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news | Hot lingerie in the Grand Canyon - Phillip GÄTZ shoots the ASS campaign in Malibu

The third and final spread from Phillip Gaetz c/o PAM's trip to the US: For Swiss lingerie label ASS and model Jelena, it was off to the Pacific Palisades from hot Topanga Canyon, and afterward directly to the villa pool in Malibu. From A to Z, or better from ASS to Z. Jelena demonstrated why she is booked worldwide for fashion, lifestyle and lingerie, and Phillip Gaetz underscores in the spread, however, why the photographic pairing of him and Jelena is a complete success.

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news | Olympic medal winner Mireia Belmonte Garcia in the RENAULT campaign – CGI by GARRIGOSA STUDIO c/o PAM

Together with Publicis Spain, GARRIGOSA STUDIO created an ad motif for the new RENAULT Captur and Kadjar. Post production and merging with CGI elements was the job of the extremely versatile team from GARRIGOSA STUDIO. As a testimonial for the RENAULT ads served Spanish swimmer and Olympic champion, Mireia Belmonte Garcia.

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news | No wrinkles thanks to high-tech products - Florian GRILL shoots new PANASONIC innovations for KKLD

With several motifs by photographer Florian GRIL, PANASONIC is now advertising two brand new and innovative beauty tools for a professional face care, including a new cleansing brush for deep cleaning the skin and an enhancer, which supports the anti-aging effect of care products. Far from old and wrinkled are the beauty motifs by Hamburg-based photographer Florian GRILL c/o PAM , who realized the photos together with the agency KKLD at his studio. Styling: Mira Uszkureit, make-up: Spiri Fountog …

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news | 'Courage Changes Everything' - Erik CHMIL shoots the new PORSCHE Panamera for Kemper Kommunikation

For a very long time, PORSCHE and Kemper Kommunikation have trusted the imagery and cooperation with Cologne-based automotive expert Erik CHMIL. The PAM artist now presents motifs of the new PORSCHE Panamera, which are themed upon the slogan 'Courage Changes Everything'. To do so, they visited authentic cities and locations, which stand for an entrepreneurial and creative change. The job took Erik CHMIL during the nearly two month production time from Hamburg to Los Angeles and even Singapore, s …

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news | On the road safe with the baby - Alexandra KLEVER shoots the BRITAX RÖMER baby safe campaign

PAM Baby and Kids photographer Alexandra KLEVER created follow-up motifs in Hamburg for BRITAX RÖMER, one of the leading manufacturers in the area of mobile child safety. The new product rang Baby Safe is aimed at newborns and their safety on the road and for every day. It is precisely this message that is conveyed in the photos, which Alexandra KLEVER realized for the Ulm-based company.

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news | Image film for Swedish BOX whiskey by Morgan NORMAN c/o PAM

Swedish native Morgan Norman realized an extremely expressive and visually stunning image film in his home for the traditional whiskey distillery BOX. Filmed and directed by Morgan NORAN in the far north of Sweden at the headquarters of the distillery and, at the same time, in an equally breathtaking as melancholically beautiful landscape which underscores the visual effect of this complex image film even more. Just click here and watch! …

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news | 'Home Games' - Stephan Lucius LEMKE shoot German inventions for BARBARA magazine

The latest issue of Barbara magazine by Gruner + Jahr features four still motifs by PAM photographer Stephan Lucius Lemke. The magazine topic 'Home' is centered around four outstanding German inventions such as the light bulb, the phonograph, the thermos can or Nivea Creme – all of the above were staged by still-life expert in a laboratory situation to underscore the inventive genius spirit.

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news | Powerful & purist - Klaus HEINZLER c/o PAM shoots sport film

Klaus HEINZLER's only passions are not only sports and fitness but also moving images. The Hamburg-based photographer now presents a video elaborately staged and produced by him which incredibly depicts the essence of the sport spirit with all its ups and downs in powerful and purist images. Just click here and see for yourself!

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news | 'On course with EWE' - Thomas EBERT shoots the motif for power company EWE

For the Oldenburg-based power company EWE and together with the agency Frese & Wolff, Thomas EBERT c/o PAM created this ad motif on the topic of electric mobility – a mix of people and transportation which clearly bears the signature of Thomas EBERT. EWE is now considered the fifth largest power company in Germany and invests more and more in electric service stations for environmentally friendly mobility.

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news | Sylvie Meiss is hot - exclusive GALA cover story by photographer Phillip GÄTZ c/o PAM-MIRJAM BÖHM

Phillip GÄTZ c/o PAM-MIRJAM BÖHM photographed Sylvie Meis exclusively for GALA. “While the paparazzi waited in front of the house in Majorca, and everything went down hush hush, Phillip had a blasty blast inside the house for the cover story. Hangin' loose with an open-mind, the celebrity did just about everything the Hamburg-based people & portrait photographer could imagine for the shoot with the Dutch babe. On six pages including the title, the brand new issue goes out to …

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