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Manuel MITTELPUNKT shoots futuristic high-tech cosmetics for QVEST

The future can come. For the German issue of QVEST Magazine, still life photographer Manual MITTELPUNKT c/o PAM-MIRJAM BÖHM once again put his camera to work and staged various beauty products in his Cologne studio remaining true to his style: extremely purist and very graphic. The topic this time was 'Interstellar Skin', which stands for groundbreaking high-tech cosmetics.
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The new VW Pro-Class, staged in front of the photographic backdrops of Erik CHMIL c/o PAM-MIRJAM BÖHM

Together with the agency Kapacht, the Cologne automotive and landscape expert Erik CHMIL created new motifs for VOLKSWAGEN. This time, he photographed the background area and ground surface so that various VW models could be added later using CGI. The ad shows the Professional Class series, which is aimed at freelancers and is equipped with many extras. Retouching was done in cooperation between CHMIL in-house and Zerone Düsseldorf.
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In Berlin with actor Hannes Wegener - the portrait by Phillip GÄTZ c/o PAM-MIRJAM BÖHM

Hannes Wegener is a well-known face in the German movie and television scene, and he naturally lives in Berlin. Phillip GÄTZ tracked him down to do a mixture of report and portrait while accompanying him for a day around his neighborhood – from coffee to schnapps or the other way around. Besides various roles in Tatort, Hannes Wegener has played in movies such as the Baader Meinhof Komplex or in US productions including The Grand Budapest Hotel.
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