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Sylvie Meiss is hot - exclusive GALA cover story by photographer Phillip GÄTZ c/o PAM-MIRJAM BÖHM

Phillip GÄTZ c/o PAM-MIRJAM BÖHM photographed Sylvie Meis exclusively for GALA. “While the paparazzi waited in front of the house in Majorca, and everything went down hush hush, Phillip had a blasty blast inside the house for the cover story. Hangin' loose with an open-mind, the celebrity did just about everything the Hamburg-based people & portrait photographer could imagine for the shoot with the Dutch babe. On six pages including the title, the brand new issue goes out to 3.2 million readers on average to not only show Sylvie's holidays, but also Phillip's perspective', the agency PAM on the 'private' photo shoot.
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Finest Menswear since 1929 by EDUARD DRESSLER meets finest still life by Stepahn Lucius LEMKE c/o PAM-MIRJAM BÖHM

Stephan Lucius Lemke c/o PAM MIRJAM BÖHM once again realized textile stills in his Hamburg photo studio for haberdasher EDUARD DRESSLER'S menswear and its advertising agency 'Orca im Hafen', which translates to 'Orca in the port', and according to Mirjam Böhm: “Leaves nothing to be desired: tight & hot, perfectly lit and harmoniously arranged, the motifs can now be seen in various catalogs and online.”
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Super sensual & tender Lena Meyer-Landrut in front of the camera of Florian GRILL c/o PAM-MIRJAM BÖHM for the magazine JOLIE

There were top notch guests at the Hamburg photo studio of Florian GRILL c/o PAM MIRJAM BÖHM! Why? Created along with L'Oréal Cosmetics were the beauty motifs with a super sexy and super sweet testimonial for JOLIE magazine with Lena Meyer-Landrut. For which the Cologne Euro Vision Song Contest winner of 2010 revealed her very sensual and delicate sides in front of Florian's camera. The trendy water wave hair look was created by Sigi KUMPF MÜLLER c/o GoSee member KULT ARTISTS.
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