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news | Jung A Kim – Reminiscence (2012-2014) – the nature of life as an exhibition at pavlov’s dog, Berlin and an illustrated book published by Kehrer Publishing

The Korean artist Jung A Kim describes her relationship to photography as follows: " Through photography I have the feeling of being the world. I perceive things with my eyes and my heart and start to be a human being." Her pictures are diary-like records that reflect her innermost thoughts and poetically capture the essential relationship between man and nature. Reminiscence serves to bring the past to light. In today’s media-oriented times, this is an important aspect for the p …

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news | pavlov’s dog, space for photography, presents Bernhard Moosbauer ‘Man with Tiger’ in Berlin

‘The digitalisation and the constant inter-connection through media have changed our world from its very core. One of the most important aspects of this digital revolution has been the way in which images are distributed around the globe. In unimaginably large amounts, images are sent around the world through various, uncountable channels: This constant flow creates gigantic visual noise that, just a few years ago, would have thought to be impossible. What has also changed is our percep …

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