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'Courage Changes Everything' - on the road all over the world for PORSCHE PANAMERA : ERIK CHMIL c/o PAM for Kemper Kommunikation

ERIK CHMIL now presents various motifs of the new PORSCHE PANAMERA, themed upon the slogan "Courage Changes Everything", for which authentic cities and locations were scouted which stand for entrepreneurial and creative transformation. The project took Erik in the almost two month production time from Hamburg to Los Angeles and even Singapore, almost every day around the world – almost everywhere around the world.
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'Neuanfang' album cover for Clueso photographed by portrait specialist CHRISTOPH KÖSTLIN c/o PAM for Universal Music

He's all over the place right now: The launch of the new album "Neuanfang" by Clueso. ads and the PR package including the album cover were created by PAM’s portrait expert Christoph KÖSTLIN for Universal Music. The record label has often relied on the Swiss artist for their album covers. This time, the classic and fine portraits were finished graphically with an interplay of color, which symbolically underscored the album title "Neuanfang", or 'New Beginning'.
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Diligent Shapes. Emotional dance choreography captured by MORGAN NORMAN c/o PAM for NK STIL magazine in St. Petersburg

The Swedish magazine commissioned Morgan Norman to pack his suitcases and tote the camera in in a historic location St. Petersburg – the Brusnitsin Mansion built in 1884. Two ballet dancers from the Mariinsky and Mikhailovsky Theater are combined with high-fashion in the most sensitive and sensual motifs.
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