hills of Cape To …

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news | Cashmere cuddling with MONKEY ISLAND baby fashion – images by Alexandra KLEVER

Alexandra KLEVER took pictures for new baby label MONKEY ISLAND in Hamburg. The brand from Italy has a minimalist and modern design aesthetic, paired with exceptionally high quality merino and cashmere wool. The pictures by the baby and kids photographer are equally clear and pure.

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news | Cover and campaign picture - Florian GRILL shoots for lifestyle magazine COUCH

And the ninth cover once again went to Hamburg based fashion and beauty photographer Florian GRILL. We are talking about COUCH magazine, the lifestyle mag published by Gruner + Jahr. This time Florian also contributed an additional advertising picture to the current issue. He shot those images and the cover photo in his Hamburg studio.

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news | Menswear in the Polo club - Florian GRILL on a photographic mission for EKN

Photographer Florian GRILL captured new catalogue pictures on the grounds of a big Polo club near Hamburg. Florian took the photographs in collaboration with fashion and lifestyle communication agency Karsten Pohlai. EKN (Einkaufsgruppe Nord) is currently using the images for brochures and catalogues of their latest collection. The EKN has been around for 30 years and is an established company in the menswear retail industry.

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