news | Every great experience starts somewhere. We see the Audi S1 Quattro in yellow, thanks to styling by Jessica BRAUNE

Start engine. A drive in the AUDI S1 is a great experience - as is the commercial spot for the car. On the shoot with director Scott Lyon PERFECTPROPS stylist Jessica BRAUNE always had the right outfit to hand, from the party crowd to the ballet company, she always had the just the right look at the ready. Big impact. And of course Vorsprung dank Technik.

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news | New at Perfectprops: Stefanie SCHWAIGER, stylist, Berlin and Munich; with SONY Xperia freestyle campaign

Welcome! PERFECTPROPS welcomes new entry Stefanie SCHWAIGER. The Berlin and Munich based stylist came to the set of the SONY Xperia campaign shoot, armed with sporty outfits. Photographer Detlef Schneider took the pictures.

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news | Make-up artist Christian FRITZENWANKER works his magic on the IO DONNA cover story

IO DONNA, the women’s magazine by Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, shows the Spring/Summer 2014 Prêt-à-Porter looks from black and white to sorbet colours. Christian FRITZENWANKER was in charge of creating the appropriate hair & make-up looks, while photographer Benjamin Alexander Huseby snapped the pictures in Berlin.

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news | Footballer Thomas Müller has caught the REWE Ramba Zamba fever. World Cup campaign with grooming by Christian FRITZENWANKER

REWE created the ‘Ramba Zamba do Brasil’ advert with national player Thomas Müller. PERFECTPROPS artist Christian FRITZENWANKER worked on the hair & make-up styling on set of the photo shoot.

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news | Bastian Schweinsteiger is the crisp testimonial for FUNNY-FRISCH. Styling by Frank WILDE

The World Cup is upon us and advertising is all about football in general, Brazil or our German football players. PERFECTPROPS stylist Frank WILDE just worked on two commercials with BBDO agency for FUNNY-FRISCH with German national footballer and crisp testimonial Bastian Schweinsteiger. It’s not humorous, but funny!

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news | Stylist Inga KUSCHE creates crazy millinery for BULLET magazine

Costume specialist Inga KUSCHE came up with very special millinery creations for BULLET magazine. Adorned with pearl necklaces, buttons, candy, forks, beverage cans, feathers, stilettos… her creativity has no limits. FYI: the Fanta logo also made it to the top of the model’s head. Photography by the Barrikade Studio duo.

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news | Outdoor fitness in FOCUS - sporty styling courtesy of Anja NIEDERMEIER

‘Fitter, slimmer, stronger’ is the title of the fitness spread FOCUS magazine published in the 24/14 issue. Stylist Anja NIEDERMEIER and photographer Georg ROSKE c/o COSMOPOLA accompanied a sporty duo during their outdoor workout, which consisted of cycling, playing basketball, exercising with weights and subsequent energy drink sipping.

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news | ‘One Minute to Midnight’. IN magazine editorial with stylist Stefanie SCHWAIGER

The Spring/Summer 2014 issue of IN magazine present the black / white spread titled ‘One Minute to Midnight’, for which Stefanie SCHWAIGER was in charge of styling. Photographer Bernhard Musil snapped models Manouche Bouchain and Kim Ackermann.

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news | Geometry meets avant-garde. Inga KUSCHE styles for SICKY magazine

Inga KUSCHE carried out avant-garde and beautifully bizarre styling for the ‘Marlene’ spread in Spanish SICKY magazine. Valeria MITELMAN c/o KOMBINATROTWEISS shot the geometric looks in front of a white background. About : ‘SICKY was founded in April 2012 in Madrid as a platform for emerging talents of creative industries in design, fashion, photography, film, music and art. Starting in 2014, SICKY has launched its printed edition as an independent publishing project that i …

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news | ‘The Energy Issue’ - Anja NIEDERMEIER carries out styling for ONE magazine No. 8

ONE magazine published an editorial in ‘The Energy Issue’, number 8, for which Perfectprops artist Anja NIEDERMEIER created the styling. Together with photographer Jette Stolte she looked ahead and focuses on upcoming wintery trends.

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